What it’s Like to Live Between Both Worlds (Part 2): Being a Ghost Whisperer

What it’s Like to Live Between Both Worlds (Part 2): Being a Ghost Whisperer

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The scariest part of my childhood as a psychic and empath was my night terrors. Every night I was petrified to go to sleep.

When the day started to turn to night, throwing a dark hue across the walls in my room and house, I began to feel dread. Nighttime was the time I would see things. Scary things. Like shadows running ahead of me in the hallway, slow movements of black around the house, and faces of strange people peering over me in bed.

After mum had tucked me in and turned the light out, ghosts crowded in on me. They’d peer down at me and poke and prod me. Their touch was icy, and when they fingered my hair and face, it prickled.

I would beg for them to leave me alone and I’d close my eyes hoping to blot them out. But with closed eyes my inner vision became even more heightened, and I could then see them even more clearly. I saw their haggard faces, their gaping eye sockets and long drawn mouths.

I saw their desperation and hunger. They weren’t malevolent or angry; they were grasping and needy.

This happened throughout my entire childhood and teen years, and almost every night I went to sleep seeing ghosts and having them touch me. I stopped telling my parents about my fear of the dark because they didn’t understand. They’d just send me back to my room and tell me to stop being stupid and fearful.

I also didn’t tell other people about what was happening to me at night because I knew I couldn’t. I often got into trouble for knowing the truth about people, so I instinctually knew that telling them about ghosts would only further isolate me.

Back then I didn’t know I was seeing ghosts. I didn’t realise I was a ghost whisperer and that earth-bound spirits were flocking to me for help.

I didn’t know that ghosts are the souls of people who haven’t found the light and who are trapped on earth until they find it. I didn’t realise they didn’t mean me any harm; they were just lost and sad, and desperately wanting to be seen by someone and be helped.

Nowadays I work as a ghost whisperer, and I still see ghosts at times. But now they aren’t allowed to crowd in on me at night.

If they want my help to move over into the light, they need to show up on Mondays at 9pm. That’s when I send white light to thousands of people and tens of thousands of ghosts!

I’m honoured to serve people in this way – yes, ghosts are people. People that are earth-bound and caught in the ‘in-between’ – and proud to be putting my gifts to use in this way. What was once the curse of being a ghost whisperer, because one of my greatest joys!

To be continued….

in White Light + Love,



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  1. Liz

    hi belinda, it was such a relief to read this, when I was a little girl, ghosts used to visit me all the time too and I was also filled with fear, panic attacks at the thought of going to bed and no one believed me.. Now as an adult I don’t see them anymore, does this mean I have lost that connection?

    Liz 🙂

    • Belinda Davidson

      Yes, perhaps, but do you want to see ghosts again? Working as a Ghost Whisperer is not everyone’s cup of tea. xo

  2.  | 

    What do you recommend for people who have this happen to them? Or is that in an upcoming post?

    • Belinda Davidson

      Hi Kirstin,

      I recommend that you ask in the free monday white light healings to feel protected and safe, and if it is your path to be and work as a Ghost Whisperer, that you are shown how to do this.

  3.  | 

    Wow you’re so brave!!! That would have been so scary as a little girl! x

  4. Suzi

    Your post made me think of my son. When he was little he would have night terrors and see grey people but not in details – just the shadowy shape – they would follow him and he would try to get away. He would call out to me and I would sit with him till he was feeling better. I did not know of these things back then and as he also wet his bed, I took him to the doctor who sent us to a psychologist who diagnosed him with a sleeping disorder – night terrors. She said he would out grow it and he did eventually but now I wonder……
    My daughter on the other hand, had a near death experience as a toddler and told me about it and also sees auras and she was also disturbed by what she called ‘grey people’ at night. She said “if you push your hands toward them and tell them to go away they some times do”. They do not bother her anymore. But she is still very sensitive to ‘things’. This is really interesting reading your posts. I am sure there are many people out there who are being helped with your honest recount of your childhood. Thanks, Belinda. xxx

  5.  | 

    Hi Belinda

    Gosh that makes me sad to think there are tens of thousands of souls trapped between ‘here’ and ‘there’.

    I could probably guess some of the reasons, but how and why does that happen? And how can we prevent it happening to us and our loved ones?

    I imagine simply taking care of our chakras, utilising the White Light and the fact that we’re aware of here/there must go a long way, but is there anything else we can do to help them and ourselves?

    Amie xx

    PS: thank you SO much for sharing your story, it’s incredible. Thank goodness you came out of what was clearly a confusing and terrifying childhood experience and emerged being able to share your gifts the way you do!

    • Grace

      Hi Belinda

      My son 14, is very sensitive and also has ghosts coming to him, he told me a long time ago he feels they need help crossing over and he has helped some. I am interested to read the next part of your story.

  6.  | 

    Hi Belinda,
    Your story really interests me as my 3.5 year old daughter has shown signs of psychic ability since she could talk (predicting the future etc), but recently she has been scared of going to sleep. Usually it is because she says she sees animals (elephants and tigers), but lately she has said that there are people in the corners, and “colours and pictures” on the wall next to her bed. Is there anything I can do to help her at this age?
    Thank you kindly,

    • Belinda Davidson

      It is my experience that children need our energetic protection until about the age of about 7. That is why in many cultures the children sleep with adults.

      Put her on the free monday white light list for protection, and to safely develop her abilities.

  7. Casey

    Oh Belinda reading your story is bringing up some memories for me! I’m pretty out of touch and disconnected in away at the moment… Too much TV and Facebook!
    I started doing your chakra cleanse and on the third day started having things poke me in the night, literally jabbing me in the side as though to wake me up!
    This happened a lot as a child and teenager and I had some pretty vivid and lucid dreams about dark shadows and I woukd feel the presence of others around me. It was terrifying!
    Would love to know how to overcome this? I feel I need a lot of healing and reconnecting particularly with my daughter…
    Thank you so much for sharing xx

  8. donna deukett

    Hi Belinda, i find your life events so fascinating. I believe you and i know how scared you must have been. I have had situations happen to me where i’ve felt a presents. they touch me and pull on my blanket or sit on the bed and it hard to make people believe you.
    I need your help, i would like to know why i feel the presents of spirits but i can’t see them? How can i communicate with them to know what they want? your help would be most appreciated. thanks Donna

  9. Doreen

    Hi Belinda! This reminded me also of when I was little and through my teens. Only, thanks to a wonderful father who I now believe was the same, he told me not to be afraid, the spirits were just passing through and wouldn’t hurt me. Yes, they touched me, but charmingly as I laid in bed. I remember an elderly woman placing her hand tenderly on my arm and leaning over smiling as I was going to sleep in my teens. There was also a little dog that would go back and forth in front of my bed before jumping up and curling up on my feet. It all seemed so natural and loving. My Father encouraged me to use my abilities! My ex husband hated it and demanded I stop! I’m getting everything back again and so happy! Someone saw my photo and said, “You’re a wonderful Lightworker, empath! I can see the heart on your third eye, throat chakra, all over you!!” I hadn’t noticed this until she mentioned it, and sure enough!!!

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