School of the Modern Mystic

Continued from last time…(Did you miss Part A? Click here to read it). The first time I relived a past life was when I was standing in the aisle at a shopping centre. Suddenly, I saw flames and fire in my mind’s eye, and I could hear myself screaming. A wall of heat engulfed my body, […]

Did you miss Part 5 of the series? Click here to read it now. In my early twenties I immigrated to Germany. While I was visiting my father on a remote aboriginal community in the middle of the Australian desert, I met a lovely german man. He was vivacious, intelligent and had the most gorgeous caramel-coloured skin I’d […]

Did you miss Part 4 of the series? Click here to read it now. ‘Shadow Hunter’ is a term I created to describe those of us that are psychically and intuitively gifted who clearly see what is wrong with people. I was born psychic, an empath and a ghost whisperer, but often what I saw […]

Did you miss Part 3 of the Series? Click here to read it now. It’s true that psychically gifted people can see the future, but the future they see is usually the most probable outcome, not the only future outcome. The future isn’t set in stone. And it isn’t definite. So when a prediction happens […]