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YOU WERE destined TO BE
Hello and welcome! I’m Belinda Davidson, a bestselling author and speaker.
I offer support to people who are ready to create a better, higher life.
I show them how to connect to their soul and discover their inner magnificence, power, and purpose.

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Belinda Davidson

When I was 23, I was given a book that changed my life. This was back when I was living in Germany, giving medical intuitive sessions from my tiny, pretty…

I’m currently on a road trip heading south. It’s a road trip that I took some 23 years ago with my first lover. It’s brought back many memories. Much nostalgia….

In the midst of learning an important life lesson you can’t know what it is. You’re in the midst of it. You’re out at sea in the storm. You’re walking,…

Belinda Davidson

I have a migraine condition. I also have epilepsy. Often my migraines are so severe they turn into seizures; and after an epileptic seizure I’II often get a bad migraine….

A copy of Stillness Speaks sits on my bedside table. It’s been that way for many, many years. Usually, The Power of Now is there alongside it. But during a…

In the past months I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of elevation. How, despite everything that’s happening in the world right now, we can actively pursue elevating our…

When I sat down to write my blog for this week’s spiritual support, no words flowed. No topic came to mind. No inspiration surfaced. Everything going on in the world…

Poetry is one of the places I go to find soul. I write it to figure out how I feel beyond my human feelings. And I read it to remind myself…

Don't feel you fit in anywhere?

I believe books show up when we need them. Not able to sleep one night several weeks back, I decided to take a bath. Brené Brown’s book Braving the Wilderness…

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