You should want wealth (part 2 of series)

You should want wealth (part 2 of series)

*This is part 2 in a series about money and money blockages. If you haven’t read part 1, make sure to click here now! (When part 1 went out, my inbox was flooding with people writing in to thank me for my awesome email about a topic that really needs to be talked about!🎉🎉)

I admit it. I was really judgemental.

When my client asked me if I’d take on another mentorship client, a friend of hers, a guy who’s got spine and neck problems that he can’t resolve, I was about to say, “Sure, a space has just become available.”

But then she said, “He’s a multi-millionaire. An entrepreneur.”

I closed my mouth.

I immediately imagined some slimy looking guy with an orange fake tan, brilliant white teeth, and a pot-belly poking out of his $10,000 Armani suit. It wasn’t a psychic thing; I wasn’t getting a vision of him. I was just picturing what I thought a multi-millionaire entrepreneur in his mid-60s would look like.

My client must have sensed my hesitation because she said, “He’s a really great guy. You’ll love him, Belinda.”

And I did.

I felt like a total jerk when I got off the phone after our first session. He was one of the most delightful and thoughtful people I’d ever met. There was nothing flashy, fake, or arrogant about him. Actually, he was so humble and his philanthropic contributions so great, I wanted to crawl into the nearest hole called “Belinda is a judgmental goat” and spend the rest of my life there.

But you’d think this would have cured me of this affliction, right?


I kept being judgemental.

I ended up working with more people who were multi-millionaires, millionaires, celebrities, and CEOs (they told their friends; their friends became my clients) and I kept right on judging them.

When I’d find out they were super wealthy, I’d look into their energy fields, peer deep inside their chakras, trying to find “the thing” about them that was dubious or shady.

Because, of course, there must be something rotten somewhere. Rich people are inherently bad.

All Of My Preconceived Ideas Proved Wrong

This was shown to me time and time again. Everything I thought was true about the super wealthy, proved to be false.

They weren’t rich because they inherited it. (I only saw this once with all the people I worked with.)

They weren’t rich because they scammed someone. (I never had a private client who got wealthy this way.)

They weren’t philanthropic and donated to charities because they wanted to create a good public image, or had too much money and needed to do something with it. (I never saw this. Actually, charity work takes up a lot of their time and energy.)

All the myths, all the stuff I’d been taught about “rich people” simply wasn’t true.

The more I worked with the super wealthy and the well-known, the more I realised how much they contributed to society.

How much they gave, gave, gave.

Don’t Get Me Wrong

I’m not saying all super wealthy people are wonderful. (They aren’t.) I’m also not saying we don’t have a problem with the disproportion of money, wealth, and resources in the world. (We do.)

I’m also not saying that the super wealthy aren’t without their problems.

Actually, they have exactly the same problems as you and me. Health issues, self-esteem issues, relationship problems, mental health problems, spiritual problems, and so on.

(As well as a whole array of other issues that you and I don’t have, like privacy issues, the paparazzi, projections, etc.)

But what I learned from being a spiritual coach and mentor to the super wealthy is that all the things I was taught to believe about rich people turned out to be total myths.

My Money Story

I didn’t come from wealth. I didn’t come from poverty, either.

You could say I came from somewhere between the working – middle class.

My father is a doctor, so that would put me in the category of middle class. But all of my grandparents came from the working class, and the value system in our household was very much that of the working class.

(In case you’re thinking: wait, your dad’s a doc, that would make you wealthy. It didn’t. He’s a GP, and they earn much less compared to specialists. Also my parents were bad with money. Growing up, I remember times of living in a trailer, years of not much lunch for school, no new clothes, and Mum crying a lot because they couldn’t make ends meet.)

I was also brought up Christian. And Christians—generally—aren’t too keen on rich folk (unless they are donating to their church).

Jesus was a poor dude who was constantly giving people the clothes off his own back (literally and metaphorically).

In my childhood, I don’t remember anyone in my household or church ever actually saying things like, “Rich people are crooks!” or, “Having money makes you the Devil’s spawn.”

But it was implied.

So was the notion of never getting “too big for your boots.” Never getting wealthy, or being successful.

When The Penny Finally Dropped …

… and I stopped judging the super wealthy that were my clients and decided instead to embrace the idea of money and wealth and to set about to create it for myself and my family, I knew the first step was to shed my shame.

To change my mind.

I knew I had a lot of work to do, because:

a) I was brought up working – middle class.

b) I was brought up Christian.

c) I was brought up in a culture (Australia) rampant with “tall poppy syndrome.” (Translation: a perceived tendency to discredit or disparage those who have achieved notable wealth or prominence in public life.)

d) I was working in the spiritual field.

e) And I am a woman.

Add these all up = the perfect combo to have major hangups plus zero skills when it came to money and wealth.

I Began By Helping Other Women

I started by making a conscious effort to help women with their money issues.

In sessions with me, I wouldn’t let them get away with using words like abundance, prosperity, thriving, etc. When they’d say, “I’ve been working on my abundance,” or, “What can you tell me about my prosperity?” I would stop them right there and ask them what they actually meant by that.

Usually what followed was an awkward silence, then some umming, throat clearing, sighing, and then a quiet, quaking voice saying, “What do you mean, Belinda?”

I know they were squirm-worming in their seats, probably turning a shade of beetroot and sweating. But, you see, compared to men (who’d straight up say to me, “How do I get more money?”), women couldn’t bring themselves to ask me about it.

I wanted them to speak it out loud. And I wanted to show them that it’s okay to say it. To ask me about it. To say the word money.

Because money is important.

And poverty never pays.

But, Wait! What Do You Know Of Poverty, Belinda?

You’re white, privileged, educated, and from a wealthy country. What do you know of poverty and struggle, you may be thinking.

A lot, actually.

Because I can see inside people and have read the energy fields of thousands and thousands of people (and through them also thousands and thousands of others), I have seen and experienced a lot of suffering.

Also, I’ve mentored peace activists and celebrities and helped them with their charity projects in third world countries (which do things like bring food and supplies to impoverished people).

I’ve also helped entrepreneurs with their organisations that fund-raise for dying children, children that come from poor families that can’t afford the costly medical treatments for cancer and other life threatening conditions.

And because of this, I’ve seen through the eyes of my clients as well as the people they’re helping … And I’ve spent many nights crying and howling (and sometimes vomiting and clawing at my own face) because of the depths of despair and darkness and cruelty and poverty of the human condition.

I may not be living somewhere in Africa dying of hunger, but I can empathetically feel what that’s like …

And Iet me can tell you, although poverty is a vicious cycle and hard to escape, it’s also a mindset.

It’s a cursed, dreadful mindset.

If You Have The Opportunity …

… the privilege, the knowledge to know that you can change the way you think about money and wealth. And if you’re brave enough to begin to want to change it, I wish to dear goodness that you are open to it!

Because the first step is being open to start to think differently about something.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be one of those people that can easily provide for myself and my family, and also give to people less fortunate than me.

I want to be able to open a door that someone else can potentially walk through and free themselves from the poverty cycle.

I’m sure you want that, too.

I believe a spiritual life is one of peace and plenty, for all. To make that happen, though, it has to start with:


Don’t Be A Drain. Create Gain

Because spiritual people usually have major issues when it comes to money and finances, they often create a lot of unnecessary problems for themselves and the people they love.

If a spiritual life is supposed to be one of peace and plenty, then it simply means we need to get good with money.

If you’re bad with money, you’re draining yourself and others.

If you’re good with money, you’re creating gain for yourself and others.

I’m good with money. I’m good at making it. I’m good at making it stretch (in a down phase), and I’m good at taking care of my family (which I’m extremely proud of).

I have zero shame in saying I embrace money and wealth.

I want you to be able to do the same.

with love,



P.S. Feeling okay about money and feeling okay about wanting and asking for it, is only the first step. The second step is realising that you actually don’t need that much to have a good life. You don’t have to become a millionaire!

In today’s world, you don’t need to make 6 or 7 figures to be wealthy and happy and give back, as well as afford vacations and some of life’s luxuries. Click here to read part 3 of the series and find out how!

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