Why You Need Sacred Space

Why You Need Sacred Space

Trying to fall asleep was impossible. There were lightning bolts behind my closed eyes, and I could hear different voices in my head speaking randomly.

Throwing the covers back, I climbed out of bed, deciding to watch TV. Maybe this will stop the incessant internal chatter.

Passing the kitchen, I get a sudden craving for bananas with cream and chocolate. Making it in a great hurry, I start to woof it down, eating ravenously while I flick quickly through TV stations.

I then open my e-reader and begin to read Fifty Shades of Grey, alternating between reading it, watching TV and eating.

This goes on for a good, solid 15 minutes.

Suddenly, just as I’m about to shovel another heaped banana sundae spoon into my mouth, I realise what I’m doing; I’m hyperactively devouring food, the TV and a novel. Simultaneously, and somewhat grotesquely.

In a skillful juggling act, I’m able to put spoon to mouth to plate, remote to right hand to couch, and kobo to lap to eyes, in an incessant stream of movement.

Realising that I’ve become caught in my mind, I slowly place down the spoon and look around me. The TV is blaring, my kobo is blinking on my lap, and I’ve eaten most of the banana sundae without even noticing.

I’m totally and completely outside of myself, feeding my mind with food and words.

Breathing slowly, I realise that I’m over-full and have a headache. I’m also deeply tired and mentally jaded.

How did I become so sophisticated at multi-tasking, and absorbing it all at once? How did I become so darn scattered, mentally charged and chaotic?

I hadn’t felt like this for a while, so what had taken place in my orbit?

Travel. I had spent the whole day travelling.

On Saturday, we travelled from southern England to southern Germany. Like most traveling trips, the waiting times were long, the transition times were short, and the energy of the people was mentally hyperactive.

Most people were always plugged into something, and although the mood was subdued and mostly quiet, it was also charged. I could constantly hear a low grade buzzing, like static: scattered, chaotic and relentless.

And when I looked around me, most people weren’t talking. They were completely consumed by their phone or computer. I could see they were absorbing their brain waves in electronic devices in a frantic effort to do something with themselves.

I love technology and also use it regularly but it’s frightening to witness the extent to which we have embedded ourselves in it. It seems to me that people no longer know what to do with all their mental energy and brain power.

Of course, needing to expend mental energy is also a byproduct of too much information, too fast. So as technology continues to rapidly develop, we must find a way to keep up.

Keeping up with the “latest” and needing to feed your mind, is a symptom of left-hand brain hemisphere dominance and the ego. The problem with a ego/mind run world is that it disconnects us from our soul.

Soul-level living is all about the harmonious relationship between the left and right hand brain hemispheres, with the right-hand hemisphere taking the dominant role, and the left-hand following her lead.

If you don’t foster this relationship, and give your right-hand brain hemisphere what it needs – stillness, reflection, relaxation, joyful expression and play – you will experience chaos, unrest, separation, sadness and fear.

You need to know that you must take time out and slow down, if you want to live a life in the “flow.”

It is obvious that we live in fast-paced times. We all feel this but did you realise that these times are also fast-paced because we are all undertaking a major energetic upgrade?

Ascension is accelerating on earth, pushing us quickly, and at times suddenly, up into our higher chakras. This process is turbulent, and if you’re not doing the inner work and working with it, your life will quickly spiral out of control.

That is why so many people are creating sacred space for themselves right now. They are retreating from the hyperactive mental energy of the world, and are buckling down to weather the storm and to gracefully “ascend.”

Those of us dedicated to a spiritual life know that there are two maddening processes happening right now: one is the prevailing acceleration of the mental/ego dominance, creating chaos and violence, and the other is the prevailing acceleration of the soul, creating harmony and peace.

They know that they need space and stillness to follow the flow of the path of ascension. They know that they need to protect themselves from the mental hyperactivity of most humans.

They are not choosing to disassociate from life, reject their families and friends, boycott all human relationships and interactions and live in bubble. They are simply choosing to regularly “take time out” from the mental madness of the world, so that they can remain centred and on track with their spiritual development.

I’m willing to admit that I live in a “bubble.” I spend most of my time at home, in White Light mode, surrounded by beauty and people I love.

I don’t reject people or dislike the world but I know that most people live in an egoic way. If I don’t create my own haven and dedicate myself to my spiritual practices, the mental madness of the world will affect me.

And it does. That is why I was shovelling food into my mouth when I wasn’t hungry, reading a book that doesn’t interest me, and crazily flicking through TV channels at midnight!

I also know that so much is happening within me right now. I am rapidly evolving and transforming. Like you, I’m undergoing a major energetic upgrade, and in order to gracefully move through these times and benefit from them, I need my sacred space.

For us modern mystics, we need to create a retreat for ourselves: a haven, in which we can do the work. Otherwise, life becomes maddening and we lose ourselves to chaos.

Having my home as my sacred space enables me to evolve quickly and easily. It helps me maintain my schedule, so that I can do all the things I need to do to keep my vibrations raised and live in alignment with my soul.

Sometimes people say to me, “Don’t you get bored being at home all day?” And I say, “Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how much I see, do and experience in the White Light while I lay down on my yoga mat!”

I know that heaven is inside me, and that is why I need my sacred space.

As I journey further into myself and the White Light, I yearn less and less to see parts of the world and have new earthly experiences. This is because I can see and do them all in meditation, and I’m able to travel to other amazing places in the spiritual realms that aren’t of this earth!

I completely understand how yogis can spend 40 years in a cave!

You have so much change happening inside you right now, that you need to create your sacred space, and once you start to journey regularly into yourself and work with the rapid ascension, you realise that heaven is inside you too.

If you are to withstand these turbulent times, become psychic, heal yourself and others as well as discover your life’s purpose, having your haven is a must.

All modern mystics need it.

in White Light + Love,


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  1. Sarah

    Your articles are always amazing – THANK YOU!

  2.  | 

    Thank you Belinda, I agree! I am looking forward to my haven every day.

  3. Lori

    Thank you. I LOVE living in my bubble! I too freely admit to living and LOVING it! It is used against me for sure, I feel sorry for them! 🙂
    Sparkles, love and light to you.

  4. Brenda

    Hey beautiful lady – just took the time in my sacred place to read your blog and giggled…was just telling my tohunga this morning how my world feels so chaotic at the moment – my dreams are wild and turbulent – eating erratically…my earnest desire is to retreat – not tick boxes on my “to do list”. Somehow I know that the boxes will be ticked with grace and eloquence when I honour myself in my sacred space…and it is new moon…retreat, nurture, chillax. Timely and potent words sweetheart…Arohanui (Big love)

  5. Samantha

    Thank you Belinda,
    As always, your posts are timely and wonderful xx

  6. Nixie

    Thank you – this is just what I needed to hear right now. I feel like I have accelerated into a new delicious space and feeling like I need to connect with old friends but also feeling like they are not where I am right now. You have reminded me that my home and my inner journey is SO much more delicious and where I thrive. Off to my sofa I shall head and bathe in diamond light, loving every minute and letting go of old patterns and friends with gratitude and love. Here is to making my home even more sacred than it already was. Thank you.
    Love and light in abundance Nixie xxxx

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