What it’s Like to Live Between Both Worlds (Part 6): Remembering my Past Lives – Part A

What it’s Like to Live Between Both Worlds (Part 6): Remembering my Past Lives – Part A

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In my early twenties I immigrated to Germany. While I was visiting my father on a remote aboriginal community in the middle of the Australian desert, I met a lovely german man. He was vivacious, intelligent and had the most gorgeous caramel-coloured skin I’d ever seen.

Six months later, I was flying to Germany, following the trail of love…but the flight was long and arduous, and I felt frightened and cramped the entire journey. I was relieved to get off the plane, and was surprised to find that when I stepped on to European soil, I instantly felt at home.

In the first nine months of my new life in Germany, I relived many of my past lives. Up until that point I hadn’t believed in past lives. I was brought up christian, and even when, in my late teens, I learnt of reincarnation, I still was sceptical.

The concept of reincarnation seemed untrue to me because it proposed we are in a constant state of death and rebirth. I thought that meant, as soon as we die we are reborn into another body. I knew this wasn’t the case because ever since I can remember, I’ve been able to see and communicate with deceased people in the afterlife.

So, if I can communicate with spirits in the afterlife, reincarnation must be untrue because aren’t these spirits already supposed to be in the next life, not hanging out in the afterlife?

Of course, my brief introduction to reincarnation was limited, as I didn’t yet fully understand the concept (we have times between lives where we hang out in the afterlife before we incarnate again), but I was also suspicious of reincarnation because of an experience I’d had at university.

Within the space of one week, three friends of mine that didn’t know each other, each told me they were told they were Cleopatra in a past life. Not only did they not know each other, they are also consulted three different psychics!

This got my BS alarms ringing, and coupled with my limited understanding of reincarnation, I decided past lives were untrue. But how wrong I was!

The first time I relived a past life was when I was standing in the aisle at a shopping centre. Suddenly, I saw flames and fire in my mind’s eye, and I could hear myself screaming. A wall of heat engulfed my body, and my knees went weak.

With trembling hands, I quickly paid for my groceries and once I was out of the store, I started to run. Luckily I only lived three minutes away, and I just made it home in time before I had a full-blown experience of reliving a past life.

Rest of the story continued next time…

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  1. Darya

    Ok, so for a long time now I have always loved Greek mythology and the medieval era. Think female knights, magic, gladiators! And I’ve always found that in this life I have masculine energy – I’m loud, confident, argumentative, physical, tall and strong, dominant etc etc. Unfortunately they have a yang or masculine connotation to them, which is definitely up for debate, but in conclusion I’ve always been baffled about gender inequality and I decided that I must’ve been a man in a past life. All fun and games until a kinesiologist tells you that you have a karmic lesson from a past life as a man in Italy… Is this one of those moments Belinda where you realise that the things that you’re naturally drawn to are because the soul KNOWS who you are and is guiding you?…

  2. gisi roland

    Need to be able to be more mindful and switch my mind off at times

  3. Nic Kolbe

    Haha, fantastic Belinda! Can’t wait to read the next part… Love it!

  4.  | 

    hi Sometimes when i watch certain movies and in certain scenes i watch is so intrigiung cause it feels sort of familiar that somehow i have been there i have also read reports of myself that the last past life i had was in 1675 where i was a captain in the military and in the other report i received said that i also lived around the time that Jesus was born
    how can i connect with my past lives?

  5.  | 

    Oh I love this Belinda. Looking forward to the next part. I am very drawn to certain eras, in particular the 1920s and between the 1600’s and 1800’s. I feel like I’ve belonged there. Although I havnt seen my past lives, I feel them there. I often wonder who I was and what I did and experienced. When I pass certain streets I wonder imagine what it looked like back then.

    So glad you mentioned the afterlife and reincarnation. I believe in both but have often wondered how it all works. How long we have before we reincarnate. Haha, in a curious being.

    Thanks for sharing Belinda. Xx

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