My Ancient Love Affair

My Ancient Love Affair

I am passionately in love with Freiburg. This region in Germany is in the Black Forest and is home to wooded mountain ranges, thick forests, conifers and gentle-spirited rivers.

Freiburg is also home to an array of other-worldly beings: fairies, tree spirits and gnomes, and when I’m out on my woodland walks, I often encounter them.

The Black Forest is a portal to the other-worlds. In this area, one can easily step across the threshold separating the earth plane and the spiritual planes and see what is usually hidden from our physical eyes. This area is renowned for its spiritual magic.

But this isn’t the only reason I’m in love with Freiburg.

I love it because I’ve loved it for thousands of years. We’ve been having a love affair throughout the ages, and even after all these lives, my soul is still bringing me back here.

I first became aware of my ancient connection to Freiburg in 2003, when a friend chaperoned us through the town.

As we made our way along the river, visiting boutiques and quaint wooden shops selling French cheeses dipped in beeswax, dried lavender bundles, truffles, bretzels and leather, we finally arrived at the heart of the city.

Taking a break, I went to rest against the side of a tower but then noticed a gorgeous gold religious design just above my head. I reached my gloved hand out to touch it, and as we connected, the design and I, I felt a jolt and was transported to another era.

The next part of this story is difficult for me to describe because it’s hard to relay experiences occurring simultaneously and in multiple time layers in a sequential manner that is necessary to written and spoken communication. But I will do my best.

I experienced – at the same time – many of my past lives, and all of these lives occurred in the Black Forest area.

First I saw myself as a large woman with dark eyes and hair, holding a newborn baby. Wrinkled and dewy, I pressed it to my chest and thanked God for giving me this child.

At the same time, in another life, I am a child, running through the forest, my long, amber hair streaking behind me in flight. My brother is chasing me, and I dare not let him catch me, I crouch behind a large stone, giggling, calming my breathing.

“Helena,” he called through the woods, “Where are you?” I laugh, and feeling wicked, grab a handful of moss to throw at him when he comes past.

Now another life comes to: I am sitting at a large table laden with fruits of the season, meats, cheeses and wine. I’m a young woman dressed in an emerald-coloured gown, attending the celebration of my sister’s birthday.

I can feel the flush of the wine on my cheeks, the stiffness of my long dress, the cold coming up from the ground.

My lover walks towards me holding a bouquet of poppies, his dark eyes soft and loving. Just before he reaches me, he throws the flowers down before me, and says, “How about a walk in the woods?”, picking me up and slinging me over his shoulder.

And now, I’m an old man, whittling on the back porch, making a toy for my grandson. My hands are large and rough, and I feel warm and well.

As I look up, I see a flock of birds fly over the top of the Black Forest, crossing over the dusky stillness of a passing day. I sigh. I feel one with life. I’m home.

Like a silver thread running through the lineage of my past soul incarnations that I’d had here, the Black Forest had always kept me safe and held me dear.

And these are just some of the past lives I relived that I spent in the Black Forest……

Freiburg isn’t the only place that I’ve experienced deja vu, though. I’ve had it in other cities of the world, and Freiburg isn’t the only “portal” I’ve experienced.

In the outback of Australia, I’ve I felt the power of the desert pulsate and have seen huge auras of energy around sacred water holes and caves.

I’ve seen and spoken to mer-people and have watched water spirits dart in and out of the waves at many different beaches. I’ve even met a giant (yes, giants exist) on a cliff in the Canary Islands, but none of these places have ever held that magic for me that the Black Forest does.

We’re eternally connected, and I’m so grateful to be back here once again.

In White Light,


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  1. Kathleen

    What a truly delightful post Belinda. Its wonderful to come upon ‘power places’ when travelling.. Uluru in Central Australia was such a place for me – each night I experienced pre-cognitive dreaming that played out the following day. Another was the North Island of New Zealand with its giant Kauri trees and faerie places.
    When in Egypt’s Cairo Museum I felt overcome and then burst into tears when I came to Akhenaten’s room. Certainly would be interesting to know what that was about.

    • Belinda Davidson


      Thank you for sharing.

  2.  | 

    Thank you Belinda!
    Such a lovely post, I feel lately I’m being constantly reminded that magic is real, it exists & it’s so comforting & exciting.
    I’m especially excited by the faeries, gnomes & giants.
    The Black Forest region sounds truly magical, I can’t wait to experience it one day!

    • Belinda Davidson

      Thank you Cassie.

      You’d love the Black Forest.

  3. phoebe

    Yes it always gladdens my heart to hear real stories about nature spirits and the like. As I child I was obsessed. I don’t recall seeing them, yet I always ‘felt’ their prescence in the natural places. Some energetically potent sites for me include MT Warning in northern NSW Australia & generally that whole area which lies within an ancient giant volcano culdera. The Sydney eastern beaches coastline is wonderful, so refreshing & soothing to walk along. Also I discovered a hidden park near my place that has two absolutely enormous figtrees that must be a few centuries old. I went through a phase where I had to go sit beneath them everyday. I felt the trees were a portal and an overseeing guardian of the rosebery area, but this was just gleaned from some inner feelings & thoughts.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Yes, I’ve also experienced the power of MT Warning and the beaches in Sydney!

  4.  | 

    Liebe Belinda,
    ich erinnere mich daran, dass ich in einer kirchlichen Bruderschaft als Magister der geistigen Wissenschaften gearbeitet habe. Nebenher war ich Leiter einer selbst gegründeten Bruder- und Schwesternschaft, die meist aus Wicca (Hexen, was meines Wissens nach eher eine nicht so nette Benennung von weisen und naturverbundenen Männern und Frauen ist aber so werden sie wohl heute genannt) bestand und wir kamen zusammen um in Zirkeln gemeinsam mit unserer Stimme zu tönen und dabei setzten wir unheimlich starke Energien frei, die ganze Universen zerstören könnten. Irgendjemand meiner kirchlichen Brüder verfolgte mich und verriet unsere Gruppe. Ich musste mit ansehen, wie die Frauen und Männer verurteilt wurden zum Tode durch Verbrennung (meine jetzige Tante war auch darunter) und ich wusste, es ist Zeit zu fliehen, da die Kirche die Macht meines Wissens für sich bekommen wollte und zeigte mir durch die Verbrennung meiner Brüder- und Schwestern, dass sie, die Kirche, alle Macht besitzt. Ich bin des Nachts aus dem Kloster geflohen und bin als alter Mann viele Jahre später im Kreise meiner (später gegründeten Familie) in meinem eigenen Bett selig aus meinem Körper getreten.

    Eine andere Erinnerung von mir bezieht sich auf mein Leben als Sioux Indianer, wo ich ein Schamane gewesen bin. Kurz vor meinem Tod sah ich aus der Ferne auf mein Dorf und die Tippies (Zelte) wo mein Volk, jung und alt mit alltäglichen Dingen beschäftigt war. Meine Frau und meine Kinder spielten in der Ferne und ich war im Frieden, weil ich wusste, dass alles im Leben seinen natürlichen Prozess durchläuft und ich war dankbar für Alles in meinem Leben und so saß ich auf diesem kleinen Felsen, umhüllt und voller Liebe für das Leben selbst.

    Es gibt noch einige Leben mehr, an die ich mich erinnere, wie meine Zeit als Jünger Petrus (auch Kephas/der Fels) genannt. Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) ist in der Tat viel mehr, als die Kirche uns predigt. Meiner Meinung nach ist die heutige Lehre zu 90 Prozent falsch und sie stammt (die Fälschung der wahren Lehre von Yeshua ben Joseph von Tyrannen, was auch meine persönliche Meinung zu diesem Thema ist).

    Yeshua ben Joseph ist nach wie vor lebendig (da er aufgestiegen ist als Meister und er sagte mir, als ich ihn channelte, dass er sich selbst vom Kreuz genommen hat, da er bereits vor seinem physischen Tod am Kreuz aus seinem Körper herausgetreten war in seinen Lichtkörper).

    From the Lord and God of my Being to the Lord and God of your Being I say alout:




    Lord of Freedom and Master of Love

    So be it

    And so it is!

  5. Pete

    Beautifully written article Belinda,
    I’ve had similar experiences in the outback of Australia (the Mt. Isa area). Not as vivid as your experiences but still of another realm. This was in the early eighties and then could only describe it as a ‘magical’ area,

  6. Margo

    Hi Belinda,

    My favorite place is Sedona, Arizona in the States. The moment I saw a picture of the place I knew I would marry there. Years later I did marry my love there, on top of a beautiful red mountain overlooking a breathtaking vista. Sedona’s known for its vortices. I don’t know much about them, but I do know that my husband and I have felt downright giddy when in some of them. And both times we left Sedona it felt horrible and had arguments (which doesn’t happen that often). It’s hard to put into words the strange feelings and sensations these special places invoke. But somehow I know you and your readers understand. : )

    With love,

  7. Becky

    Nearly 2 years ago – my husband and I wanted to move house in Brisbane, and in an internet search for a new house within inner city Brisbane 1 house in Bargara, Bundaberg popped up…. There was absolutely no reason for it to be there so we had a look at it and it looked amazing, pictures of the beach….. Then we looked for jobs. Within 3 weeks we had moved to Bargara. It felt like a message that shouldn’t be ignored and we had to give it a go….. Despite the fact that my husband and I have now separated, I still feel like I am meant to be here.

  8. Nixie

    When I was about 3 or 4 I went outside to put my bike away and I had an amazing experience with who I was sure was God. My family told me I was imagining things but I never believed them and have always been conscious of the faeries being around us. I remember standing at my bedroom window as a little girl, unable to see them but knowing in my heart that they were there playing outside. Since then I have had one memorial experience where I dipped into the portal of the incredible, mystical, magical and beautiful ‘underworld’ that exists right here.

  9. Tegan Ballinger

    Hi Belinda, what a magical story. Thank you. When I went to India, as soon as I stepped off the plane, my forehead got that tingling feeling in between my eyes. It was more intense than I had had before and it stayed with me most of the time I was there. Everywhere I went, it didn’t seem new. It was beautiful, but it was like I was remembering, not experiencing it for the first time. As I watched the people I just knew I had lived a life here before, doing the exact things that they were doing. The music also spoke to my heart. At an Ashram there, I met an older woman who would sing devotional songs to our group. When she sang this one song, I would close my eyes and be transported hundreds of years back to a time I lived in a tribe in the mountains somewhere there. We slept under the stars and lived off the land, and she would sing this song to us as we were falling asleep.

  10.  | 

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