I’m so over New Year’s resolutions, vision boards, or setting intentions for the New Year. You, too?

I’m so over New Year’s resolutions, vision boards, or setting intentions for the New Year. You, too?

All this talk about New Year’s Resolutions, the start of a New Decade, new life goals, setting your intentions, your word of the year, your feeling of the year, creating your vision board for 2020, aligning your energy with this year and decade …

Blah, blah, blah.

This may sound like I’m raining on your positive parade (maybe I am. New Year has never been my favourite day). But honestly, I don’t get all the fuss.

Someone somewhere back in time (probably a dude) picked a random day when one year finished and the next began. He probably also decided this is how time was going to be measured; in 12 months, with X amounts of days, and X amounts of hours, minutes, and seconds in them.

When the clock ticked from 11:59 pm on Dec 31, 2019 to January 1, 12:00 am it meant nothing to me. Zilch. There was no change or charge or upgrade of energy.

Nothing … It was just a clock ticking.

Maybe it’s because I’m a mystic and have experienced circular time. Or maybe I’m just jaded, grown crusty and crabby with age. Who knows?

Either way, I know I’m not the only one sick of all the fanfare and hype at this time of year. My friends and colleagues tell me they’re over it, too.

On the web and on social media, it sounds like someone has a megaphone and is permanently preaching at us:

“All you spiritual people out there! It’s time to get your act together and set your intentions and journal your goals and create your vision boards and find your word or feeling for the year and align your energy with the New Decade, otherwise you won’t start your year off on the right foot and it will all be downhill from there. Unsalvageable!!”

To this notion I promptly extend my middle finger.

Seriously. This is just utter nonsense.

All it does is create stress and make you feel shitty about yourself, if you aren’t jumping on the new decade-new goals-new intentions-manifestations-vision board ride.

Look, I’m not advocating lack of clarity and focus. I’m super organised (bordering on OCD organised) and I have goals I work towards.

I just don’t buy into this whole notion that each year brings with it a new energy. Because the calendar year is something constructed by human beings to try to organise and control something that’s ultimately unable to be constructed or controlled by human beings. (Mother Earth and the cosmos.)

Time is circular. We humans just try to make it linear.

In this video (taken from a Facebook Live) I talk about my unorthodox way of starting the year, how I get things done (without all the vision boarding and goal setting), and how I manage—despite my neurological condition—to be super productive and also very relaxed and calm.

If you’re stressed about how to start the year. Or are, like me, so over hearing about all the “spiritual and self-help things” you should be doing to get this year right, make sure to watch this video!

with love,


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