When I Trusted My Intuition (And Got It Right). When I Didn’t (And Got It Wrong)

When I Trusted My Intuition (And Got It Right). When I Didn’t (And Got It Wrong)

Yesterday I gave an impromptu Facebook Live.

It was in response to something I posted a few days ago, where I talked about living with a neurological condition, and the trauma of being in and out of emergency last year with massive migraines, seizures, and vertigo attacks.

In the video I speak about why you must follow your intuition, always. And how following my intuition has got me back on my feet after being completely debilitated, paralysed, and in dreadful pain for many months.

(Seen the Netflix movie Brain on Fire? That’s what happened to me.)

In the video I also speak about when I didn’t follow my intuition—and how things went really wrong.

You can watch the video of me here. Or, if you want to watch the “hi there’s” to everyone, as well as me answering some questions, you can watch the replay on Facebook here.

in White Light + Love,

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