How My SoMM Community Moved Me to Tears

How My SoMM Community Moved Me to Tears

(* to be respectful, I’m not using the woman’s name but have referred to her as “she.”)

Last week something major happened within our School of the Modern Mystic (SoMM) community. One of our beloved students passed away.

She had stage four breast cancer, and in the past weeks many of her fellow SoMM students had been lovingly and diligently sending her White Light and love.

The day she transitioned into the light, I was scheduled to speak with her. We had a 7 am UK time schedule booked, but strangely she wasn’t answering my Skype calls.

This was perplexing because it felt as though she were there with me, and hadn’t missed our session! I could see her smiling at me, and could feel her wrapping me in love and thankfulness. So I closed my eyes and connected with her in spirit, showering her in White Light and love.

Assuming that Skype was playing up on me again and we couldn’t establish a connection, I sent her an email saying I was sorry to have missed her. This was at 07:20 am UK time last Thursday.

The next morning I received an email from her parents telling me that she had died at 07:30 am UK time yesterday. Shortly after we had “met up in spirit” on Skype.

I was amazed to learn that we had connected in spirit and that I was there, without knowing it, at the hour of her death!

Knowing she was a beloved SoMM student and had many fellow students sending her White Light and support, I quickly arranged for the students to know of her death and transitioning.

The response to this was overwhelming…

I sat, tears streaming down my face, reading post after post of love, support, dedication, empathy and understanding from her fellow SoMM students. The love from my SoMM community for her was so tangible, transparent and raw that it hit my heart chakra in full force, making me sob so hard I couldn’t stop.

I was so moved that she had received so much love and support in her transition from earthy life into spirit life.

The collective power of the SoMM community had helped her die peacefully. She had died with dignity, surrounded energetically by a community of people that were deeply connected to her and greatly cared for her.

As the founder of SoMM, this was a dream come true.

One of the reasons I created my online school was to connect people with other people, so that they didn’t need to walk the “earthly path” alone.

In all the years I worked as a medical intuitive and spiritual mentor one of the major life problems MANY of my clients had was feeling alone on the spiritual path.

I wanted to create a vibrant and hugely supportive online community of like-minded soul seekers, who help and support each other become great.

I was inspired to create a platform, a forum for people in which they could feel safe to talk about what is happening in their lives, and to share their hearts, souls and life’s challenges with their tribe.

I also wanted to create a loving space where people can feel wholly supported to take the next step in their journey, and for our beloved SoMM student that passed away last week, it was leaving her earthly life behind…

This year the response from our SoMM students about our community has been overwhelming.

Almost every day we receive emails of thanks and gratitude for the safe and powerful online space we’ve created. Our school is renowned for its amazing community, and many SoMM students tell us they have never felt so “at home.”

I’m proud of the transformative effect my school is having on the planet, but I’m even more proud of the bond, loyalties and genuine loving friendships that my school creates and fosters.

Thank you for your love and support, my gorgeous SoMM students.

in White Light + Love + Gratitude,


P.S. Enrolment for SoMM is only open for 6 more days, and we won’t be running our course again until September 2015! If you want to join a vibrant community of like-minded souls and stop feeling alone on your journey, join us now! 

P.P.S Last night at 9 pm, while it was White-Light-Time, over 300 SoMM students lit a candle in remembrance of our beloved SoMM sister!

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