Soulstar Lover – A Poem

Soulstar Lover – A Poem

What if I told you you didn’t truly
love me, but her. The one who visits
when you sleep, wrapping you in
her blue arms, telling you she is the
anima; the soulstar lover—the one whose
light mirrors yours without reflection.

This would mean everything I say
or do pulls up short. Ok. I can relax now.
Don’t need to hold myself high, trying to
reach a galaxy that isn’t above your
head. Sigh. Relief in our bodies.

For in this movement of earth—
(in which we’re time travellers)—love
cannot last for eternity. No more, darling,
do we need to stretch or strain.
I have my earth mate. And you,
your soulstar lover.


June 4, 2019


About This Poem

I believe in interdimensional love. Many of us have a soul mate—a twin flame—waiting for us on the other side. The human suffers because she/he/they is looking for their counterpart while on earth. I want you to remember that you have one waiting for you in the after life.

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