COVID-19 — A Spiritual Message

COVID-19 — A Spiritual Message

When something like the coronavirus happens, two camps emerge: those that believe it’s really bad, and those that don’t.

What then takes place is that people start to energetically go to war with each other.

This is the opposite of what we need to do when the World Health Organisation says a pandemic has hit.

Viruses live and feed on low immunity. And one of the quickest ways to lower your immune system is to be afraid and angry.

Rallying against each other will make us and the world sicker.

As I go about my day, I send compassion and kindness to everyone I encounter.

— My neurologist, who gives me a fright when he greets me at the door, decked out in a bright green mask, suit, and gloves.

— The man at the cafe, who hesitates when I hand him cash. He’s too polite to ask me to pay with a card, but he’d rather not touch me.

— The woman working at the pharmacy, who tells me she’s so scared of the coronavirus she hasn’t slept properly in weeks. But what’s worse is the amount of times she’s been screamed at because they’re all out of hand sanitiser and tissues.

— A friend I bump into on the street, who hugs me close, then confesses I’m the first person he’s touched in weeks.

— A blogger sending out an email saying you need to self-isolate (whether you have corona or not) or you should go to prison for possibly infecting others and causing multiple deaths. A family member who sends me a similar email.

— My husband sending me pictures of a half-empty supermarket and apologising that he didn’t realise people were taking it so serious. (And that we’re totally out of toilet paper and tissues, so perhaps a bidet is the way forward.)

— At eye training, my therapist having to get up and wash her hands and spray the room with strong disinfectant every 15 minutes. I start getting a migraine. She confesses she has bad sinusitis and thinks it’s more likely she’ll die of chemical poisoning than corona.

If I were to pick a side of being a “believer” or a “non-believer,” I would judge each and every one of these people I encounter.

Some I would side with. Others I would energetically be giving hostility, anger, and perhaps even hatred.

I will not create further negativity.

I will not be divided. I will not pick a side. I will not rally against my fellow sisters and brothers of the light.

I will not lower my immune system by fearing or hating.

I will do my best to hold all with loving compassion in my heart.

I invite you to join me 💓

with love,


P.S. I live in Australia. At the time of writing this blog (March 17) are country was not in lock down.

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