The Oak Tree – Is it You?

The Oak Tree – Is it You?

Some weeks back, I created and shared a new, free meditation with my online community.

People loved it so much, they asked me to make a way for them to share it with others.


People have been sharing it like crazy. Hundreds and hundreds of people have been downloading this short, powerful meditation. And my inbox has been flooded with love notes and thank yous.

All these people are creating a strong and powerful energy field and chakras, which is immune to fear, negativity, and sickness.

Yes! I’m thrilled!

But I also created this meditation for another reason: to help people deal with all the different opinions and emotions coming at them right now.

Many sensitive folk are struggling to feel steady and secure because they don’t know things like:

— What to believe, and whom to believe.

— How to deal with massive changes, like having to close their businesses, deal with isolation, stay at home with their families, or home-school their children.

— How to handle friends or family who are scared and also acting “reactionary.” Their friends or family members are ranting, yelling, or moody, and are becoming increasingly difficult to interact with or live with.

— How to keep their vibe high and their mood good, when there is so much fear, panic, and uncertainty circulating, and they’re picking it all up and it’s dragging them down and making them feel sick and afraid and depressed.

In Staying Steady & Strong you learn to activate your solar plexus chakra.

When it’s working properly, you not only have a really strong energy-system and immunity, you are also able to withstand other people’s emotions and reactions.

You stand mighty, like an oak tree.

And although there may be gale force winds around you, tugging at your branches, whipping up and pulling off your leaves, or even trying to uproot you from the ground. Because you are so solid, so grounded; so magnificent and splendid and superb and strong, nothing can bring you down.

Staying Steady & Strong makes you a powerhouse of strength, resilience, peace, and purpose.

It makes you become immune to whatever may be pulling you down, so you can rise up and do what you need to do right now to look after your health, your finances, your family and friends, and most importantly—your well-being.


with love,



P.S. Is there someone in your life that’s struggling and needs support? Someone who needs help to become stronger, more balanced, and able to more easily deal with these massive changes that are happening in the world right now?

Please forward them this blog post. 🙏🏻

I created Staying Steady & Strong in response to the COVID-19 crisis. My intention was to help as many people as possible stay safe, healthy, and peaceful during these difficult and confusing times.

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