Work aligned with soul = wealth + happiness (part 4 of series)

Work aligned with soul = wealth + happiness (part 4 of series)

* This is the final email in the series (part 4). If you haven’t read part 1, part 2, or part 3, please read them now!

Today’s email is about why your work needs to be aligned with your soul, and if it isn’t, why it’s one of the biggest money blockages, ever.

At the end, I’II also be sharing my favourite spiritual-money-making-kicking-ass resources of all time.

Ready to find out why your money blockages are because you’re not in alignment with your soul?

Soul Purpose Is The Fusion Of Our Talents & Passions

In my book, From Dark to Light, I write that soul purpose consists of those things “we love best and do best.”

It’s the fusion of our talents and passions. And when we’re living out and expressing them, we’re on fire with life. In this state, we become spiritual change agents, spreading beauty, light, power, and wealth wherever we go.

Our talents, though, aren’t something we get to pick and choose.

When we incarnate, we come in with a soul blueprint. It’s set in stone.

Within this soul blueprint are 12 soul energies.

They are your innate, god-given talents and abilities. Those things you do best.

They’re Located In Your Chakra 8

When I used to give medical intuitive sessions, I used to look into people’s chakra 8 to see what their soul energies were.

To see what they naturally do best.

Because I knew that if they weren’t aligned with their 12 soul energies, they didn’t have a life or business they loved.

Here’s Some Examples …

… from my work as a medical intuitive. (They’re also in From Dark to Light.)

Let’s start with Allyson.

I’m sitting in front of my computer, watching as a woman in her early thirties appears via Skype.

“Hi, Allyson,” I say. “Are you ready for your session?”

“I’m so excited,” she says, clapping her hands together. “Let’s do it!”

As I’m explaining to Allyson how the session will go, I’m already getting impressions about her, and I can see right away that she’s recently launched a career as a life coach and intuitive. I see that she speaks to most of her clients via web calls like this one.

“How’s your coaching going?” I ask her. In reality, I can see how it’s going—slow. But I’m interested to hear what Allyson has on her mind, because I also see in her energy field that what she thinks is the problem actually isn’t.

“Wow, you can see that I’m a coach? That’s amazing!” Allyson flashes a wide smile, but she’s not nearly as confident as it implies.

“Yes, you started recently after finishing an online course.” I say.

“That’s right! I took time off work when my daughter was born and realised I didn’t want to go back. One of my friends is a life coach and an intuitive, and she told me I should take her course to figure out what I want to do. Turns out I’m meant to be a life coach, too!”

“So you invested in headshots and a website and all your materials, but you’re having trouble getting your business going,” I say. “And you’ve spent a lot of money on this course and on getting your ‘branding’ in order, but you’re not sure where to go from here.”

“Amazing,” she says. “You’re spot on again! I just feel like there must be something blocking me from getting myself out there, you know? I’ve been reading about chakras and I think my throat chakra is weak or spinning backwards or something, otherwise I wouldn’t be having problems getting myself noticed. What do you see?”

“I think one of your main challenges is time, as well as something else …”

“You mean I’m not spending enough time developing my business?” she asks. “I know my branding needs more work, but I’m doing a business booster seminar next week and—”

“That’s not exactly what I mean,” I interrupt. “From what I see, you’ve set off on this path of being a coach and an intuitive without any real experience. I can see that your natural intuitive abilities aren’t very developed, and you haven’t yet had the life or career experience to become a coach. But the main problem I see is that coaching is not a good choice for you. You decided to become a coach because the opportunity presented itself and this course provided a ‘path to success.’ But coaching is not aligned with your energy.”

Allyson’s gone pale and I feel badly for her, but I wouldn’t be doing her any favors by hiding the truth.

“What’s aligned with my energy?” she asks.

“I see you’ve got very strong creative energy, and you’re very good at writing and art. At one point, you briefly considered writing down and illustrating the stories you make up for your daughter. But you pushed it aside as unrealistic.”

“It’s amazing that you can see that! That’s true!” she says.

“Yes, and I also see that being a children’s book author and illustrator is something that appeals to you; it’s definitely in line with your energy. Much more than being a life coach.”

“I was so sure about this coach thing, but when you put it that way, I guess if I really listen to myself, you’re right. In truth, I don’t like working as a coach. I did it because I thought it would be a good way to make money and be at home with my daughter.” says Allyson.

“I understand, but it’s not a loss. You can use all the tools you learned to become a coach to get started with this other venture. In fact, you could become so successful that maybe one day you’ll start a side business coaching other book writers and illustrators. When you learn to align with your soul, things have an interesting way of coming together.”

Allyson gives a nervous smile. “Look,” I say, “I understand that making money is a real concern. If you can go back to your old job, it could support you while you follow your creative path. And I have a hunch, call it a psychic one, that you can easily get your old job back.”

“Well,” she says, “I did like that job. It’s just that … Well, I thought it would be an easier schedule and I could make a lot more money being a coach. But, now that you mention it, I really don’t love talking to all these people about their problems and struggles, and haven’t made the type of money I thought I would. I thought maybe it was because I’m not good at it yet, but I always get nervous for the calls, and I don’t know what to say. Do you honestly think I should give children’s books a go?”

“If it resonates with you, which it seems to, then yes. Just start slow, then you won’t be putting so much pressure on yourself to succeed immediately. It should be something you enjoy!”

“You know, as you’re saying this, I feel all lit up—like something in me is coming alive for the first time!” Allyson’s smile is back, and this time it’s genuine.

See how Allyson thought the next step in her life was to do something that would allow her flexibility, independence, and the opportunity to grow a business, but instead it only brought her down?

That’s because she hadn’t considered her soul energies. And if they were aligned with her career choice.

Here’s Another Example …

This is Lisa.

As soon as I hear Lisa on the phone, I know she’s experienced significant disappointment and despair. Her voice is thick with bitterness and her energy field shows me she’s been carrying a heavy burden of sadness for many years.

“Lisa, I’m reading your energy field and I see that you have been gifted with an exceptional singing voice, but that this gift is also a source of despair for you. You’ve always wanted to become a professional singer, but haven’t been able to achieve your dream.”

Lisa begins to cry. “Yes,” she confirms.

“Early in your career you started having problems with your voice,” I continue. “Sore throats, infections, strained vocal cords … You went to a number of specialists and no one could figure out why this kept happening to you.”

“Yes,” Lisa sniffs. “I had to cancel so many singing jobs that I was labeled ‘unreliable,’ and no one wanted to book me anymore. My career ended before it even began.”

“And all this time you’ve felt like you lost out on your true calling.”

“Yes,” she says again, and the anguish in her voice is heartbreaking. I can see forty-five years of accumulated despair and bitterness in Lisa’s chakras. But I see something else, as well.

“You have an incredible teacher energy. Do you teach singing?”

“It pays the bills,” she says sourly. “It’s pathetic, isn’t it? Here I am teaching other people how to fulfill my dream.”

“Here’s the thing, Lisa,” I say, “I know how badly you wanted to be a singer, but you truly are a gifted teacher. Your lack of recognition of this gift, and of the positive impact you have on your students’ lives, is robbing you of the joy it could bring you.”

“But I was supposed to be a famous singer,” she protests, “not some teacher!”

“Maybe that’s not true,” I counter. “Maybe you are where you are supposed to be. What if all the time you spent training to be a singer was actually training you to be what you were intended to become all along—an extremely talented singing teacher? Sometimes it’s not our circumstances that present problems in our lives, but rather our beliefs about them.”

I say this not only to challenge Lisa, but also because it’s what I genuinely see in her energy field.

Her teacher energy is far stronger than her singer and performer energy. Sadly, she is so blinded by her bitterness at the loss of her singing career that she can’t see the impact she makes as a teacher.

“Doesn’t your heart fill with pride at hearing your students sing a song you taught them how to sing?” I ask. “Don’t you love helping your students become great singers?”

“No,” she says flatly. “Watching other people receive praise for their singing just drives the knife of loss deeper into my heart. It should be me out there. People should be looking at me and applauding me for my amazing voice.”

Sadly I didn’t get the turn around with Lisa that I got with Allyson.

Allyson readily embraced the information I gave her, and set about to become a children’s book author. (She’s now a successful one.)

I never heard from Lisa again. I doubt she changed her mind and embraced her soul energy of “the teacher.”

Archetypes Versus Soul Essences

If you’ve been in my online orbit for some years, you’ve probably heard me mention soul essences. (I mention them in From Dark to Light.)

Soul essences are your soul energies. Those 12 energies in your chakra 8.

I call them “soul essences,” but Caroline Myss—a famous medical intuitive and mystic—calls them “archetypes.”

I’m floored how many parallels there are between Caroline Myss’s work and my own.

And it isn’t because I follow her.

I don’t.

After reading her first two books and learning—from her—that I was a medical intuitive, I decided I want to “see” for myself. So I actively avoided any of her work.

Not because I dislike her. (Caroline rocks!)

But because I wanted to work things out for myself. And not be influenced by what anyone had to say about anything.

But People Kept Telling Me …

… how much we have in common.

People kept telling me about her books, workshops, and work.

And whenever I was seriously thinking about writing a book, or creating an online course about something, her name would pop up.

When I started working with the 5 higher cosmic chakras, and discovered soul essences and we that we have 12 of them, which are located in chakra 8. And that when you discover them, you understand what type of energies make you up and then you know exactly how to live your life, I was thinking of writing a book about it.

I was pitching the idea to an editor, and she said, “Oh Caroline Myss has already done that. It’s called Sacred Contracts.

Hmm. Interesting.

Then I kept having visions in my meditations about a white castle and the higher chakras, and a journey where you explore all these different rooms and all these different facets of your soul.

I was thinking of creating an online course or writing a book about it, when I heard, again, “Caroline Myss has done that. It’s a book called Entering the Castle.

Wait? What?!

I don’t follow her blog or read her books. Are we somehow plugged into the same source?!

Then I Really Got Freaked Out

And it’s hard to freak me out.

Because just when I decided I was going to release a book called Soul Essences. (If Caroline has created all these journeys with the soul and the higher chakras, why don’t I just talk about soul essences?)

Then she released her book called Archetypes.

It was as if someone had released a book called Soul Essences. (Remember, my word for soul energies is soul essences; hers is archetypes.)

I decided then and there it was time to step out of the arena.

(I also decided I never wanted to meet her in person. If she ever saw me, she’d probably think. “Oh, there’s that creepy red-head who’s always stalking me when I’m doing my meditations and working on my books!” Sorry, Caroline. I have no idea why we’re plugged into the same source.)

I Know When To Bow To A Queen

Her books are excellent. And her methods of helping you connect with your soul energies are amazing.

She’s got 25 years experience on me, and is a phenomenal medical intuitive and teacher.

To be honest, I’m also kind of relieved. Writing books is hard work, (well for me anyway).

I could never keep up with the pace at which she writes.

I’m happy to let her do the work, and excitedly await for someone to tell me about her next book.

Caroline & I Both See That …

… if someone’s business or life isn’t aligned with who they inherently are, it will suffer.

If someone doesn’t know their soul energies, and their soul energies aren’t running the show in their life and business, things don’t work out well.

People ended up sick or burned out, hating their job, or having problems with their relationships or creativity. (That’s probably why I ended up burned out. I spoke about this in part 3.)

My soul energy isn’t to be a CEO; it’s to be a mystic, writer, and mentor. The success of my online school took me further away from my soul energies, and that made me unwell. I found myself spending more time managing a team, dealing with marketing and strategy, and online systems and tech stuff, etc.

When I returned to my soul energies, my life force returned.

How To Discover Your Soul Energies

If you’re ready to discover what you love best and do best.

If you’re ready to fuse your passion with your talents, I highly recommend Sacred Contracts.

Step by step, it will show you how to discover your soul energies (archetypes) and then know how to use them in your business and life.

If you’re brand new to the world of soul energies, I recommend you first begin with Caroline’s book, Archetypes. (Then do Sacred Contracts.)

After this, if you want to go deeeeep. Get really deep with your soul and explore its vast riches and ravines, take the journey of Entering the Castle.

These books teach you how to fuse your passion and your talents.

That’s where the real magic lies.

That’s where your work aligns with your soul to create wealth.

Other Resources

Before we end this 4-part series—(thanks for hanging in there with me)—I’d like to give you some other resources that have really helped me with my money and wealth creating journey.

Everything is Figuareoutable , B-School by Marie Forleo.

If you’re interested in becoming a spiritual entrepreneur, starting an online business, or taking the one you currently have and making it kick-ass, you’ll need this book and to take this course!

Marie Forleo is my business mentor, and because of her I’ve been running my online business since 2012. Deciding to create an online business was one of the best decisions of my life. It’s been the main thing that has created wealth for me and my family.

(Please note: I’m an affiliate for B-school and may earn a referral fee if you invest in her but at no extra cost to you.)

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.

Probably my favourite book on wealth creation. Because it’s 0% woo-woo and 100% practical psychology and spirituality. There’s a reason why this book is so talked about.

Key to Yourself by Venice Bloodworth.

This book leans a little bit on the side of woo, but it’s still also one of my favs. Also because it’s a woman in the 1950’s writing about how other women need to get their act together when it comes to money. (My type of gal.)

Archetypes, Sacred Contracts, Entering the Castle by Caroline Myss. (As well as probably all of her other books, although I haven’t read them all …) What can I say? Caroline, I bow down to you 👑

I hope you enjoyed this series about money and wealth.

Remember: Money isn’t a dirty word. It’s a gorgeous, luscious, delightful, and important one.

And also remember:

a) Make sure to say the word money.

b) Make sure to ask for money.

c) Make sure to overcome your money issues.

d) Make sure get your money issues sorted.

e) And make sure to get out there and rock the spiritual world with your money making bad-assery!

Here’s to money, money, money 💰 💰 💰

with love,



P.S. Got a friend who needs a Belinda-spiritual-money-smackdown? Please forward them this blog post!

P.P.S. Whew! I know this was a long series. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I love you, friend.

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