Do you feel blocked creatively?

Do you feel blocked creatively?

When I was 23, I was given a book that changed my life.

This was back when I was living in Germany, giving medical intuitive sessions from my tiny, pretty apartment in Düsseldorf in either English or my-attempt-at-the-German language. (I’d been living in Germany for 2 years at that stage.)

After one session, a woman handed me a book, and said, “I know you aren’t into woo-woo stuff, and I know you’re still learning German, but I bought this book for you. It’s about numerology. It’s amazing.”

She was right.

This book proved to be prophecy.

After calculating my birth numbers, and finding out I was a 29/11, I flicked to that passage in the book and everything, I mean everything the author wrote about people with the birth number 29/11, was me.

Unfortunately, I lost my copy—and in my brain the name of the tile; sorry!—but I haven’t forgotten the most important part of what it said:

For people like me that are highly creative but also easily become blocked (and therefore can quickly feel frustrated, anxious, or depressed), we need to move our bodies.

Exercise is the key to it all, and we must exercise more than the average person.

I’m not a numerologist, and have never read another book on numerology. But I had a career as a medical intuitive and mentor, where I worked with thousands and thousands of people, and one of the quickest ways to unblock is to move your body.

This advice is probably not new to you. But let me give you a little peek inside my life to show you how much I move, and how much I rely on movement for my creative work and well-being.

(In a nutshell—none of my creative work arises out of me sitting down or sitting still.)

I use Dragon Dictate on my iPhone, and write whole chapters for upcoming books, meditations, newsletters articles, etc.

On my rowing machine, poems, quotes, or seeds of ideas for short prose pieces and articles come to me. I get off, write them down, and get back on and continue rowing.

If I feel blocked either with a piece of writing, or with a creative venture, or with what to do in a business collaboration, or with anything that requires deeper insight or perspective, I dance it out or do yoga.

To clear my head, work out my personal life issues, or have a laugh and get something off my chest, I take long walks with my best friend.

Everything happens for me in movement because it clears any debris. I then land in a place of clarity and calm, and can move forward.

Movement is everything to me.

with love,

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