I Have A New Love …

I Have A New Love …

I have a new love. Feng Shui.

And I have a new mentor. Her name is Grace Niu.

She’s a Feng Shui consultant, intuitive, and graduate of School of the Modern Mystic®. I met Grace in-person years ago at an event I gave in Melbourne.

I remember being struck by her clarity of presence and gentleness. This feeling came over me when we hugged, and continued to build as she sat opposite me and we chatted.

Her energy was so clear and pretty! Someone I wanted in my life.

Fast forward 4 years. September 2018. I’m having massive seizures, vertigo, and migraine attacks. Grace reaches out to offer support and comfort. I feel her clarity and calm; it’s a gentle, cool breeze to my migraine brain. I respond.

I book a Feng Shui consultation with her. And then a destiny profiling session.

And then …

I just keep working with her because I can’t get enough. I’ve become a Feng Shui addict and have a new mentor! (Actually, she’s my first. I’ve never had a mentor before.)

Before working with Grace, I had a basic understanding of the five elements, Feng Shui, and Chinese astrology. But now I understand the elements in a much deeper way. I see myself, my life phase, and my neurological disorder through a different lens—(too much fire built up in my chart when I moved back to Australia)—and it’s helping me heal.

We’ve also revamped the house (based on Grace’s advice), and the energy in our home now just feels so, so, so good. Even better than before.

(Moments ago, my husband was reading his destiny profile from Grace. He was nodding and chuckling as he read all about himself. She’s so accurate, he said, closing the PDF. It’s fascinating.)

If you’d love to join my obsession with Feng Shui and the five elements, you can get started by visiting Grace’s website.

Please note: I’m not an affiliate for Grace, nor do I have some “business” arrangement with her. I don’t get money or freebies for talking about her. I’m simply sharing because she’s been a beacon of calm and light for me during this difficult phase of my life. On the darker days, she’s been my lifeline. On the lighter days, a ray of sunshine and giggles.

I love her. And want you to know about her, and her beautiful and life-changing work.

In White Light + Love,

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