School of the Modern Mystic

As the end of 2014 approaches and we begin to prepare ourselves for 2015, it’s time to energetically clear out anything that is holding us back. This year many people have become aware of energy medicine, and the magnificence of the human energy field and its twelve chakras. I’ve received hundreds of emails from people […]

Life is supposed to be joyful but one of the sure-fire ways to make sure this isn’t the case is to compare yourself to others. It has been said that, “Women are in the habit of comparing their worst selves with other women’s best selves,” and I couldn’t agree more. Women are massive consumers of […]

Most of us know the pain of a broken heart. Some of us have had our hearts broken because someone has left us, moved on or died. Many of us have experienced the agony of unrequited love, the pang of love promised and not delivered or the abrupt end of happiness in couple-dom. Or we’ve […]

Growing up a fully-fledged psychic and empath was challenging. I felt odd, alienated and “too old” for my young self. I was always trying not to tell the truth because I learnt being honest got you into trouble (especially with adults), and I was often confused about what I saw and felt. When I connected […]