Transforming Problems into Presence

Guest post by Tara Bliss

This may come as a surprise, but life only wants you to feel joy. Your soul wants you to experience life in a state of utmost bliss and deep fulfilment.

You were not created to experience gross hardship, struggle, or ‘bad days’. Nor were you designed to feel unlucky, lonely or misunderstood. Of course, it’s not uncommon for us to familiarise ourselves with these emotions from time to time, but I’d like to challenge the notion that suggests that these life events show up as a type of ‘test’ from the Universe.

If you and I were to have a discussion about energy – one of my favourite conversations- sooner or later, we’d arrive at the topic of positive and negative experiences. If you’ve read the book “A Course in Miracles,” you’d know that there is a beautiful concept that’s echoed throughout it which says, “only love is real,” and if you’re anything like me, you’ll resonate with that concept wholly, romantically and in a soul-nurturing way.

If we adopt that understanding, imagine the impact it would make on our lives. Imagine awakening to the reality that each and every hangover, argument, traffic jam or broken heart were never negative at all!

Together, we need to stop viewing ‘hardships’ as ‘tests’. No divine entity longs to see us struggle as we try and find our feet in the world. We create these tests in our lives by indulging in resistance and manipulation, and we breathe life into them by over-identifying with our fears and insecurities.

As human beings, we keep ourselves busy as we experience life as what we perceive it to be, and sometimes, what we’re choosing to perceive and experience feels unpleasant. However, we can change our perception of life to be a much more soothing and loving one by entering into the present moment.

We can use the present moment to slip back into our bodies at any time. This is our home base, our true sanctuary. We do not belong in our minds.

Every single glorious, miraculous moment is a divine opportunity to be present. That’s all it is. What nirvana! What a gift.

It’s an empowering wake up call, knowing that we can choose to be in each moment as if it were a fresh slate (which it is), rather than willing ourselves out of it because it feels too uncomfortable, disappointing, frustrating or empty.

So, how can you best and most easily feel present in this very moment?

Feel your presence within your body.

Feel the space you’re filling energetically. Notice if your chest puffs out a little as you investigate. Notice if your back straightens, if you can feel your heart beat.

Curl your fingers into your palms, feel the carpet under your feet. Draw your attention to your belly, how does it feel? Is it happy, hungry or uncomfortable?

In social situations, notice if you start maintaining eye contact more often, and take stock of how you carry yourself through conversations. Be present and listen when others are talking.

Every moment is an opportunity for you to embody love. I repeat: it is not a test.

Embrace love by stopping.

Stop thinking. Calculating. Predicting. Analysing. Justifying.

Every so often, as often as you can, just be.

Presence is our biggest teacher. When we’re mindful, we learn everything we need to know or rather, we remember what it is we’ve always known!

A softened whisper from your heart is much more potent than just another voice that arises from your mind. This moment is a brand new one, holding the space for just as much opportunity as the last.

Make it count.

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  1. Louise A

    Wow! Just, wow!

  2. Juliet Turalski @ Julesinspired

    Truth bumps runnin’ all over my body! Thank you for the beautiful read, Tara x

  3. Emma Shields

    This is gorgeous… xo

  4.  | 

    Great post Tara! Thank you for such a lovely read. Xxxx

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