Why My Life Purpose Is To Help You Discover Yours

Why My Life Purpose Is To Help You Discover Yours

Three years ago, I had the privilege of discovering my life purpose. It happened spontaneously one day while I was meditating and working with the White Light.

Suddenly I found myself in a beautiful white space, and I was walking up broad, curved, white marbled steps. As I climbed higher, deliberately taking each step, I noticed that I was walking into a turquoise mist.

With each step, the mist thickened, and soon I could no longer see around me or what was ahead. Yet, I intuitively knew where to place each foot in front of the other, as the steps supported and guided me in my ascent.

Then I found myself on the last step, and as I did, the mist magically vanished, and I saw that I was standing in front of a large, white door. I knew to push it open, and so I did. As the door opened, it revealed a magnificent temple. I entered the space awestruck at its beauty.

Its grandiose, round walls were a brilliant white. So brilliant and so luminescent that tiny sparkles ricocheted off the walls, dazzling and spinning, and for a moment I was dumbstruck – blinded by light.

As I ‘came to’ and was able to withstand its intensity, I noticed that each wall of the temple was an intricate mosaic. Each tiny square space of the mosaic was an elaborate world; a patchwork world of colour, nature and geometry. And running through each world, joining and connecting them, was gold. An infinite golden thread of eternalness.

When I was finally able to tear myself away from the wonder of the mosaic, I noticed that the temple looked like a castle, with large, high and elaborate windows. There were four windows like this, and each window offered a different view.

To the south was the ocean; aquamarine, eternally expansive and peaceful. To the north was a woodland, full of dark conifers and sprinkled with snow.

In the east I saw jagged mountain peaks, and in the west I saw the outstretch of the desert terrain – golden and burnt.

Never in my life had I encountered such beauty! What majesty. What purity. But, where was I?

As soon as I asked this question a benevolent being in white appeared and said, “Belinda, welcome to the temple of your soul. It’s time for you to know your purpose in life.”

What transpired were many months of journeying into the temple and learning all about my soul purpose……..

I had always wanted to discover my life purpose. And now, without any effort on my behalf, it was being revealed to me. I was shown exactly what my purpose in life was, and how to live it.

During these months, I ‘downloaded’ information and had many conversations with my spirit guides. The practical and deeply insightful information I received showed me how, step by step, to start to live my life purpose.

I was shown that my life purpose was to spread the word about the White Light. If you read my blogs and receive the free White Light healings on a Monday night, this won’t surprise you. But, you may not know that I was also shown that my life purpose was to show other people how to discover theirs.

I undertook 2 years of intensive training, in which I was shown how to help people discover their life purpose. I was shown how to take people into their soul temples and help them download their personal information and guidance.

I also learnt that working with the chakras, the White Light and practicing mindfulness is the key to being able to access the soul purpose information, because it is only when our vibrations are raised that we can we can begin to journey to the temple.

That is why it had spontaneously happened for me. I had been working solidly with my chakras and the White Light, so I had become vibrationally ready.

After coaching many people and helping them discover and begin to live their life purpose, I knew I needed to reach many more. From this the idea the School of the Modern Mystic was born.

On April 7th, Level 1, Creating Energetic Brilliance & a Life of Magnificence begins. If you always wanted to what you were destined to become and how you can discover your greatest potential, this course is for you!

This course teaches you how to vibrationally ‘prepare’ yourself for the journey into your soul temple. You will learn how to raise your vibrations and get your life to work by working with the chakras, White Light and mindfulness.

You can only access your chakra 8, your soul temple, when you are energetically ready to do so and Level 1 does exactly this for you. 

I’m looking forward to supporting you become the person you were born to be.

in White Light + Love,


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  1.  | 

    Such a beautiful post!
    While I was reading about what you were seeing I had the most stunning imagery in my head.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2.  | 

    I cant wait!

  3.  | 

    Oh Belinda, I always laugh when I see the title of your weekly blog, ‘coincidently’ it’s usually always exactly whatever the issue is I’m bringing my attention to. Your blog then brings greater clarity to the issue already at hand. thank you!

  4.  | 

    When you are ready, the teacher will appear.

    My intuition rang bells when our paths crossed – and I’m so excited for the next step of this journey!

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