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“Belinda has provided information to me that has not only proved to be accurate, but has been greatly helpful to me in making better decisions. Belinda is a thoroughly reliable and deeply ethical guide.”
Dr Scilla Elworthy
Peace Activist + Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Hello and Welcome!
I'm Belinda.
I’m a modern mystic, writer, speaker, White Light and shadow worker. I’m also the founder of School of the Modern Mystic, a world-class online training facility dedicated to teaching people how to create an exceptional life and discover their purpose.
For almost twenty years I worked as a medical intuitive and spiritual mentor. In this time I worked with and read thousands of people's energy fields, and this is what I know to be true every time and for every person:
The state of a person's energy-field creates the state of their life.
If you want to change your life, you must first change your energy. For only by working with your energy - your energy-field and chakras - is it possible to permanently and positively change your life!
in White Light + love,
Powerful Healing Retreats
The Guided Chakra Cleanse
White Light Stay at Home Retreat

Do you have a nagging health problem that won't go away, or relationship problems that you can't manage to resolve? Are you living from 'paycheck to paycheck,' and can't elevate your financial situation to make money flow more easily?

Are you looking to quickly shift, heal or improve a certain aspect of your life, so that you are freed up to live boldly and bravely?

If yes, then this healing retreat is for you.

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Create an exceptional life
& discover your purpose
School of the Modern Mystic is a world renowned online training facility founded by Belinda Davidson.
In our virtual school 100s of people from all over the world undertake our intensive trainings every year, learning how to create an exceptional life, become intuitive and discover their purpose.

White Light
Chakra Cleanse

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These changing times are a gift and a curse, depending on how you view them. If you work with them, rapidly raising your vibration (by working on your chakras and with the white light) and doing the shadow work, you can quickly ascend and live a bliss-filled, soul-aligned life on earth. You can live heaven on earth.

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Being born extrasensory wasn't unusual. Most of us are born this way. What was unusual, though, was that my psychic and intuitive sensibilities grew with every passing year. Most children slowly lose their connection to their spiritual abilities and the Other Side. Not me. Mine just kept getting stronger...

beautiful photo of Belinda Davidson in the Black Forest

You may know that I love Germany. That I lived here from 2001 – 2007 and feel Germany and I have an ancient love affair. You may also know that…

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Join 20,000 others that are receiving White Light

and changing their energy every week.

Join 20,000 others that
are receiving White Light
and changing their
every week.

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