Let Me Love You Up!

Let Me Love You Up!

I’ve just finished a four day workshop stint.

I gave Level 1 and 2 workshops in Freiburg, Germany, and to say it was fabulous would be an under-statement.

It was glorious.

When I give workshops about the White Light, I not only help people learn to work with it, I also energetically support them so that they can ‘assimilate it.’

I do this by giving each workshop participant an ‘energy transmission,’ so that all of their chakras can open, strengthen and heal, and take on the powerful spiritual energy of the White Light.

Mostly, I sleep very little during the nights when I give workshops because I also work with the workshop participants in their sleep.

My job is to help them quickly ‘open up’ and spiritually develop, and working directly on their energy fields is a sure-fire way to make this happen.

This time, while I was giving people energy transmissions, I experienced deep and profound love for each person.

This isn’t unusual because I usually feel love for the person with whom I’m working, but this time my love went deeper, and I often found myself choking back tears as I gazed into the workshop participants eyes.

When I do ‘in person’ energy transmissions for people, I start by looking into the person’s third eye. I do this to establish a connection between us and to be able to ‘see’ into the person and help them heal their blockages and clean out their chakras.

Once the connection has been made and I can clearly see what is ailing them, I then send White Light into all of their chakras. I make sure that their blockages are being worked upon, and that the energy flow throughout their energy fields is being stabilized.

Often, while I am working with them, heart to heart and soul to soul, I experience a deep and profound connection to them. It’s so profound that it bursts open my heart, exploding love in my chest and rippling bliss throughout my body.

It can become so overpowering that it makes me want to break down and sob with joy.

In those moments, I know that we are all one. I experience it first hand that Divinity connects us, fusing us together in a matrix of endless possibilities, infinite wisdom and unconditional love.

I’m connected to the magnificent soul of the person sitting opposite me, and through it, I not only experience a soul to soul love-up, I’m also eternally connected to all souls, all paths, all experiences and all moments of life in time and space.

I become the eternal. I enter “soul-dom”, and it’s amazing.

Many people tell me that their energy transmission from me was life-changing. They say that blockages were permanently healed, depression lifted, their chakras re-aligned and an array of other maladies cured.

I’m often thanked for being able to ‘see’ them and heal them; for what I gave to them, but what they often don’t know is what they gave me!

Having a soul to soul love-up is the best form of therapy on the planet. Experiencing that deep level of inter-connectedness and “soul-dom” is life changing.

Every time someone sits opposite me for an energy transmission, opening themselves to me and to the White Light, a part of me is forever changed. I become infused with love, and it transmutes me.

Even though the free weekly White Light healings aren’t in person, they can be just as powerful. When I send you White Light, I connect to your soul, and I then see and pour White Light into those parts of you that need love.

I help you quickly open-up, heal, transform and get your chakras fit.

If you want some loving-up, you’ve come to the right place! I’m just the right gal for the job!

It’s an honour to witness your magnificent soulful beauty and help you re-connect with your soul.

Thank you for being in my White Light orbit. Thank you for trust.

in White Light + Love,


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  1.  | 

    thank you!

  2. Gudrun

    I too would love to be informed of any workshops you may be giving in England (or anywhere else in Europe). Thank you for everything you are doing and giving!

  3.  | 

    Hi Belinda, I think you are a beautiful soul, and a vessel for love. I have trully been tested in every which way, and been spun, and tourtured by the elite Matrix for believing and sencing and seeing the true Matrix. I am, in essence, a truth seeker, and have always sought to understand the mysteries of life, having my first taste of enlightenment at 15. Always looking for the more. My spiritual path however has been thawarted by some service to self Aliens, working with the military and the black ops projects, which is all part and parcel of the service to self Matrix, that has been in operation on this planet for thousands of years. After I tried to disclose this, and spoke up about my own experiences, I have been implanted, hounded and pursued ever since. Disclose, Disclose, Disclose! The Whole Truth,is coming out, and soon to be dislclosed. Am really needing the healing support right now, this is collosal, in every sence of the word, and I have been carrying the weight for far too long now, and I’ve tripped myself up more than a few time now. The pain was absolutely horrendous, and I could not talk of it to anyone else, not even my closet friends and family, for a long time now, it is just too big! However, I have had some help along the way, but not as much, as I would have liked, and am not used to asking for help, because of childhood issues, you ask, but do not receive, and in the beggining no-one could help me, so I just shut down and carried the pain, nearly died several times in the process, the pain beeing so great. Am ready to heal, and open my heart to love, for I recognise that is what I need most right now, sometimes being my own worst enemy, doing battle with the false gods. Cannot express the pain, it hurts too much. Please send healing and much love, to open my heart, am in the process of disclosing. Thank you so much. Golden Light Love to you always from the heart of the Golden, Divine Source of all creation. Namaste!.

  4.  | 

    I always spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s
    content evgeryday along with a cup of coffee.

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