How To Meditate Longer & Go Deeper

How To Meditate Longer & Go Deeper

Struggling to stay focused when you’re meditating? Can’t get through a whole chakra cleanse? Can’t stop the monkey mind?

Or perhaps you want to go deeper into each one of your chakras and feel and experience the power and magic of your amazing energy field and energy anatomy?

Want to meditate better, longer, and deeper?

With these top tips I’ve got you covered:

1. Be consistent with your meditation practice. And if possible try to meditate at the same time each day. This will train your brain to make meditation a habit for you. Once meditation is formed as a habit, you’ll find yourself dimming the lights, sitting your butt into the chair (on or your meditation cushion), closing your eyes, and slowing down your breath without even thinking about it. Your physical body will start to move you in the direction of meditation. This really helps to overcome inner resistance.

2. Stop worrying about trying to “achieve” something with meditation. Stress, striving, or trying to get somewhere, do something, or enhance yourself in any way is antithetical to the meditation experience. Meditation begins when you stop trying. Just follow the voice of the person guiding you, or your own breath, or the flow of the energy from earth to heaven, or whatever meditation process you practice and you’ll find yourself meditating longer and deeper and experiencing more peace and joy. Stop trying. Let it happen. 

3. Make meditation a priority. It should be as important to you as eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercising.

4. Be clear about why you are meditating, and be clear about your intention for your meditation practice. If it’s to balance and heal all of your 12 chakras, this should be you aim. Only this. If you are practicing a mindfulness meditation in which you “empty” the mind and observe your thoughts, this should be your aim. Only this. Too often people are mixing and matching, as well as trying to squeeze everything into one meditation session. They are trying to be mindful and wanting to connect with their guides and wanting to get psychic insights and wanting to heal someone else and … (the list goes on and one. Whew!) As a general rule of thumb: Do one type of meditation practice at a time and do it well. (For example: I do a full chakra cleanse in the morning, and a mindfulness, “emptying” the mind practice before bed.)

5. Finally, keep your expectations in check. Don’t expect that meditation will always feel easy or delightful. I’ve been meditating daily now for over ten years. I’m a meditation teacher, chakra expert, and a white light healer and I still have the occasional day where I resist meditation! On those days, I observe my inner resistance, thank it for being there, sit my butt on the floor, close my eyes, and meditate anyway. My mind isn’t going to stop me from the peace and magic meditation brings me.

Don’t let your mind stop you.

with love,

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