What it’s Like to Live Between Both Worlds (Part 1): Being Able to ‘See Into’ People

What it’s Like to Live Between Both Worlds (Part 1): Being Able to ‘See Into’ People

I can’t ever remember a time I wasn’t able to see inside people.

Around and within each person was a permanent glow; an aura, and this aura was made up of a conglomerative hue of colours, shapes and swirls.

This internal glow of a person varied in size and stature. Some people’s inner glow was dull and other’s were luminous, like a light bulb on full wattage.

It wasn’t only the aura of a person I perceived easily, it was also their problems.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been able to know all about a person’s struggles and challenges by looking into them. People’s inner glow also contained ‘little movies’, and when I watched these little movies that floated around inside their aura, I could see what upset them and what was causing them pain.

I quickly learnt though that knowing all about a person wasn’t good…

My father’s friend came over for dinner one evening, and he wasn’t behaving how he usually did. Me and my sister loved to watch the way he devoured his meal, stuffing large portions of chicken and bread into his mouth at a rapid pace. He did all of this while talking incessantly and slurping his coke, leaving a huge pile of food and dribble behind him. (I always wondered why he didn’t get in trouble for talking with his mouth full and making a mess).

But on this evening he was subdued. He was quiet, and was picking at his food and moving it around his plate. I looked into his aura and saw he was thinking about a petite dark-haired woman. I could also see that he was going to visit her after this dinner, and that he wanted to go now and be with her.

I was confused. In sunday school I’d learnt that we’re only supposed to be with the person we’re married to. God said it should be like this, but this woman wasn’t his wife. His wife was tall and blonde-haired, and laughed a lot. She would talk to us and play with us after church.

So I asked him, “Who is the small dark-haired woman that you’re going to visit after this dinner?”

His head flung towards me like a gun being fired, and he stammered, “W.., w.., what did you say?”

“Who is the small dark-haired woman you’re going to see after your dinner?”

He stared at me for a long time and then his eyes hardened and turned to slits. He leant across the table, sticking his big face into mine and yelled, “You should mind your own business, you creepy kid.”

Grabbing his keys and wallet, he stormed out of the house, leaving me shaken and ashamed in my chair.

After this I tried to not say what I saw inside people, but sometimes it just slipped out, and sometimes, I thought everyone knew it too and it was ok to talk about it.

When I was twelve I asked my teacher if she’d recovered from morning sickness. She had been away for some weeks, and on the day she returned I asked her in class if was feeling better now.

In a little movie in her aura I could see her sick in bed with nausea. I also saw her holding her tummy which had a tiny baby in it.  My sister, Rebekah, had been born when I was ten, and I remembered the way mum couldn’t get out of bed in the morning and how terribly sick she had been. Mum had called this terrible sickness, ‘morning sickness.’

I really liked my teacher and I was worried about her, so I asked, “Have you recovered from morning sickness now?”

She froze, her face turning to white with shock. She simply stared at me, blinking and swallowing and not saying anything. After the longest time, she pointed a long finger towards me and said in a low and menacing voice, “You are a gossip and a liar, Belinda Davidson, and you aren’t to be trusted.”

She then sent me out of the room, and I spent the morning crouched and crying against a brick wall wondering what I’d done wrong.

with love,



P.S. Has this happened to you too? We’re you born psychic and got into trouble for telling the truth? Come and share with me in the comments!

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  1. sarah

    I loved reading this! I wasn’t born psychic but somehow I seem to know people’s inner workings. I can read their behaviours and intentions, I know when people are lying to me and will admit it’s made my life very hard. I internalized a lot of peoples garbage and spent way too much time analysing it which I very much believe has lead to my autoimmune disease. It’s refreshing to read other people’s experiences and I’m eagerly awaiting your next blog

    •  | 

      I’ve only just found out about being an empath. Look into it if you haven’t already. I had all these feelings and took on other people’s energy without realising it. Often people would talk to me about their problems and by the time they finished, they would be upbeat and happy and I would be so full of heavy energy. Christmas time in my large extended family was confusing and painful for me. I felt constantly pulled and pushed by emotions that didn’t belong to me.
      I’m only in the beginning stages of learning about this but every day I learn more and I can stop punishing myself for being this way. I can learn to deal with it and use it for my growth. It’s possible you are an empath too.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Thank you for sharing, Sarah.

  2.  | 

    I have actually suppressed most of my childhood memories. But I do recall when I was in Thailand on retreat for a month and I texted my sister to ask if she was pregnant (because I somehow knew she was). She didn’t answer me at the time and was annoyed that I “knew” this I got home, as it “spoiled her news”. Of course, that baby is the most empathic of all my nieces. Funny that.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Ha! Yes, I know what that is like. Getting into trouble for telling the truth.

  3. rose

    loved your experience Belinda, I tend to pick up what people are feeling especially when they are close to me,and I try to not let it affect me but sometimes i really take it on and I have to work on it to let it go,looking forward to your next chapter

  4.  | 

    This post inspires me to be more honest. It’s impossible to lie, isn’t it? Everything is showing in our auras. I’m sorry for the pain you felt, it must have felt very unfair for you as a child.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Yes, it did feel unfair, Andressa. But then I worked it out that adults have a lot to hide.

  5. ACurtis

    I do not have gifts as strong as you do. But I have always been the person–the magnet–that people came to when I was younger, the person they would pour out all their problems. Problem was, I had no idea what to do with what they told me and the energies they gave off. I was empathic without knowing it and didn’t realize I needed to secure or take pains to protect myself. So I shut down my gifts.

    Only in adulthood now have I begun to open my gifts back up. It is a long, slow process to get my gifts open and on par, because now I live with the fear that has been drummed into us our entire life. I can do mediumship/talking to dead people, the angelic/ancestor realm, I can channel writings, I can smell when loved ones are visiting (grandpa has cigar smoke, grandma has lilacs, another grandma sends me cardinals), inanimate objects talk to me (trees, rocks), I have a spirit guide and many totem or shaman animals, I can heal with energy, etc. I don’t have as much time to work on my gifts as I’d like, but I leave myself open to accept whatever gifts Infinite Intelligence deems to give me.

    I found out at an early age that no one understood what I was experiencing, and there was no help for me in understanding. It is better these days, as the spiritual world is waking up inside of our consciousness; shifting to the 5th dimension also makes a difference, because these spiritual gifts are the norm in the new society we are birthing.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Yes, it’s hard being born an empath, isn’t it. But by us sharing our stories we can help other empaths understand themselves, and we can help society understand and embrace us.

  6. Lauralee

    I grew up knowing things & feeling things way to deeply but wanted desprately to be normal like other kids. I turned to drugs and alcohol to try to numb myself to my strong feelings I felt for everything. My childhood was difficult with an abusive alcoholic stepfather who hung himself when I was a teenager. My mom kept his ashes without me knowing in her closet until she could make the trip to the VA cemetery in Nashville TN. Night after night he came to me I was terrified, frozen, & confused. I couldn’t understand why he was still there when I knew he was dead. After about 3 months we were discussing spiritual things with my mom and I brought up what I thought were dreams, nightmares really and this was when she admitted to still having his ashes. I was horrified at the thought of this somehow making the connection between the ashes and him still being there. My life had a shadow across it for many years until before becoming a reiki master I discovered that I must heal from this experience to once again be whole. It was difficult but I knew that I must forgive him and help him cross over finally after all those years. I am now a different person because of it, lighter. I understand past life karma and the good and bad experiences that it brings into your life.

    • Belinda Davidson

      Thank you for sharing, Lauralee. White Light blessings to you!

  7. Trang Thuy Nguyen`

    50/50. Because yes, I could sense people’s future and never told them because I wasn’t sure if it’s true or just hallucinating. I declined my aura when i four because i was very scared and mainly because of the child abuse that i couldn’t handle putting up with since I was one which had gotten worse where i am now. So no, I didn’t get into trouble like you did but remember I only got into trouble countless times where dad would beat me up where I have no idea what I done wrong either.

  8. Stella

    I have always been a confident person and seemed to know things without really having any idea where that knowledge came from. For example, many times I just know in my gut how people will respond in certain situations. It just seems obvious to me, and have for a long time thought it was obvious to others as well. But now after seeing a few different psychics they have all mentioned to me I am a very intuitive person. So now I have come to realize that just because it seems natural and obvious to me – it isn’t so obvious to others and so I no longer assume others can sense and know what I seem to know. I am getting to the point in my life where I allow things to progress for others in their own time, giving them the time and space needed to realize what I had surmised before the events and situations actually play themselves out.

    •  | 

      Me too Stella! As time passes I find I am ever more comfortable just being in the silence (with compassion and love) only adding that little bit of of guidance to help trigger an ‘aha’ moment or perhaps a deeper understanding of what is going on if I am lead to speak by my own intuition. I always attempt to make the loved one feel that they have made the discovery themselves, that it didn’t actually come from me – the most powerful kind of transformation and awareness coming from shared intelligent spirit information. But most of all I have found that there is great power in just being the observer these days.

      I will add that it has taken me many many years to get to this point! For a long time I felt it was my responsibility to be the ‘fixer’ because I knew what could help them bridge the gap, stop the pain, help close the repetitive learning cycles etc. Now I find that it generally works better for all involved if I let go of my need to ‘save them’ and just allow them their journey. I have really good boundaries and always firstly ask my higher self if I am to be involved, what my participation will look like, and that all parties be fully supported in the bringing of the light. And then it is my choice whether I get involved or not. I still receive intuitive information about my closest friends and family but in communing with the higher self I know what my best interaction will be and feel comforted that we can both experience the highest integrity and growth – with very healthy energetic boundaries!

  9. svjetlana

    HI Belinda,

    I’m sorry for what you had to go through, it wasn’t your fault, you were just young! I see that you’re big and strong now, so it worked out ok 😉

    Love & lIght….

  10.  | 

    I wasn’t exactly psychic, but I was intuitive and empathic. I knew when people were fake or mean and pretending to be nice. Because of this I was very quiet and a loner. I was called weird and crazy. I believe it too, until I found out what I was. I mean, I’m still weird and crazy, only now I embrace it and I love it.

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