On Death & Dying – A Poem

On Death & Dying – A Poem

In the flicker of an eyelid,
life on Earth will be over
and you’ll take your last breath
inside your beautiful body
that housed and held you for this incarnation.

It will feel like a long, slow exhale—
somewhat like a steam train chugging
towards a station many, many miles away
from where you came,
and from where you’ll go.

Your last breath. Then a portal opens,
and those you’ve loved and lost
will come to your bedside,
sitting vigil, holding an aura of peace,
which becomes the bridge to
take you home. Into the afterlife and beyond.

Then Life and Death will appear,
standing next to each other,
the interplay of light and dark,
holding out wreaths.
One plump and blooming,
the other falling into flakes upon the floor.

First, Life will step forward.
“I wish you well, my friend.
You were brave. You made it,” she will say.

“I welcome you well, my friend,” Death will follow,
arms outstretched, long pale finger pointing
towards the portals of white light
that surrounded your deathbed.

You move through.

The veil drops. You walk towards the door
with the turquoise-coloured handle
that suspends between two worlds.
No turning back once you move through.

Displays of light—moons, stars, planets, galaxies,
universes; places you’ve been
beamed before. Been before.

You move through.

Stars sprawl.

You move through the door.

Into Death’s arms at once you lovingly fall.
He cradles your head so you can
learn to breathe again.


October 12, 2018


About This Poem

As a psychic and medium I often get asked about the afterlife. I also often chat with deceased people … People that are alive fear death. People that are dead love death. The afterlife is beautiful; the other side is your home. When you return home you’ll experience a love and lightness beyond anything you can ever imagine.

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