How to stay strong in your energy (and not get dragged down by others)

How to stay strong in your energy (and not get dragged down by others)

I’m sure you’ve had the experience. You’re talking to someone and suddenly you feel strange. It doesn’t happen right away—somewhere about 15 – 20 minutes into the conversation. An odd spacey feeling creeps over you.

The person keeps talking. You’re listening, nodding, agreeing. All the while, the odd feeling grows. You’re feeling more and more drained. Flat, too.

You then begin to feel hot and bothered. Like a flush through your body. Could I be coming down with something? you ask yourself. You stay engaged in the conversation, though. You don’t want to come across as rude.

Then, a sudden bout of dizziness. Or nausea. You’re thrown off centre, feeling yourself slide to the side. Uprooted, displaced. Your palms start to sweat. Your heart begins to race. You want to flee, or faint.

What the …?

You blurt an excuse and end the conversation, turning away from the person and making a hasty retreat. I’ve gotta get out of here. Away, away, away … Anywhere but here! Fight and flight has kicked in.

You’re haemorrhaging energetically and trying to save your life force. You just don’t know it.

Energy Vampires 

Energy vampires are real. No, they aren’t fantastical supernatural creatures that come out at night to drink human blood. They are real, human people who drain you of your chi—your life force.

You may be living with an energy vampire. You may be married to one, or have one as your parent. Your boss may be an energy vampire, or your co-worker, or colleague, or your friend?

Maybe it’s your next door neighbour. Or your mother-in-law. Or your father-in-law. Or one of your siblings?

Stealing Your Chi

Most energy vampires aren’t aware they’re stealing your chi. And sometimes it’s perfectly natural and normal. Babies and small children are little energy suckers. Nature made them this way to assure their survival. (That’s why parenting is so darn exhausting. Whew.)

But if you aren’t alert to the fact that others can steal your chi, you aren’t able to protect yourself against it.

And if you don’t protect your energy (and stay strong in your energy), you could end up with a slew of health issues. Things like chronic fatigue, chronic pain, depression, back or neck problems, migraines, and so on.

Your Energy is Sacred 

Your energy is sacred and should never be tampered with. This is universal law and fact. But some people are in the unhealthy habit of taking chi that isn’t rightfully theirs.

In these cases, you must take stay strong in your energy and take a stand and defend your life force.

Like Wonder Woman, you must draw your sword and slice through any cords the energy vampire has created connecting you and them, which pull your chi out of you and into them. Then, you must raise your shield, high and wide, preventing them from creating any further cords. 

This is how serious it is when it comes to your own energy.

You must fight.

Being Embodied 

Psychics, intuitives, and healers talk about many different ways to protect our energy. They speak about visualising ourselves in a bubble of light or gold, or calling upon different angels, or cutting away at cords, and so on. 

Some of these ways work, some work a bit. And some don’t work at all.

The most powerful way to protect your own energy is to be embodied. Which means to be firm anchored in your physical body with your three lower chakras—base, sacral, solar plexus—being strong and stable.

When you are fully anchored, fully embodied in your lower chakras, your defenses are never down. It is virtually impossible for an energy vampire to make cords from their energy field to yours to feed on your chi.

You are protected when you’re strong in your chakras.


But I have a further tip for you … A way to stay strong in your energy and powerfully defend yourself if it does happen that an energy vampire has you in their throes.

It’s called shielding. It’s a practice in which you quickly energise your solar plexus chakra.

Your solar plexus chakra is your third chakra, and it’s found in the stomach region. Its job—amongst other things—is to protect your energy field. When your solar plexus chakra is working properly you stand strong and tall in life.

If it happens to you that you feel odd, off-centre, or drained—and someone or something is stealing your chi—simply place your hand on your solar plexus chakra and it will instantaneously receive a massive boost of energy.

Hold your hand as well as your awareness on your solar plexus chakra, until you feel your energy returns. (Or until the energy vampire abruptly ends the conversation and walks away. If they can’t feed on you, they’ll quickly go elsewhere.)

Simple But Powerful 

This process is so simple most people don’t believe me when I tell them this is all it takes.

You don’t need to do anything elaborate like calling upon different angels, visualising different things, or cutting cords, and so on.

You simply need to stand strong in your energy and in your solar plexus chakra.


I shared this technique with Barbara who’s husband was draining her energy. Every evening, after work, he’d come home, sit next to her on the couch, and complain about how bad his life was. Often he’d also turn upon her—she was lazy, uncaring, uncooperative. Sometimes, afterwards, Barbara was so drained and dizzy she could barely make the walk from the lounge-room to her bed.

After I taught her shielding—(you can picture it can’t you? Barbara with her hand on her solar plexus with her husband raving on and on)—she found she was must less drained. And to her surprise, in the following weeks her husband’s rants become shorter and shorter. Finally stopping all together!


Betsy used shielding to stay strong in her energy and stand up to her overbearing mother-in-law who’d phone every day to tell Betsy what a dreadful mother she was and how she was doing parenting all wrong. 

With her mobile phone tucked under her chin, she’d patiently listen to her mother-in-law berate her, while scrambling to clean up the trail of mess and tears her 3-year old twin boys made. When Betsy would finally get off the phone, she’d be shaking and exhausted. And angry.

How could she possibly be a good mother to her boys if her mother-in-law took away hours of her precious time each day?

When Betsy learned shielding she became brave. After only a few days of practicing shielding, when her mother-in-law called, she’d worked up enough gall to speak her mind. She told her she didn’t have time to speak to her every day like this for hours, and that it was taking away time she needed for herself and her boys. 

To her surprise, her mother-in-law agreed. She even apologised. She then stopped calling every day, and on the odd occasion when she did call, the focus wouldn’t be upon her, rather she’d ask Betsy what she could do to help her!

They Don’t Have to Know About it

Both Barbara’s husband and Betsy’s mother-in-law didn’t know about shielding. They didn’t know they were being stood up to. That their energetic vampirism was no longer tolerated.

They both changed, nonetheless.

(Sometimes, though, shielding will lead to a separation of ways … Like Ralph’s boss who was verbally abusive to him, and Kelly’s best friend who took advantage of her. Shielding helped both of them cut negative cords and escape these hostile and uncaring people.)

You Can Also Use it For Other Things … 

Shielding doesn’t only protect you from energy vampires. It also helps you gain clarity about what you really want, and take action upon it.

Find yourself in an argument? Practice shielding, and watch how you’re able to hold your ground and clearly and calmly articulate your feelings.

Find yourself avoiding an uncomfortable discussion you know you need to have? Practice shielding, and watch how you become brave and take action.

Find yourself in a toxic work environment? Practice shielding, and watch negativity slide right off you, like water off a duck.

Find yourself too scared to speak your mind with your spouse or children? Practice shielding, and watch how your energy field becomes flooded with clarity and confidence. 

Becoming Wonder Woman 

I’ve taught shielding to thousands of people … It’s simple. It’s works. It’s powerful.

Become like Wonder Woman and fiercely defend your life force. Stay strong in your energy!

In White Light + Love,

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How to stay strong in your energy (and not get dragged down by others)

I’m sure you’ve had the experience. You’re talking to someone and suddenly you feel strange. It doesn’t happen right away—somewhere about 15 - 20 minutes into the conversation. An odd spacey feeling creeps over you. The person keeps talking. You’re listening, nodding, agreeing. All the while, the odd feeling grows. You’re feeling more and more drained. Flat, too.

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