How to Raw Dance & Shake Your Tail Feather With the Divine

How to Raw Dance & Shake Your Tail Feather With the Divine

Last week, I shared my profound experience with raw dancing; how I shed layers of ‘ego skin’ while I danced wildly. I’m a big advocate of the practice and ever since my amazing experience, I’ve been sharing it with everyone I can.

Raw dancing is the practice of moving your body until you reach the point of detachment from ego. It’s about getting down and dirty, and succumbing to the profane as a transmutational tool for reaching the sacred.

It’s about moving through layers of conditioning and ego to arrive at a place of nothingness, and there meeting and merging with your soul.

Raw dancing isn’t about raising your vibrations or making yourself feel good. It will, ultimately, do both of these things. But its aim is to take you beyond yourself, leaving behind habit, conditioning and gender so that you can experience freedom of being.

Popular culture already advocates wild dancing, but mostly this wild dancing is sexy dancing.

When we claim ‘we love to dance around naked,’ there is often that subtle suggestion of the erotic, a way perhaps, to be ‘seen’ as being sexually open and free. But raw dancing is about getting real and raw and away from being ‘seen.’ And mostly, this is not sexy.

I’m not saying it can’t get sexy, sometimes it does, but most of the time when I raw dance, it’s weird.

It can get rigid, awkward, thrashy and jerky, and sometimes, I drool and roll on the floor.

When my movements start to become ‘choreographed;’ when I find myself moving in a way that feels like ‘I’m being observed,’ I then move further into presence, allowing my body not my mind to dictate the energy movement flow of my limbs and torso.

I want to be moved by the music. I want to let it move me. For this to happen though, I must go deep because conditioning runs deep.

Mostly we learn to dance to please. Whether that be to be beautiful, desired, adored or noticed.

This makes us always alert to how we look in the act of movement, but how liberating it is to dance without ‘being seen.’

Of course, there is a place for choreographed dancing, and I love it. I love the delicacy and brute strength of ballet, the fluidity and flair of salsa and the funk and power of hip hop (I’m a big hip-hop fan!) but it’s also nice to balance it with‘beingness.’

Raw dancing is about honouring our need for freedom of expression, and the dissolution of the roles and identities we have.

Being human means being conditioned, and for us modern mystics we need to strike the balance between modern and spiritual life. By allowing yourself to be with your soul in dance you are honouring this.

My four year old daughter can raw dance beautifully, and I can still remember when I first saw her do it.

She was 11 months old, and on Christmas day she raw danced to Gwen Stefani. She was naked and her little bum was wiggling up and down so hard, that you could see she wasn’t in control of her movements. Her soul was.

Mesmerised by the movement of her body, she took herself off into the corner and jigged and jived for ages. She was overcome by her body’s innate desire to dance. It was magnificent to watch.

How to Raw Dance

This is how you can get started!

1. Pick your track

It doesn’t matter what it is. Go for it.

Of course, different music will undoubtedly bring out different movements in your body, but don’t deliberate. Anything will do.

2. Start to move

Close your eyes and feel the music. When you close your eyes, it allows you to stop seeing your own body, and move much more deeply into presence.

This lets your body move for you.

At the beginning, you’ll probably feel that you’re watching yourself dancing to see if you are doing it right. That’s fine. This too will pass.

3. Don’t think. Move

Keep giving your body permission to move how it wants. If you’re anxious about someone walking in on you, make sure the door is locked and that you’ll be alone.

To abandon yourself to the music and reach your soul, you’ll probably look weird but who cares!

4. Keep going until you move beyond ego and can feel the lightness, and the lack of being a ‘person.’

The key to raw dancing is to keep going deeper and deeper. The more your body can dance for you, the more quickly you’ll reach ‘the zone’ and merge with the sacred.

This takes practice. Somedays I need to dance for a while beyond the zone opens up. On other days, it happens almost spontaneously but you need to keep going ‘within’, until ‘without’ dissolves.

5. Make it a regular practice

Honour your need for freedom from conditioned expression. Do it often.

(Raw dancing is also fabulous for your chakric health because it gives your entire energy field a big boost!)

If you make it a ‘must do’, you won’t regret it!

We can’t deny our roles and identities in this world, but we can regularly treat ourselves to the lightness and liberty of the sacred. Raw dancing keeps the spiritual alive in our lives and is a fun way to access spirit.

in White Light + Love,


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  1. Emma

    I’m so glad you’re promoting this again, Belinda! Raw dancing is one of those lovely pleasures in life that is absolutely FREE (and freeing)!

    It allows us to get in touch with our body, circulate energy and blood flow, release emotions and tension, and a great way to get beyond thinking of dance as a performance art that only trained dancers can do (and worrying about how you will ‘look’ to other people) and more of a form of self-nurturing and self-espression (allowing yourself to feel the movement from the inside out). We are all naturally born dancers, so enjoy that gift!

  2. Samantha

    I absolutely love posts Belinda. Thank you x

  3. Cheryl

    Hi Belinda, just read your blog on Raw dancing. There is a gentleman on Australia’s got Talent at the moment called Tommy Franklin. If he isn’t the king of raw dancing i don’t know who is! The happiness and love that man emits is unbelievable. Please check him out on Youtube, guarantee you’ll fall in love!

    With love 🙂

    • Belinda Davidson

      Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks for the tip. I’II going to check him out.

  4.  | 

    I love this Belinda! This most definitely would NOT come naturally to me so I am determined to give it a try. Separation from the ego sounds devine and raw dancing sounds like a wonderful tool to achieve that. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5.  | 

    Love this post! I LOVE dancing, but hate trying to do it in high heels, and look sexy at the same time! You’ve reminded me that I should start going raving again! xx

  6.  | 

    Thank you for explaining Raw Dancing a little more Belinda.
    I think I’ve done this many times without even realising, and I certainly felt amazing afterward.
    It also reminds me of a really great event held monthly in a little town about 40mins from where I live called Uki. They have this event called “GLO dance” and it’s held in an old hall, there is a DJ, he usually plays tribal/electronic (is that a thing?) music. I go with my friend and we dance like no one is watching, the high we get just from dancing and being around all these other people dancing is incredible. I can feel the energy thick within the hall and pulsing throughout my body.
    You have reminded me I need to let go and have a dance 🙂

  7. Lori

    I love synchronicity…………I locked the bathroom door today, cranked up Metallica Whiskey in the Jar, and LET LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE. Beautiful. As are you. Love and light.

  8.  | 

    Fantastic. Doing it 🙂


  1. […] raw dancing takes me beyond myself and my life’s problems. I’m able to touch my soul self and dance with divinity. […]

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