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“Belinda has provided information to me that has not only proved to be accurate, but has been greatly helpful to me in making better decisions. Belinda is a thoroughly reliable and deeply ethical guide.”
Dr Scilla Elworthy
Peace Activist + Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Hello and Welcome!
You have arrived at the online space for modern mystics from all over the globe.
Modern mystics are women who want more - more depth, clarity, fulfillment and purpose. More bliss, intuition, spiritual power and expansion.
We are soul seekers, dreamers, visionaries, intuitives and empaths, and we brazenly pursue our life purpose, expanding the frontiers of our soul-selves and bursting our unique brightness onto the world.
We love energy medicine, chakras, and the White Light, and know that to change our lives we must first change our energy.
Here you will find everything you need to find your inner light, and boldly step out!
in White Light + love,
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Upcoming Events + Workshops
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Radically Deepen & Strengthen the Connection to Your Chakras (in English)
Freiburg, Germany - April 8, 2016

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Advanced Energy Anatomy & Medical Intuition Training (in English)
Freiburg, Germany - April 9, 2016

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The Connection to your Chakras (in German)
Freiburg, Germany - April 15, 2016

Discover your twelve unique soul-energies & become the person you were born to be.
Discover your seven inner-power women & radically deepen and strengthen your connection
to your chakras.
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Create an exceptional life
& discover your purpose
School of the Modern Mystic is a world renowned online training facility founded by Belinda Davidson.
In our virtual school 100s of people from all over the world undertake our intensive trainings every year, learning how to create an exceptional life, become intuitive and discover their purpose.

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I work with the white light many times a day. Since it 'found me' in 2007 - you can read about this as well as my story in my book that will be released this year - I have channeled white light into my energy-field and chakras, and those of others, thousands and thousands of times.


It’s been an awesome couple of days. On January 8th we had our annual Australian SoMM Meet-up. I got to meet 100+ of my Australian students. (We also had some students…


Creating an original brand and a unique message is easy if you’re coming from the vibration of soul; if your frequency is alignment, and your brand and message are a…

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Join 17,000 others that are receiving White Light

and changing their energy every week.

Join 17,000 others that
are receiving White Light
and changing their
every week.

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