Why I Decided to Found a School for Mystics

Why I Decided to Found a School for Mystics

I wasn’t easy for me growing up as a psychic.

It wasn’t only because I saw and knew too much – I learnt very early on that people usually don’t like it when you told the truth – it was also because psychic stuff was deemed freakish and weird.

When I was eleven I was exorcised by our church’s pastor because it was believed that there were “demons” in me, and that these demons were responsible for my psychic gifts and the paranormal activity that took place in our family home.

We often had “hauntings” happen, and because I was a child that knew and saw too much, it was assumed these hauntings had to do with me.

The pastor was right and wrong in this assumption: ghosts did hang around me because I was psychic and wanted help from me to move over into the light but not because there was something wrong with me.

Not because I was possessed or a freak. But because I was a natural born medium, and was able to see and communicate with them.

But none of this made sense to me growing up, and it certainly wasn’t cool or something I wanted to share with my girlfriends.

So I didn’t talk about the ghosts I saw, or the things I could see inside people’s energy fields, or the prophetic dreams I had a night.

I thought that in order to survive, I needed to hide this part of myself as much as I possible, so I pretended to be someone else.

And this I did throughout my childhood and teens years.

But when I was twenty I had an experience that changed my worldview drastically: I spend time on Aboriginal Communities in the desert in the Northern Territory.

For some years, my father worked as a flying doctor and I had the unique opportunity to visit him on several remote communities that you could only access by plane.

Here, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by ochre coloured desert sand, mammoth rocks and river holes teeming with fish, bird and crocodiles, I experienced psychic and paranormal phenomena that was deemed “normal.”

To see ghosts, heal with your mind, talk to the ancestors, avoid certain places because of their negative energies and “know” and be able to track where other people were in the massive expansive of the desert, was culturally accepted and a part of life for the Aboriginal people.

The Aboriginal people I met and spend time with were like me: psychic, “knowing” and mediums, and through their abilities were able to help, support and heal each other.

During this time of traveling between Sydney and different remote communities, I  also met many people who had, like myself, experienced psychic and supernatural phenomena but didn’t know what it was or how to deal with it.

Many of these people were also fascinated by intuition and psychic ability, and wanted to learn how to use it and heal with it. So I began to study my own abilities and work out how I knew what I did, and how I could help others. 

Slowly but surely it became clear to me that my life’s purpose was to help other modern mystics embrace their psychic and healing gifts, so that, together, we can bring awareness, understanding and acceptance to one of the most misunderstood parts of ourselves.

So I began teaching and talking about psychic ability and intuition…

When I first started teaching and lecturing, people were much more closed minded and fearful. But nowadays, there is a spiritual revolution afoot, and many people want to embrace that “missing” intuitive part of themselves!

I firmly believe that we are all psychic and can heal ourselves and others but due to society, conditioning, fear and dominance of the left hand brain hemisphere we have, largely, shut down these intuitive and soulful facilities. It’s time to claim it back!

I founded School of the Modern Mystic because I wanted to give people the opportunity to take back what is rightfully theirs: their psychic, healing and intuitive abilities and use them to change their lives and those of others.

School of the Modern Mystic: Open for Enrollment for 2014

We opened our (virtual) doors for enrollment on the 10th of March, and until the 31st of March you have the opportunity to take our Level 1 course.

We only run Level 1 once a year, so this is the only time you can join us this year.

As a part of our enrolment program, we are offering FREE training videos as well as a sneak peek into the Level 1 course, click here to get these.

Here’s to embracing your psychic self!

In White Light + Love,


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