School of the Modern Mystic

Yesterday a vision found me while I was drinking coconut chai and watching my favourite jacarandra tree from my office. Whenever a vision finds me it begins with a feeling. This feeling is hard to describe because it’s more physical and visual than most feelings, but let me try to describe it for you. Imagine […]

On New Year’s eve, 15 minutes before the dawn of 2014, something painful happened. I found out that an ex-member of my SoMM team had “lifted” my Level 1 and 2 courses, and had, without telling any of us, created her own online course with it. I’m not talking about “peppering” her own original content […]

In recent times many people have asked me how I created a successful business. My response to this is always; I used an equal amount of strategy and intuition. Today I’m sharing with you an article I wrote for a popular blog specialising in small business and entrepreneurship. I’m sure you’ll find it helpful. in […]

One of my favourite things is public speaking. For many people it is their least favourite thing, but for whatever reason I love it and rarely get nervous. On Sunday I spoke about Soul Medicine (Energy Medicine) to a large crowd of women and handful of men. (Two of these men were my husband and my sister’s […]