How to Know You’re Communicating With Good Spirits

How to Know You’re Communicating With Good Spirits

Receiving messages from people that have passed over, advice from our spiritual guides and mentors as well as psychic information from people’s energy fields is a part of daily life as a modern mystic.

We all have a 3rd eye, which enables us to see the spirit planes and astral realms. If our 3rd eye chakra is working properly and if we’ve learned to be ‘spiritually discerning,’ we can help others by;

  • connecting them with their loved ones on the other side
  • offering them excellent tips and advice from their spirit guides, and
  • sharing our impressions of their energy fields and chakras with them.

However, before we can begin to embark on our ‘medium-ness,’ we need to know how to make sure we are receiving accurate information and impressions. We need to understand how psychic ability and the spiritual planes work so that we can be sure we’re communicating with good spirits, and getting good information.

How to make sure you’re doing it right

Step 1 : You need a clean and clear 3rd eye (Chakra 6).

The only way to know from the ‘get go’ that it is highly likely you are communicating with good spirits and getting good information, is by having a healthy chakra 6.

Your 3rd eye is located in the center of your forehead and it’s called your ‘seat of spiritual sight.’ Your physical eyes see the world around you, whereby your third eye sees your soul as well as the psychic and spiritual realms.

If your chakra 6 is not working properly your impressions and what you ‘pick up’ will be murky or non-existent. Also, if you can’t see where you going or who you are communicating with, you can’t be discerning.

Having a healthy chakra 6 is the springboard to your medium-ness. Without it, you won’t get far.

Step 2: Keep your ego in check.

Being psychic and able to see and communicate with spirits doesn’t mean you need to share your impression with everyone you meet.

I know many of us become over-zealous when we start out but wanting to try out our new found gifts by stopping people in the street to give them a message or pestering our family and friends with ‘important information’ from their guides, is simply rude. And, not at all in alignment with the law of free will.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever share your impressions, you should, and sharing them with people who want to hear from you is a great way to flex your medium-muscles, but you need to be able to discern when you’re doing it to be of service, and when you’re doing it to show-off.

If you regularly work on your chakras and practice mindfulness, you’ll be able to tell when to act and when to hold back. Yes, there have been times when I have told complete strangers what I ‘saw’ but when I look back over my life – and I’ve been in the ‘psychic business’ for almost 15 years now – those times were few and far between.

If people needed my help, they mostly sought me out. So, be a cool psychic cucumber and let them come to you.

Step 3: If you don’t work on your shadow you’re in big trouble.

The most important thing you need to know about being a medium is that “like attracts like” in the Universe, and that Beings of your vibration are naturally tuned in and attracted to you.

You also need to know that the astral and spiritual planes (just like here on earth ) are full of all types of beings, some highly conscious and loving, others unconscious and deceptive.

There is a wide spectrum of vibrational influences out there, the highest being God, then the Angels, and the very lowest being fearful, egoic entities.

The only way to safely navigate through these realms is to know your own shadow. If you know your weak points and are clear about where you are vulnerable and perhaps easily swayed to believing something false, then you are protected.

If you know you have an ego and do something to keep it in check – self-reflection, meditation, chakra work, White Light and mindfulness – you are avoiding being sucked in by lower entities which want to either frighten you or pander to your ego.

Our egos love to be scared stiff. They feed on fear and violence, and if we don’t have our egos in check, there are a host of entities that will happily fulfill our ego’s needs.

Egos also love to hear all about how amazing, one of a kind, and absolutely ingenious they are. If you don’t have yours in check, and you start to explore the spirit and astral realms, you are going to find many beings that are willing to aid you in your self-aggrandizement.

If you have spirits scaring you or buttering you up with great plans of your world domination, you know you’re talking to tricksters. Don’t freak out. Just get out of there!

Step 4: You don’t need to protect yourself to keep yourself safe, you need to be honest with yourself.

Over the years many people have asked me what they can use to protect themselves from bad spirits. I’ve been sent crystals to proof, asked if different prayers deflect bad spirits, watch friends ‘spook proof’ their houses and have even watched a man bless his healing room for 30 minutes, calling out every angelic name he could, so that the space would remain safe!

Many people are looking for the foolproof protection device but you aren’t going to find it out there. You can only find it by being honest with yourself, and staying dedicated to keeping your vibrations raised and pure.

Happiness is the best defence against bad spirits and their bad advice. If you want to get it right, get your energy field right. Work on your chakras, keep your vibrations raised and be mindful of your shadow.

That way, you’ll be more accurate in your psychic ability and will be able to easily discern the fraudulent from the factual.

This is spiritual discernment and you need to learn to use it.

In these changing times, we’re getting more ‘plugged in’ and for many of us, our psychic sight is suddenly getting switched on. This is wonderful and the next step in our evolution, but you need to know the pitfalls.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your psychic/medium -ness just because there are a few lower spirits wanting to run amok. Be brave. Step out there.

If you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground while in the spirit realms, you’ll soon be able to help others heals and offer them fabulous life-coaching advice as well as explore the gorgeous landscapes of the higher realms.

in White Light + Love,


P.S – In May I will be holding 2 of my Shadow Working Verses Light Working in-person 3 day workshops, in Germany.

To find out more about the English speaking event, held on May 19-21 CLICK HERE.

If you’d prefer to join me for the German speaking event, held on May 27-29 CLICK HERE.

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  1. Tina B

    Wonderful post! So exciting! I hear voices, of the living, the passed, and those that say they are angels and guides. It started when I was deep in drug addiction. I am 8 years clean now. The voices have changed significantly to mostly positive and insightful. I am doing your chakra cleanse several times a week, and the white light healings on Mondays. Should I listen? How can I be sure they are good? & pleasing to God? What about the voices of the living? Why/what am I hearing?
    You are a blessing to the world, I truly believe that.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Hi Tina,

      Thank you. The stronger your energy field becomes – with your chakra work + the help of the White Light – the easier it will be for you to discern if these voices are helpful.

      There is no point in just being “plugged into” what is going on around you, by that I mean hearing all the voices of the living + dead, how exhausting would that be!,but if you could only pick up what is good advice coming your way, then it would be beneficial.

      Ask the White Light to help you only tune in to what is helpful and serves you and others.

  2. Tina B

    Thank you for replying! I will!

  3. Tina B

    Do you think what I’m hearing is real or mental illness?

  4. Esellie Laing

    Dear Belinda,
    My boyfriend became actively suicidal this summer and twice he turned against me with his family and they blamed me and ostracized me. Well, that was so hard emotionally, however it seems they’ve closed me out of a very unhealthy situation, so I may have been protected from something worse.

    Why is it so hard for me to stop thinking about him and being concerned for his well-being? Sometimes the thoughts of him come in such a heavy stream. Is this a karmic learning? Have he and I been interfered with by negative entities? Is that what suicidal thoughts and actions are? If so, could they be from his childhood when he sustained terrible beatings from his parents or from the years in the Marines when he underwent terrible prisoner of war trainings?

    As a healer, I was taught that unconditional love can transmute even the darkest dark. This situation was beyond me and I wonder about it and what I need to learn.

    Thank you for your White light service! It has been such a blessing for me.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Hi Esellie,

      Could it be that it is because you are a healer and that you can’t heal him, that you can’t let it go because you feel helpless? You feel bad cause even though you have the healing ability, it didn’t work for him?

  5. Gary

    Hi Belinda,I’m fascinated with your spiritual work.can you please give me some advice as to how I may clear all the clutter away and open the doors to spiritual awareness and abundance.I’m chakra cleansing regularly but I seem stuck.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Hi Gary,

      Do you regularly receive the White Light? If not, I would start there.. I would also recommend that your read and study the book, “The Power of Now,” by Eckhart Tolle. This book helped me heal many blockages.

  6. MaRi

    hello Belinda D.
    ever since I can remember and after the passing of one my cousin Ive had a yearning to be a part of the spiritual world.I ve put it off due to fear but for the longest now I don’t know if by coincidence or chance, I keep running into what I like to think of as sign to follow thru with opening open to the spirits. everytime I pass the commentary by my house I feel something I cant explain it a feeling like I ve lost something of loneliness and love at the same time its very confusing. I feel like there’s someone with me at all makes me want to follow thru. but I have an understanding that this is a gift and I would use it for good its just I am scared and have no guidance…..please help…… thank you in advance MaRi

    • Belinda Davidson

      Hi MaRi,

      Make sure to join the weekly free White Light Healings. You can sign up for them here, They will help you feel better and start to find direction.

      I also recommend that you read “The Power of Now,” by Eckhart Tolle. It’s a life changing book.

  7.  | 

    Hi Belinda,

    At a mediumship circle earlier this year, I described a meditation vision I had where I was being tricked and not sure whether I could trust the being I was interacting with, though the meditation’s purpose was to connect with our guides. Another member of the circle told me that she saw this being hunched over me, that he was a trickster and was around me a lot. I left feeling confused and scared, not knowing what to do with that information. It has stayed with me ever since and prevented me from further exploration. I have felt a lot of fear and anxiety around this and would like to move past it to receive positive guidance. I meditate daily, but fearful thoughts seem to have a strong hold lately.

  8. nick caudill

    yes I feel sprits around me all the time but can not hear or see them and don’t know any training to help me get to that point I some time feel like im go insane like there trying to tell me something but they cant because it feel if tho a barrier blocks the way

  9. Birgitt

    I took a workshop once with a psychic medium and he said, that only mediums can communicate with people on the other side and that you can’t become a medium you have to be born as a medium. But from all your teachings it sounds like you may possibly be able to communicate with the other side if you raise your vibrations enough. So there is still hope for us “not born mediums”? I dream of deceased family members once in a while and those dreams seem so real and I remember them well, I always thought they came to visit me, but I can’t connect to them during waking hours.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Hi Birgitt,

      I don’t believe you can only become a medium if you were born this way. You can certainly develop it and I’ve helped many people do this:)

  10. Sandy

    My daughter had a similar experience as R above. In a spiritual activation class while connecting with our guides she saw her beautiful guide but then another guide took over and got angry when my daughter didn’t want to work with him. He physically dug his finger into her shoulder and caused actual pain. She was shaking! The teacher said it was her guide but why would he be such an ass? Why couldn’t she work with the beautiful woman who wasn’t threatening or scary? We quit the class.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Hi Sandy,

      Evolved beings would never push to get in front in line or inflict pain on us in this way.

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