And we think we’re so connected …

And we think we’re so connected …

* This email is in response to a question I’ve been asked a lot lately: Do you think there is more darkness on earth now, or do you think more darkness is being created through collective fear? In the next months, I’II be exploring my thoughts, feelings, and insights about this.

There’s a shadow side to our global connectivity.

Technology and the internet has enabled us to have relationships with people from all over the world. Know about things from the most far reaching and hidden places on earth. And it’s shone a light on some of the darkest and most corrupt parts of our society and culture.

But it’s also created disconnection.

A lot of us no longer have face-to-face, real human interactions or relationships. Many of our “relationships” are via texting, email, chat rooms, social media, etc. They’re happening in virtual time and space.

It’s hard to create and foster lifelong friendships this way.

The fast pace of society also doesn’t lend itself to having great relationships.

To build something beautiful and nourishing you need time. And space. But most people prefer to send texts, speak about their thoughts via email, or squeeze in a quick chat (or audio message) around going to the gym or making their green smoothie or doing their daily affirmations.

I get it. You need to look after your physical and emotional health in this crazy, toxic world. And when you have children, life gets so hectic.

But the thing I hear most from people nowadays is how disconnected they feel.

How lonely, how misunderstood, how marginalised, how estranged. Although in today’s world we have all the technology at our finger tips to connect with anyone at anytime and to never feel alone.

Here’s the thing, though. Your energy field does not really light up or get a boost of happy hormones when you’re sitting alone in your bedroom skyping or texting or scrolling your Instagram account. It may be getting dopamine hits; you may be feeling some level of connectivity.

But what really gives your energy field and chakras the loooooove, the delicious, sweet chi juice, is when you have long, intense phone conversations. Or, better yet, when you meet up with your friends in-person.

You need to hear each other’s voices. (There’s a vibrational interchange that happens.)

You need to look into each other’s eyes. (Soul gazing reminds us we come from the stars.)

You need to smile at each other. (Passing the love back and forth fills our chakras with light.)

I know it’s not always possible to see those you love in-person. Half of my dearest friends live on the other side of the world.

But if you want to create something beautiful, something long-term, something nourishing, a safe place, a sacred space—a fertile gorgeous garden of a friendship, where you can bear your heart and soul and feel connected and loved and vitalised, you need to make time and space for that. For them.

Get out from behind from devices, and let your friends see, hear, and be with you.

with love,

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