School of the Modern Mystic

My six year old daughter loves to look at herself. She stands up as close as possible to the mirror, and spends ages revelling in her physical form. She’ll peer into the depths of her cheeky green eyes; she’ll open and close her mouth, counting her latest wobbly teeth, and she’ll flick her hair, this […]

Are you looking to make a radical life change? Are you ready to overcome obstacles of struggle, boredom and mediocrity and embrace abundance, creativity and magic? Are you ready to discover your true vocation and get started with living it? Are you ready to radically deepen and strengthen the connection to your lower seven chakras, […]

Guest post by Caroline Makepeace Travel is full of meaningful moments, challenges and frustrations, deeper connections, and exhausting schedules. To ensure you maintain an emotional and spiritual balance, and a high vibrational and physical energy level, it’s important to follow spiritual practices on your travels. I’ve just finished an 18 month road trip around Australia with two children […]

I hadn’t heard of the term Spirit Healer until a friend introduced me to the work of John of God. I was living in Germany at the time, and my friend was considering doing the ‘hike’ from Duesseldorf to his healing centre in Brazil. She was a doctor, and many of her patients had reported miraculous […]