How to Know You’re Communicating With Good Spirits

How to Know You’re Communicating With Good Spirits

Receiving messages from people that have passed over, advice from our spiritual guides and mentors as well as psychic information from people’s energy fields is a part of daily life as a modern mystic.

We all have a 3rd eye, which enables us to see the spirit planes and astral realms. If our 3rd eye chakra is working properly and if we’ve learned to be ‘spiritually discerning,’ we can help others by;

  • connecting them with their loved ones on the other side
  • offering them excellent tips and advice from their spirit guides, and
  • sharing our impressions of their energy fields and chakras with them.

However, before we can begin to embark on our ‘medium-ness,’ we need to know how to make sure we are receiving accurate information and impressions. We need to understand how psychic ability and the spiritual planes work so that we can be sure we’re communicating with good spirits, and getting good information.

How to make sure you’re doing it right

Step 1 : You need a clean and clear 3rd eye (Chakra 6).

The only way to know from the ‘get go’ that it is highly likely you are communicating with good spirits and getting good information, is by having a healthy chakra 6.

Your 3rd eye is located in the center of your forehead and it’s called your ‘seat of spiritual sight.’ Your physical eyes see the world around you, whereby your third eye sees your soul as well as the psychic and spiritual realms.

If your chakra 6 is not working properly your impressions and what you ‘pick up’ will be murky or non-existent. Also, if you can’t see where you going or who you are communicating with, you can’t be discerning.

Having a healthy chakra 6 is the springboard to your medium-ness. Without it, you won’t get far.

Step 2: Keep your ego in check.

Being psychic and able to see and communicate with spirits doesn’t mean you need to share your impression with everyone you meet.

I know many of us become over-zealous when we start out but wanting to try out our new found gifts by stopping people in the street to give them a message or pestering our family and friends with ‘important information’ from their guides, is simply rude. And, not at all in alignment with the law of free will.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever share your impressions, you should, and sharing them with people who want to hear from you is a great way to flex your medium-muscles, but you need to be able to discern when you’re doing it to be of service, and when you’re doing it to show-off.

If you regularly work on your chakras and practice mindfulness, you’ll be able to tell when to act and when to hold back. Yes, there have been times when I have told complete strangers what I ‘saw’ but when I look back over my life – and I’ve been in the ‘psychic business’ for almost 15 years now – those times were few and far between.

If people needed my help, they mostly sought me out. So, be a cool psychic cucumber and let them come to you.

Step 3: If you don’t work on your shadow you’re in big trouble.

The most important thing you need to know about being a medium is that “like attracts like” in the Universe, and that Beings of your vibration are naturally tuned in and attracted to you.

You also need to know that the astral and spiritual planes (just like here on earth ) are full of all types of beings, some highly conscious and loving, others unconscious and deceptive.

There is a wide spectrum of vibrational influences out there, the highest being God, then the Angels, and the very lowest being fearful, egoic entities.

The only way to safely navigate through these realms is to know your own shadow. If you know your weak points and are clear about where you are vulnerable and perhaps easily swayed to believing something false, then you are protected.

If you know you have an ego and do something to keep it in check – self-reflection, meditation, chakra work, White Light and mindfulness – you are avoiding being sucked in by lower entities which want to either frighten you or pander to your ego.

Our egos love to be scared stiff. They feed on fear and violence, and if we don’t have our egos in check, there are a host of entities that will happily fulfill our ego’s needs.

Egos also love to hear all about how amazing, one of a kind, and absolutely ingenious they are. If you don’t have yours in check, and you start to explore the spirit and astral realms, you are going to find many beings that are willing to aid you in your self-aggrandizement.

If you have spirits scaring you or buttering you up with great plans of your world domination, you know you’re talking to tricksters. Don’t freak out. Just get out of there!

Step 4: You don’t need to protect yourself to keep yourself safe, you need to be honest with yourself.

Over the years many people have asked me what they can use to protect themselves from bad spirits. I’ve been sent crystals to proof, asked if different prayers deflect bad spirits, watch friends ‘spook proof’ their houses and have even watched a man bless his healing room for 30 minutes, calling out every angelic name he could, so that the space would remain safe!

Many people are looking for the foolproof protection device but you aren’t going to find it out there. You can only find it by being honest with yourself, and staying dedicated to keeping your vibrations raised and pure.

Happiness is the best defence against bad spirits and their bad advice. If you want to get it right, get your energy field right. Work on your chakras, keep your vibrations raised and be mindful of your shadow.

That way, you’ll be more accurate in your psychic ability and will be able to easily discern the fraudulent from the factual.

This is spiritual discernment and you need to learn to use it.

In these changing times, we’re getting more ‘plugged in’ and for many of us, our psychic sight is suddenly getting switched on. This is wonderful and the next step in our evolution, but you need to know the pitfalls.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your psychic/medium -ness just because there are a few lower spirits wanting to run amok. Be brave. Step out there.

If you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground while in the spirit realms, you’ll soon be able to help others heals and offer them fabulous life-coaching advice as well as explore the gorgeous landscapes of the higher realms.

in White Light + Love,


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  1.  | 

    I am a SoMM student now/2014. Just now going into chakra 2 starting tonight. I sent my White Light request yesterday asking for energetic support with basically what this article is about! Wow thanks Belinda!

  2. Isa


    Firstly a thank you to Belinda, for all that you do! 🙂

    Message for Arie – I’ve taken photos or had photo’s taken of me where orbs and smoke like forms are present.

    I’ve never felt them to be harmful per se, however that said, I do work with energetics full time; spiritism and Shamanic journeying (psychopomp) being a part of that so have to clear regularly, anyone around me that shouldn’t be is then sent to where they should be, always with love.

    I would suggest that you do a simple clearing if you feel in anyway uncomfortable.

  3. Karen Decker

    Dear Belinda. I received this gift many years ago. For a while this gift (talking to those who have passed) absolutely impacted my life in a negative manner. I never charged because I believe “gifts” should be given freely. However, at my full time job I was overwhelmed with people faxing me, calling, writing me, coming into my office. It was unmanageable yet I was helping so many. I asked God…”Should I open up my own shop?? “Put out my own shingle?” HE clearly told me. “NO.” “I WILL SEND THOSE TO YOU WHO NEED YOUR HELP.” I asked him how would I recognize them? God said – “WHEN YOU LOOK AT THEIR FACE YOU WILL SEE ME.” That was that. I immediately stopped and “reclaimed” my life. Since that time a few people have entered my life and I was able to bring them answers and mostly peace. Recently, I was asked for a reading which I did. However THIS TIME…I was told “NOT TO SHARE MY STORY.” Usually I would share my gift and experiences with the person I was giving a reading to. Also, I would often share interesting stories with my immediate family. However, this last incident – which happened 1 week ago – I was ready to share this reading with my dear friend and God literally shook HIS head and said..”NO, DO NOT SHARE.” OK. So I didn’t. BUT – it was reading this message of yours that I realized my error. I was feeding my EGO! Very wrong of me. I view this idea of “not sharing” as the next level of my development. I truly believe you have pinpointed my error. That of “ego.” It was wrong of me to share the message with anyone other than the person. I see now I was just “feeding my ego,” my id. No more…Good to see confirmation in your message and in mentioning the ego. The ego has to be eliminated when serving… Thank you Belinda :)..the confirmation I received from your message gave meaning to the order. God Bless…. Karen 🙂

    • Belinda Davidson

      God bless you too, Karen.

      What a brave and shining soul you are!

  4. Gudrun

    I remember this post very well from when you ran it before. Especially the words that if I am aware of whether a spirit scares me or feeds my self aggrandizement it is a less evolved spirit. That seems such a good way to recognize the helpful from the unhelpful spirits.

  5.  | 

    Dear Belinda,
    Thank you for the straight-up, honest and loving way you teach, heal and encourage all of us! I’m a SoMM student. Last night during the White Light healing, my focus was taken away from my chakra 2 when I felt a dull, pressing presence on top of my head. I just spent a minute or two noticing it, seeing what it would do. Then, because the pressure was not feeling good, I repeated to myself “I allow only the highest White Light in my space,”. As soon as I repeated my intention, the pressure lifted. I know that establishing healthy boundaries is a life long lesson for me on the physical level, and the spiritual as well. Was this a good way to handle this situation? Thank you for your insight.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Hi Cara,

      You handled the situation perfectly! The White Light will remove any negativity from your space and protect you.

  6. Jen

    Hi Belinda,

    Thank you so much for this article, it really helps to reinforce my efforts into the inner work I’m doing. Shadow work can be sooo tiring! I also LOVE the advice about oversharing. So true!

    My question is, how do I get a negative fear-inducing message out of my mindtape that I once believed to be true?

    I received a message 12 months ago from a lower vibrational being that told me “I give the relationship two and a half years tops!”. I’ve since been guided by a loving warm source that “we’ll be together for as long as we need to be”. At the time of receiving the first message I wasn’t knowing or able to discern where the message was coming from and so i believed it to be true.

    Since receiving the second message a month ago, I clearly felt the difference between messages – the first cold, swift, dismissive & fear fuelling; the second warm, loving , soft and kind. BIG difference. But I still have the fears from the first message come back frequently, doubting myself & what I ‘heard’, knawing at my fears of abandonment. How do I let this one go?

    Thanks Belinda, much love to you xo

    • Belinda Davidson

      Hi Jen,

      You will be able to let the “fearful” message go by knowing that it was only the voice of your ego; your own shadow.

      When you feel the fear that your relationship could end, simply breathe deeply and observe your thoughts.

  7.  | 

    Hi Belinda

    Thank you for sharing this article. It’s great that we can learn to discern for ourselves – and awareness and knowing what to look for are key!

    For me personally I’ve noted a couple of things to look out for:

    – At times I can get a bit obsessive about the news and what’s going on in the world. I’ve stopped and wondered at times about what drives me and I wonder now if it’s my fragile ego keeping me small with fear. Being aware of this weakness means I will be watchful for where it might happen in the realm outside our physical one.
    – I also have to be wary of my little ego from getting over-excited and self-aggrandising! Coming from a place of love and service rather than a place of ego will be something for me to watch for as well.

    I also remember when I first finished studying naturopathy that, especially having trained in iridology and TCM facial diagnosis, I would run around telling all and sundry the health issues I could see haha I thought I was doing the right thing but turns out it wasn’t the best and highest use of my skills!

    This article has reminded me, as I grow throughout the SoMM, to temper my enthusiasm with responsibility.

    Love & light Xx

  8. Colita

    Hi Belinda,
    I’m writing to find out why spirits are showing up in all of my photos.I’m really not sure if I have a gift or not. I would love to know how to be more intuned to it. I’ve tryed mediation. It doesn’t work for me.I can’t hear or see spirit with my necked eyes. I’m really having a hard time with this issue.I know I’m blessed with seeing spirits in photos, but I would love to help them move on.I’ve tryed sagging, white candles, prayer, oils, a prophet, pendulum ect.If I can use my blessing to help other’s, it would be a blessing.I’ve always felt a need to put others before myself.Please!!Any assistance to understanding this gift would be a true blessing.Thankyou! I truly think you’re an amazing women. God bless

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