What it’s Like to Live Between Both Worlds (Part 5): Being a Shadow Hunter

What it’s Like to Live Between Both Worlds (Part 5): Being a Shadow Hunter

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‘Shadow Hunter’ is a term I created to describe those of us that are psychically and intuitively gifted who clearly see what is wrong with people.

I was born psychic, an empath and a ghost whisperer, but often what I saw about people and the experiences I had with ghosts were negative. Well, that is how I perceived it to be until I realised that I was a shadow hunter, and that my gift was to see the ‘dark’ in people so that they could transform it into the ‘light’.

It took some years to figure this out though. When I first began to embrace my gifts and get to know other psychics, teachers and healers, they often confessed to me that they were relieved they couldn’t see people’s problems and illnesses the way I could.

“You see so much,” I was often told, “and in such harrowing detail. How do you deal with seeing so much dark and negativity in people? Wouldn’t you rather see the positive in people? I’m not sure if your gifts are spiritual!”

This was of course, for a young women trying to find her feet with her gifts, a blow to my self-esteem. To think that my gifts weren’t spiritual and ‘dark’ was deeply unsettling.

Hadn’t I already worked hard enough to learn to live with my abilities? Hadn’t I already worked hard enough to accept my gifts and step out? And now to hear from other psychics and healers that my gifts were unnaturally dark and perhaps not spiritual was devastating.

I thought my fellow light-workers would stand by me, giving me the support and understanding I craved. But when it didn’t come, and again, I was alienated for my gifts, I turned away and retreated. But then some months later I had an epiphany…

It happened when I was doing a ‘psychic-healing swap’ with a colleague. She was a medical doctor, and also worked as a healer.

She had discovered her healing gifts at an early age and ran a very busy practice, offering her clients an integrated medical approach to health and healing. She had heard about my psychic abilities and wanted to develop hers. I had heard about her powerful healing sessions, and wanted to understand how she healed people. So once a month we would meet up, and do a psychic-healing swap.

On this meet-up she asked me questions about one of her patients. I proceeded to give her a thorough diagnosis of the state of her patient’s health, and she was utterly astounded.

“It is truly unbelievable what you can see, Belinda,” she said. “If I were able to see the extent of problems and illnesses in other peoples’ energy fields like you can, it would greatly aid my work as a doctor. Goodness me, the way I could help my patients get well!”

She then went on to say, “I know you are concerned that you’re ability to see so much ‘dark’ in people is un-spiritual, but let me assure you that it’s highly spiritual. You can show and teach people what is wrong so that they can make it right!”

We then had a discussion about how important it is to develop one’s own innate talents and abilities, and as we were talking this through it dawned on me that my work is spiritual and that I am a light-worker.

I serve the light by seeing what is dark, and helping people understand and heal it.

I’m a shadow hunter; I track and hunt the darknesses in people’s energy fields, so I’m a light-worker who predominately works in the shadows.

To be continued…

in White Light + Love,



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  1. Vanessa Santana

    I have so much to say but I don’t know where to begin…
    I’ve been feeling and seeing your help in my life
    and I Thank you for what you have been doing to help me…
    when I feel like I’ve organized and composed myself to
    share more with you than we will be in contact in a
    divine way. Thanks for your help…

  2.  | 

    Dear Belinda, greetings with love & compassion from another shadow hunter.
    Part of me is deeply connected to Christian mysticism as well as the Jungian analytic approach in psychotherapy and by that I was very aware that shadow work is light work and to me an inner alchemical process to move unconscious patterns into another layer of consciousness. The dark night of the soul seems a well misinterpretated concept and I believe that embracing our shadow is the hardest and most loving essential work to transform to the synergy of your true being. So good that you also found people to mirror your potential in just the right and helpful way. With love, Andrea

  3.  | 

    Thank you for this post. I think its so important that light works are not scared of the dark. I had a smilier story but rather than retreat I got anger with the world and couldn’t understand why people couldn’t see that darkness and why was I the only person who could see it. I soon realised with out darkness we would never be able to see the light. You need both, light and dark this make’s up the power of creation and allow us to see the polarities which gives us an indication of perception. as a light worker I made friends with the darkness and now I go boldly on where most won’t go so I am of services and take people into the light. To know the truth of this really takes away fear. Rock On Belinda and thank you for sharing. xx

  4.  | 

    Seeing more clearly like this really opened up for me last year. I don’t think I see things to the same extent as you, but a friend last year had me look at photos of various people in her life (that I’d never met) and I was able to describe a lot of what was going on for them, really accurately. Some physical health, some emotional and definitely into people’s past lives. I haven’t really known what to do with that, other than use it where appropriate in my client sessions. Otherwise I tend to keep that skill locked down a bit as I don’t want to see everyone I meet in this way!

    • Vicki Edwards

      This is truly beautiful to read. I absolutely know you are serving the Light. It is shining the Light on and in the dark which allows enlightenment to take place. Thank you soooo much.
      Blessings, Vicki

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