School of the Modern Mystic

Have you always wanted to know if you’re attracted to someone for the right reasons? Is it a soulful connection, or are you just attracted to the wrong type of guys/girls? Do you want to know what sexual attraction really is, and how you can know that you are coming from a place of love and […]

One of my favourite ways to stay connected to the beauty, joy and love in life is by writing in my gratitude diary every night before I go to sleep. I simply list everything I’m grateful for that day. The human mind loves its problems, and it loves to chew, stew, fret and worry about […]

Right here, right now, I am claiming this for myself. I will be an eccentric old woman, and will love living my life the way I want! One of the saddest things is how we stop being joyful and expressing ourselves naturally as we grow older. I love taking my daughter to school and watching […]

We’ve been back in Australia for a week now, and are in the throes of putting together a household. Hubby has been delegated the job of driving around to local shops and hardware places and finding and buying all that we need – iron, vacuum cleaner, spice rack, plugs, bathroom mats, clothes hangers etc. – […]

I don’t want to live my life scared to live, and when I die, I don’t want to fear death. We spend so much of our lives waiting for our lives to begin – we plan, hope, dream, and wish – that most of us don’t enjoy the “now-ness” of life and live it. We […]

I was always a hermit. Although I have a social streak and love a great chat – preferably about philosophy and spirituality while drinking tea –  I’ve mostly avoided parties, clubs and events because I found them somewhat boring and superficial. Especially if people were intoxicated because it is never any fun being sober when […]