School of the Modern Mystic

There are seven chakra energies that every woman embodies, and to help my School of the Modern Mystic students easily understand the unique energy of each chakra and embody it, I created the Chakra Essences™. The Chakra Essences™ can be understood as seven primary archetypal energies. But, unlike archetypal energies, I didn’t research or model […]

(* to be respectful, I’m not using the woman’s name but have referred to her as “she.”) Last week something major happened within our School of the Modern Mystic (SoMM) community. One of our beloved students passed away. She had stage four breast cancer, and in the past weeks many of her fellow SoMM students […]

This is an audio interview you should not miss! If you are an entrepreneur or are struggling to stay true to your spiritual self in the online world, and want to know how to “stay centred” within all its noise and hype, this interview is for you! Rachel MacDonald is my personal marketing mentor. She […]

Contrary to popular belief, we have more than one soul mate. Whether they’re called our soul mate, kindred spirit, twin soul, twin flame, other-half or beloved, we aren’t destined to only have deep, soulful connections with one other person on the planet.  Romantic notions and spiritual idealisms perpetuate the belief of being destined to only […]