Why Your Success Comes from Another’s Love

Why Your Success Comes from Another’s Love


In this photo, from right to left, is Rachel MacDonald, Tara Bliss, Susana Frioni and myself. We met in an organic cafe on the Gold Coast, just before I left for Europe in March.

This was the first time I’d met these girls ‘in person,‘ because before that we’d all been ‘online buddies.’ We met through an online training program called B-School, which teaches women how to create and run online businesses.

Through B-School I also met other gorgeous friends too: Jess Ainscough, my wellness warrior guru, Anja Schuetz, my beloved assistant, and Kat Tepelyan, my design and programming genius. (When I met Kat I knew everything would change forever. She sauntered into my life – New York ghetto style – and turned it upside down in the most liberating, marvellous, psychedelic and unforgettable way.)

Connecting with other like-minded women has not only been fabulous for making and cultivating lasting and deep friendships, it has also been the key to my success as an online business owner.

Before B-School, I’d always been a lone-ranger. For years I was the youngest psychic around. I was at least 20 years younger than other people at spiritual conferences and events. I was also by far, the youngest ‘working’ psychic anybody had ever heard of.

Being an ‘old soul in a young body’ made it difficult for me to find friends my age. Not that there was anything wrong with having ‘older friends,’ but as I got older I realised how important it is to have people with whom I can talk about the everyday stuff too. Like raising children, the ups and downs of motherhood, fashion, health and diet, and stuff that women in my age group need to ‘air.’ So being able to meet like minded women in my age group was eagerly embraced.

What I never expected to discover though, is how vitally important it is for your business to be well-connected. Of course, I’d been told that ‘successful business is all about being well-connected,’ but I thought that meant I needed to social-climb, appear at events to be seen and heard, and sweet-talk my way to success. So, I rejected the notion of being ‘well-connected,’ deciding not to do any of these things because they felt unauthentic and slimy.

(I’m also a hermit at heart so being told ‘I’ve-got-to-get-out-there-and-meet-people-to-make-it-happen’ made me crawl deeper into my cave…..)

However, as the months passed and I grew into my role as a business owner, I found myself becoming well-connected. I wasn’t only meeting and socialising with amazing people, I was writing for other people’s blogs, giving interviews, making appearances and being invited to business lunches to meet ‘such and such,’ for different world-changing projects. I was networking!

Yet all of this unfolded naturally and wasn’t forced or contrived in anyway. I just found myself being offered and invited, and I also found myself ‘offering’ and ‘inviting’ others.

I discovered that being well-connected means opening your heart to life and inviting more love in. It means keeping your energy open so that like minded people, projects and opportunities can find you. You can’t be a lone ranger if you want to be successful because success always comes from another person’s love and willingness to open up to you, and to embrace your unique ideas and perspectives.

This past year, I’ve had many people extend their hands to me in love, offering me success. Many of them were the lovely women I mentioned above.

From the depths of my heart, I want to thank you for your love, support and kindness. I do hope that I too, can be instrumental in your success.

in White Light + Love,



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  1.  | 

    i love this 🙂

  2.  | 

    This is beautiful Belinda. I have never been good at ‘networking’ but thinking of building networks and connections as simply opening your heart and inviting love in sits with me perfectly. We just have to read your post to understand the extraordinary benefits. Thanks for sharing, Che. X

  3. Imke

    Thank you, Belinda. This really makes sense and gives me hope and direction on how to become more connected despite being such a hermit. 🙂 You have been a great blessing to my life in so many ways already.

  4.  | 

    I feel the same way! B School for me was all about the connections and it marvels me how many beautiful connections and friendships I have made, and how lucky I am that I found this wonderful tribe. Amazing, even the comments here are women I love and adore from B School. In fact, every day that I do your Modern Mystery School course I thank goodness I had the courage to invest in myself so that I could find you! Thank you for being part of my spiritual tribe! From a fellow spiritual and very social hermit!

  5.  | 

    Hi Belinda, I’m interested in checking out the B-school you mentioned but lots of different ones come up when I googled it. Can you point me in the right direction?
    Thank you! x

    •  | 

      Thank you so much for sharing this Belinda! I felt the same way about ‘net-working’ until hearing you explain it this way. I actually found you through Tara Bliss’s page and how did I find her? Was it Melissa Ambrossini? Jess Ainscough? Belle Gibson? Lola Berry? You’re all so interconnected and it’s wonderful to discover you all as I follow the various paths.

    •  | 

      It’s Marie Forleo’s B-school

  6.  | 

    This is great, I hope I find such a network or such a network find me. Love and light.

  7. Lisa Schulz

    Congratulations Belinda on finding such amazing new (but old) friends & the confidence and strength to start SoMM!!! This school has given so much light, love, confidence and a power of self awakening to so many people who have felt lost in the dark but knew there was light at the end of the tunnel but we just couldn’t seem to find it!!! I know that I will forever hold u in the highest regard and thank the universe everyday since meeting you and from when you shared your special gift with me!!! I feel so alive and in love again with my life, my husband & our children & for that I am forever in your debt ( not financially LOL HAHAHAHAH)!! Love to you Lisa xo

  8.  | 

    “I discovered that being well-connected means opening your heart to life and inviting more love in.” – this is so true, Belinda. i find the same thing & am amazed at how simple it can be! much love.

  9. Tammy

    Hi Belinda,
    I am so glad Karin introduced you to me. My life feels like it is finally on track, and your thanking us? Oh! Thank you for sticking it out tough years and demanding that it ‘not be hard!’

  10. Suzi

    I love the way the universe shows us the doors to open! I love this circle of beautiful inspiring women and am growing in confidence that it could be possible to be part of such a group instead of believing ‘I am not good enough’. I am very grateful to be working with Belinda and to read all the happenings of the others through their blogs and such! Love & Light to you all! xxx

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