How to Stop Feeling Bad

I spent many years feeling tired and sick. For all of my childhood and teen years, I had undiagnosed celiacs disease. This caused me to bloat as well as have constant digestive upsets. Most nights I vomited or lay in bed for hours with stomach cramps and nausea.

I also had dark circles under my eyes, had frequent headaches and was pale and constantly drained.

It also didn’t help that I was psychic. I’d always been ‘tuned into’ how other people felt and it exhausted me. I easily took on their woes and worries, and often I didn’t know what was my stuff and what was theirs.

Having low and dragging energy was depressing, and at school I secretly resented the girls that were athletic and full of vigor. Those girls that seemed to bounce through life; sparky, vital and energetic.

I desired to be able to run marathons, dance all night frivolously, dress boldly and laugh loudly, with my mouth wide open and beautiful, like some of the popular girls in my grade.

My problem wasn’t only that I was unwell with celiacs. I was also unwell with my self esteem.

This had also started early, with a controlling and at times cruel parent. My self-esteem was, slowly and surely, chipped away it, whittling away the self-love I’d been born with. I know I’m not the only child that experienced this, but ‘here on earth’ seemed a difficult and loveless place to me back then.

I felt bad most of my childhood and teen years because I didn’t feel supported and loved. I also felt bad because feeling bad was what I knew.

When I started on the ‘awakened path,’ one of the first things I did was remove gluten from my diet. Not only did the digestive problems radically improve, I also became full of energy. I started to run, do yoga and enjoy all the variety of activities I could now undertake because I was well. My digestive system slowly started to heal, and I became much more durable.

The result of this was that I didn’t take on other people’s problems as much. If your energy field is drained because your digestion is bad, you WILL be open and vulnerable to psychic attack.

Although changing my diet certainly made me feel better, it took me much longer to start to feel really good, because to do this I needed to heal my self-esteem issues.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

It wasn’t until I read this book in 2008 and actively began to practice ‘presence’ was I able to permanently heal my low self-esteem issues.

Blogging about this extraordinary book could never give justice to its profoundly life changing power. It doesn’t matter what I say or write, I won’t be able to express enough how amazing this book is.

So all I will say is this: this book created a paradigm shift within me that healed me permanently, changing my entire perspective about life and creating a new person out of me.

In my new life, I had no more digestive problems, no more feelings of lack or scarcity, and I healed ALL my difficult relationships with family and friends.

Not only that, I then, through working with the chakras and the White Light, discovered my life purpose and started to live it. My life went from being a struggle to being blissful. I learnt that this can ONLY happen when you learn to access the present moment, and make this the focus on your life.

This book showed me how to stop feeling bad, and how to ‘wire’ myself to feel good. The key to this is getting and staying present. And if you do this your life works. Always.

I urge you to go out and get a copy of the Power of Now and start to read it. And if you already have, read it again! This is the most amazing book I’ve ever read. It’s my bible.

God bless you Eckhart Tolle!

From your greatest fan,


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  1. Vic

    I found out this year I’m an Empath & that I have had it all my life. In postive situations or met postive people I become very happy & inspired. Unfortunately in the last 10 years I have met alot of negative people / situations & I feel like I am constantly falling into a black hole. I start the day refreshed and happy, by 4pm I am a wreck. The way I try remedy it is to go for walk in nature, to spend time alone, write songs that express my feelings & I white light meditate every day. Its hard work to maintain the ‘now’ and positivity.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Hi Vic,

      You have a weak solar plexus chakra, and it isn’t protecting your energy field from outside unwanted negative influences. If you take my free online chakra course, it teaches you how to strengthen it and engage your “inner bodyguard.”

      Do you regularly receive the White Light? This would help you too.

  2. Vic

    Everyday when I shower in the morning I meditate and cleanse myself via a White Light Meditation. It helps me to start the day on a clear mind/body. At the moment I am trying your course. I felt your light/energy on Monday 9pm 26th August 2013 and it was amazing – thank you!

    Belinda I didn’t want to go too detailed in the comments, but the problems are more complex. When I become negative, I also become obsessed with whatever is on my mind. Sometimes it takes me over 24/7 and even the whole weekend. I think there is alot of emotional baggage ie pain/anger in my solar plexus and heart chakra area. The strange thing is sometimes I cannot understand why I overreact and why I become obsessed. I feel like a record repeating the thinking non-stop.

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