16 things you probably don’t know about me

16 things you probably don’t know about me

Here are some things about me you probably don’t know … (or maybe you do, depending how long we’ve been hanging out!)

1. My natural hair colour is red. I’m the only red-head in my family; my sisters and bro have dark hair. I dye it nowadays, not because I have anything against grey—(silver streaks are super sexy)—just because I love to wear it flaming red. It’s also a statement of my emancipation. I was bullied as a child for the colour of my hair and the paleness of my skin.

2. I’m an avid reader of fiction. I rarely read non-fiction, apart from memoirs. My genre of choice: gothic horror or the paranormal. Because if you know about my weird, crazy-ass childhood, it just makes sense.

3. I really, really don’t like the New Age. Actually, I’m kind of anti New Age. If you’re going to tell me your life problems are because mercury is making a retrograde, I’II roll my eyes at you. I’II yawn if you believe sniffing patchouli oil will bring you abundance, or invoking the angels or any of the goddesses will protect you from having anything ever go wrong. (Because, c’mon, bad things happen to everyone at some point in our lives. It’s part of being human.) I’ve been around the psychic / spiritual / New Age block for over 20 years now, and I’ve seen a ton of shenanigans. And also some serious fakery and fraudulence. When it comes to the New Age, I steer clear.

(Side note 1: If in 1998 you would have told me that I was going to become a psychic and medical intuitive, not a journalist—which I was studying at uni at the time—I would have asked you what you were smoking?!)

(Side note 2: I still think my personality is much more suited to journalism than spirituality. Uncovering truth is at the heart of everything I do.)

4. Lady Gaga is one of my heros, because this gal is massively talented and creative and brave and kind and one of the brightest shining energy fields I’ve ever seen.

5. I remember my life on the other side before this life. I also remember incarnating into a tiny baby’s body into my mother’s womb, and I remember being in utero—spending time inside my tiny baby body, and then leaving it to watch over my mother, or fly away and return to the expanse of my spirit. I remember being born, and my mother’s fear and mine. I remember being terrified about being here on Earth.

6. The hardest creative project I ever worked on was my first book, From Dark to Light. It took me 2 years to write, and it was all blood, sweat, and tears. In the end it was worth it, though. Because that little book became an Amazon bestseller in several countries, and many times a week people write in to thank me for it. Whew! Yes! Definately worth it!!

7. Two of my least favourite words: “yonis” and “moon days” (well, three words actually.) Not because I have anything against vaginas and menstruation; I was born a feminist and dig both of these things. But because I think it’s silly that spiritual women use these weird, esoteric words. Say it with me now, women, ’cause there’s nothing wrong with these two words: vagina, menstruation, vagina, menstruation, vagina, menstruation …

8. I’m drawn to the legends of the selkies. There’s just something about these half-women, half-seals that I know … Maybe it’s also because I have massive feet that look like flippers.

9. When I was 19, a Jungian-trained dream analyst told me to write down my dreams as soon as I woke up. Big mistake. My dream recall went through the roof. It got to the point where I was remembering so many dreams per night, and in such vivid detail that I was having constant deja vu—my daytime life was triggering memories of my nighttime life. So, all day I was remembering stuff that I had dreamed the night before, or dreamed sometime before that. And I ended up so confused about whether my memories were from my daytime life or my nighttime life, it felt like I was going crazy. (Add being psychic on top of that, and reality really starts to take on a very matrix go-down-the rabbit-hole type of feel.)

10. I wasn’t only born psychic, I was born a truth-teller, with a very good detector for liars and bs. That’s probably why one of my favourite sayings is, “If you continue on with x and x, I’II make sushi out of you.”

11. I always had the sense that the world was the wrong way up, until I went to Germany in 2000. (I was born in Australia.) All of a sudden it seemed to right itself, and I realised I’d had so many past lives in Europe and the Northern Hemisphere, I just wasn’t used to the axis of the Southern Hemisphere.

12. I have a mole the shape of a crescent-moon on my collarbone. It’s one of my favourite things about my body. I got it in Croatia in 2016. A memory / tattoo of one of the best summer holidays I ever had.

13. I’m a really strange / weird / awesome mashup: I have the heart of a truth-teller + activist. The soul of an artist + performer. The spirit of a mystic + poet. And in my past lives I was a witch + psychic. It ain’t easy living with all these different threads, but it certainly makes the tapestry of my life interesting.

14. I love to freak out my best friend, Lauren. Also because she’s a fraidy cat. (I’m not “outing” her; she totally admits it.) Supernatural and paranormal stuff happens around me, so she gets spooked. Often.

A couple of weeks ago, we were sitting in her car, chatting about life, food, sex, shoes, ghosts, (you know, the usual), when the lights in the car started flashing off and on. I knew it was ghosts doing it. Lauren started screaming and yelling from the car, “Help me!” People walking past thought she was totally loony, but I got it. She wanted help to get away from me! Anyway, the lights stopped going off and on, because I asked the ghosts to kindly stop it with the nonsense. But I knew she wouldn’t sleep for a couple of nights. This is just one story of many …

(Lauren, honey, if you’re reading this, thanks for hanging in there with me. I know it’s scary being my bestie. And no, I don’t expect you to read my upcoming book about shadow working and ghosts.)

15. I have a neurological condition, which messes with my eyesight, gives me migraines, seizures, and vertigo. And on some days, keeps me housebound. I also live with constant dizziness. It all started with a virus in 2018. (Long story …)

16. When it comes to other people and every day life, I try my best not to be psychic and know too much. I try to mind my own bees wax, because I really don’t like it when psychics and intuitives dabble in other’s affairs. But sometimes I slip up. Like when I get bored playing Cluedo, and can’t be arsed to figure out who killed whom with what. (What type of sicko game is that anyway?)

Last time my family played with me was 10 years ago. 20 minutes into the game, I just wanted to get back to my book, so I said: “Mrs White with the candlestick in the dining room.”

“Wait, what? So, soon!?” my family chorused. My sister checked the cards, saw I was right, and gave me a distrusting side-eyed look. I turned a shade of scarlet.

“Not fair. You’re banned!!” they shouted. End of happy-family-Cluedo-playing-time for me.

Also, my daughter will probably end up in therapy because of my psychic ability. Too many ruined hide-and-seek games, knowing she’s sneaking chocolate upstairs when I’m downstairs, and watching stuff on YouTube she shouldn’t be, etc. (I don’t try to pry; I swear. It just happens.)

Last time there were tears, I asked her to express her feelings by drawing me a picture. 15 minutes later she came back, shoved a picture in my face, and said, “This is how I feel about you and your stupid, psychic eyes.”

She’d drawn a picture of her flipping me the bird.

Yep, she’ll definitely end up in therapy 😂

with love,

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