How to Live Your Childhood Dreams Now

How to Live Your Childhood Dreams Now

Have you always dreamt of living an extraordinary life? A life full of magic, wonder and beauty?

Of course you have. We all have.

But somewhere along the way you stopped dreaming, didn’t you? You stopped believing that your life could turn out the way you’d envisioned it.

Do you remember when this happened? When you gave up wishing upon a star?

I’d say it was when you were a child. That’s when it happens to most of us…

The childlike spirit of the visionary

Children cohabitate. They live in this world as well as another. That other world is a kaleidoscope of their visions: a world made up of their dreams, aspirations, distant past life memories, womb memories and connections to their angels, guides, deceased loved ones and the ‘other side’ that they recently emerged from.

This other world is half of them. To be precise, for very young children it is still most of them. Taking this world away from them is like severing a limb. It is that much a part of who they identify themselves as.

Their kaleidoscopic world is sacred to them, and to stay sane they retreat into it regularly.

This world of their visions is also where their souls reside. It’s the place where they can go to communicate and be with their soul.

Being connected to and living with the soul is what I would call a chakric leap in our current development. And that leap is occurring for many of us right now. We are returning to our natural state of soul living, meaning, returning to being in direct and consistent communion with our inner being.

Children know all about soul level living, but most of us adults have long lost the connection to it, and the key is in the 6th chakra.

Chakra 6 and our resistance to dreaming

The articles in this e-book talk about the ‘great shift’ we are going through and how we can work with and benefit from it.

In the first three articles, I spoke about supporting the lower chakras. Cleansing and strengthening them so that the kundalini energy could easily rise to the higher chakras.

Today, I’ll tell you how you can begin to work with the higher chakras and rediscover your mystic nature, as this is necessary if we want to really live the lives we dreamed for ourselves as children.

Although you don’t need to consciously visualise the energy moving into chakras 6, 7 and 8, – this happens automatically when chakras 1 – 5 are cleansed and strengthened – most people have great resistance (subconscious resistance) to the rising of energy into chakra 6, which is the very reason we don’t have the lives we really want.

You’ve been told that dreaming is a waste of time

Ever since you were a small child, you’ve been taught to moderate or completely deny your visionary side. (Unless your parents brought you up differently. If so, that is wonderful!) You may have been permitted to keep the connection to the ‘other world’ when you were very small, but as you grew, society, schooling and conditioning took you further away from it.

Being able to think critically, being punctual, being able to form an argument and debate a topic took preference, and the space for dreaming was lost.

(Last night my three year old daughter slept in her ballet shoes. She had been a ballerina the night before and had wanted to take this dream with her into sleep. As soon as she woke in the morning, she jumped out of bed and began to dance and twirl. She had kept the spirit of the ballerina alive within her. When was the last time you ‘slept in your ballet slippers?’)

Our right-brain imaginative visionary side has been overtaken by our left-brain critical, rational, thinking side. Instead of a balance between the two being cultivated, the left brain was preferred and thus, dominated in our lives, producing a general sense of fear and confusion when we are asked “What do you really want?”

In our society, we highly regard our left-brain side. We applaud action, conquest, ‘realistic thinking,’ logic and judgement. We are obsessed with doing, making money, working, planning, organising and re-structuring.

This is society’s ethos:

If you’re out there making it happen, you rock. If you in here dreaming about it, you suck.

We see envisioning or dreaming our lives into being as being either unnecessary, something to do very briefly or as ineffective. Yet to have a balanced 6th chakra, you need to spend as much time dreaming as doing.

Reclaiming your right to dream

As I mentioned in the previous article, chakra 6 is the most important chakra right now. Chakra 6 is the chakra which enables you to see and communicate with your soul.

Our (physical) eyes see our world, and our 3rd eye (chakra 6) sees the soul.

You need it’s imaginary and visionary power to move you into a higher way of life; to envision your dream world and to create it in your mind.

Before this is possible, you need to give yourself permission to dream again. This may sound like a strange thing to do. However I’ve found that many people simply couldn’t open up chakra 6 because of their conditioned rejection of and prejudice towards it.

The very first thing you need to do, is to allow yourself to dream again.

You just simply need to say yes.

Yes, I am willing to open up again.

This is all that’s needed to start the process.

With your permission, chakra 6 will start to open and flourish. Combine that with the attention it receives from your daily chakra cleanse and regular use of the White Light, and you are well on your way to communicating with your soul, reclaiming your mystic nature and discovering your life purpose!

The kaleidoscopic beauty of life

Spend the next couple of days ‘dreaming’ more. Find the time to sit and watch the birds, paint with your fingers, day-dream.

Allow yourself to step into the kaleidoscopic fertile plain of your inner world. Think about what you loved doing as a child. Tap into your dream world again and watch the images in your imagination play out for you.

What was your magic? What was your wonder? How do you envision your life?

So start now by saying yes.

Wishing you great success in dreaming!

with love,

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