School of the Modern Mystic

It’s time. You’re ready for this. The secrets to living the life you were born to live – served straight up and from the soul. Over the years I’ve helped thousands of people get over their major life struggles and challenges, and get on with creating a wildly happy and deeply fulfilling life, and today on the blog I’m excited […]

Many modern mystics worry that if they get present and step out of the thoughts, reactions and desires of the mind they will no longer reach and obtain goals. One of the greatest fears that us, spiritual folk, face is the prospect that being mindful will lead to passivity. We deeply fear that letting go […]

I love this audio interview because it is teeming with White Light! Connie Chapman, the lovely woman who interviews me, had, days before, undertaken a White Light Healing retreat. So, before the interview started we shared stories about chakra cleansing, the power of the White Light and being healed by White Light angels. I also […]

Sex is always a juicy and fun topic to discuss, but what happens when a sex therapist and medical intuitive come together to discuss sex? An insightful and candid discussion about full-bodied orgasms, spiritual sex versus physical sex and women’s sexual rights. If you yearn to connect with your partner sexually in a much deeper, […]