You spoke. I listened. And this is what I’ve created for you …

You spoke. I listened. And this is what I’ve created for you …

Sometime last year, I asked people subscribed to my newsletter how I can better serve them. I asked them to fill out a questionnaire, telling me about their stresses, struggles, challenges, as well as deepest wishes and desires.

1,202 people filled out the questionnaire. I read each and every one of the responses, multiple times.

Being helpful and of service to you is important to me.

I want to be 100% there for you, helping you walk your spiritual path with grace, joy, and ease.

What You Asked For

In the forms I received, you asked me:

— How to create vibrant health and feel amazing and beautiful?

— How to attract more money, become prosperous, and get out of debt?

— How to make relationships work and stop having your heart broken?

— How to find time for your spiritual journey, whilst juggling full-time work, family, children, and a never ending to-do list?

You also asked:

— How can I feel calm, centered, clear?

— How can I stay in my own energy and not be dragged down by others?

— How can I “hear” the voice of my intuition and follow its guidance without hesitation?

— How can I have a thriving business that’s based around my passions and spiritual talents and abilities?

You also asked me:

— How to deepen your connection to the Universe and your soul?

— How to discover your soul’s purpose?

— And, how to know if you’re on the right track, doing the right thing, living the right way, when all you feel is unsure …?

In sum, you asked, (it may seem like a lot of things, but actually it all boils down to one question):

“How can I make my energy awesome so that I can live a beautiful, prosperous, joyful and soul-aligned life—one magical beyond my wildest dreams?”

Your Wish is My Command

You can make your life magical, one amazing beyond your wildest dreams, by being in communion with your soul.

By getting in touch with it, listening to it, and leading with it.

Leading With Soul

Last year I spent a great deal of time meditating, working with the White Light, and pondering. I sat in silence for hours. I watched the birds. I listened to the river.

I also channelled White Light. I journeyed into my five higher chakras. I had visions. I had ideas. I day-dreamed. I had discussions. I had meetings with possible future collaborators.

I thought a lot about how can I help you lead with soul.

(I also filled three whole journals with ideas. And I ate copious amounts of chocolate and read Anne Rice books … Whatever it takes to get into alignment, right?)

2018 was a year of ruminating. 2019 is a year of sharing.

What You Can Expect From Me This Year

Listed—in no particular order—are products and services I’ve created that will help you lead with soul:

  1. White Light Mists. These babies have been a long time coming! The range is called Heaven On Earth, and they are aura (energy field) sprays, which help you purify, detoxify, uplift, shadow hunt, and illuminate.
  2. Guided Meditations. I’II be bringing out several this year. They’ll help you deepen your chakra and White Light work, as well as show you how to do amazing things, like talk to your soul, merge with the Light, and hunt and heal your shadows.
  3. A Podcast. Finally, after four years of thinking about it (and my sister constantly telling me to hurry up and do it), I’II be started a podcast. This one I’m super excited about!
  4. And, of course, my Free Spiritual Support. About every two weeks my newsletter will land in your inbox with insights, sharings, and trainings. Everything you need to make your energy awesome and your life magical!

I’m Also Working On …

  1. My Second Book, which is about shadow working; the powerful act of turning fear (dark) into love (light).
  2. In-Person White Light Retreats & Healings. Still in the planning phase. More about this later in the year.
  3. A Group Mentorship Program. Also still in the planning phase. More about this later, too. (This was what was most requested: People wanting to be mentored by me.)

What about you? What are you working on this year?

What’s your plans?

with love,

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