What it’s Like to Live Between Both Worlds (Part 1): Being Able to ‘See Into’ People

What it’s Like to Live Between Both Worlds (Part 1): Being Able to ‘See Into’ People

I can’t ever remember a time I wasn’t able to see inside people.

Around and within each person was a permanent glow; an aura, and this aura was made up of a conglomerative hue of colours, shapes and swirls.

This internal glow of a person varied in size and stature. Some people’s inner glow was dull and other’s were luminous, like a light bulb on full wattage.

It wasn’t only the aura of a person I perceived easily, it was also their problems.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been able to know all about a person’s struggles and challenges by looking into them. People’s inner glow also contained ‘little movies’, and when I watched these little movies that floated around inside their aura, I could see what upset them and what was causing them pain.

I quickly learnt though that knowing all about a person wasn’t good…

My father’s friend came over for dinner one evening, and he wasn’t behaving how he usually did. Me and my sister loved to watch the way he devoured his meal, stuffing large portions of chicken and bread into his mouth at a rapid pace. He did all of this while talking incessantly and slurping his coke, leaving a huge pile of food and dribble behind him. (I always wondered why he didn’t get in trouble for talking with his mouth full and making a mess).

But on this evening he was subdued. He was quiet, and was picking at his food and moving it around his plate. I looked into his aura and saw he was thinking about a petite dark-haired woman. I could also see that he was going to visit her after this dinner, and that he wanted to go now and be with her.

I was confused. In sunday school I’d learnt that we’re only supposed to be with the person we’re married to. God said it should be like this, but this woman wasn’t his wife. His wife was tall and blonde-haired, and laughed a lot. She would talk to us and play with us after church.

So I asked him, “Who is the small dark-haired woman that you’re going to visit after this dinner?”

His head flung towards me like a gun being fired, and he stammered, “W.., w.., what did you say?”

“Who is the small dark-haired woman you’re going to see after your dinner?”

He stared at me for a long time and then his eyes hardened and turned to slits. He leant across the table, sticking his big face into mine and yelled, “You should mind your own business, you creepy kid.”

Grabbing his keys and wallet, he stormed out of the house, leaving me shaken and ashamed in my chair.

After this I tried to not say what I saw inside people, but sometimes it just slipped out, and sometimes, I thought everyone knew it too and it was ok to talk about it.

When I was twelve I asked my teacher if she’d recovered from morning sickness. She had been away for some weeks, and on the day she returned I asked her in class if was feeling better now.

In a little movie in her aura I could see her sick in bed with nausea. I also saw her holding her tummy which had a tiny baby in it.  My sister, Rebekah, had been born when I was ten, and I remembered the way mum couldn’t get out of bed in the morning and how terribly sick she had been. Mum had called this terrible sickness, ‘morning sickness.’

I really liked my teacher and I was worried about her, so I asked, “Have you recovered from morning sickness now?”

She froze, her face turning to white with shock. She simply stared at me, blinking and swallowing and not saying anything. After the longest time, she pointed a long finger towards me and said in a low and menacing voice, “You are a gossip and a liar, Belinda Davidson, and you aren’t to be trusted.”

She then sent me out of the room, and I spent the morning crouched and crying against a brick wall wondering what I’d done wrong.

in White Light + Love,



P.S. Has this happened to you too? We’re you born psychic and got into trouble for telling the truth? Come and share with me in the comments!

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  1.  | 

    I’m at the edge of my seat with this series! I was born psychic and had a very different experience. It was way more subtle but equally confusing! I love that you are sharing this with people so we can all recognize and honor our abilities, and nurture healthy psychic expression in our children.

  2. jenn

    i grew up seeing past what people would say…i heard what they didn’t say…i could tell when a person was lying or telling the truth…i was different and didn’t fit in…i thought everyone could do what i could…as i got older i discovered that i could read a person by looking into their eyes…people have always sought me out…to tell me their story…i feel their emotions…its hard to block…shopping and restaurants are the worst…its so exhausting…

  3. Miss S.

    Yours is an all too familiar story. Except I didn’t grow up terrified or ashamed of it. I thought I was normal. And even in the face of alienation, continued to believe that. The “second sight” as it was called, was prevalent in my family and culture and when it became apparent I could, well, basically see and communicate with dead people and other entities, I was immediately taught it was part of me. I forever thank my parents for that. I was, am, so fortunate.

    Because when I hit school it was a very different matter. Like you, I innocently made remarks which, now that I look back them, would have scared the crap out of people. I didn’t have a filter. I didn’t have that understanding that not everyone understood this insight. I was 6.

    I became known as the school witch. “Here comes the witch!!! ARRRRGGGH!” and they would all run away. I was hexed. I could cast spells…you know what kids are like. The parents weren’t much better, though. I recall parents going into speak to my teachers to ensure their child didn’t sit next to me. I spent many, many recesses and lunchtimes on my own. But I had the birds and the pine trees to be with. Oh god that only increased my weird factor. lol

    Of course then all things mystical in my teen years became fashionable and all of a sudden I had people wanting to do séances with them or read their fortunes *rolling eyes*.

    Has it negatively impacted on me? Oh yes. For a very long time. Even though I felt I was normal and I was social and made friends I also felt different and isolated and always inwardly felt like a pariah. Kids can leave an indelible mark on one’s psyche. Now, in my 40s I have finally rid myself of this mantle and I am free.

    I see, I feel and touch and bring peace to those who suffer.

    I am a blackbird in full song.

  4.  | 

    I think some of my gifts were repressed. I have always been in trouble for the most part for blurting out something I saw or getting to the bottom of someone’s issue.
    I am working now to have more discernment. I am also working to encourage my children to use their gifts and not to lose them and so I have moved away from a lot of the busy life of the world and live on an island, where I could be burned for some of my witchy ways. lol. luckily I have supreme guidance and protection, so I almost always know whats coming in a weird sense. How do we move in this world is still unfolding for me.

  5.  | 

    I am an empath and intuitive person. I just in the past couple of months discovered this and started learning what that is. I have adopted 2 of my grandchildren, who recently told me that they see ghosts and can talk to them. When Kari sent me the link to this site and I came and read your blog it helped me so much to understand so much more. I have been reading your blog to my grandchildren so that they can understand that there are other people who are gifted in this way. As I read the blog they start telling me of new abilities that they have and it’s amazing. Kari and Belinda, thank you both so much for helping us. I pray I can find the answers for my grandchildren and will be able to guide them through their lives, helping them to understand and strengthen their gifts. God Bless you both!

  6. Lara

    Wow Shannon your post really resonated with me, thank you for sharing. I am also a person who seems to see the solution quite easily and was always the fix it person. But I have realized as you said that it does not always serve others. They must come to their own conclusions, that their life is their personal journey of rediscovering themselves. That by me ‘helpfully’ providing solutions – was not really serving them and it definately did not serve me… As I would take on their woes, emotionally and physically. So I am going to think about the healthy energetic boundaries you spoke of and consult my highest self as to whether any involvement is even required on my part. Intuitively I know that the majority of the time, the most involvement required is to simply just be present and send love and light. Thank you as always Belinda for sharing…. So true, adults can have lots to hide xxx

  7. debra

    Mahalo Nui Loa Belinda for you sharing and everyone else’s too!

    I can relate to each and every one of you! Im really feeling blessed these days for the Wake up of so many. Now i dont feel so alone in my little world as more and more people are no longer hiding and sharing what they used to think we had to hide! there are so many of us out there just a like! Many Blessings of Bliss to you all.

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