Synchronicity: How mine has gone through the roof

Synchronicity: How mine has gone through the roof

I don’t know about you, but these past months my synchronicity has gone through the roof. I keep finding myself saying, “Goodness me. This came at exactly the right time!”

Sometimes it’s a passage in a book. Sometimes it’s a podcast. Or my best friend and Mum sharing a tip or piece of advice. Or my daughter giving me a shy hug or telling me how much she loves me. Or my husband sending me a link to a video that contains exactly what I need to hear at that exact moment.

I think it’s also because I’ve never been so present.

I’ve never been living so in the moment.

Sure, I’ve been practicing meditation and mindfulness since 2007. But when I got sick last year—and my whole world fell apart—the only way to get through, and then later, recover, was by practicing extreme presence.

To practice, as the Buddhists say, “walking on the razor’s edge of the now.”

Walking on the razor’s edge of now has caused me to radically align and be radically loved and supported … That’s why perfect things at the perfect time keep showing up in my life.

Below is a list of things that came at the perfect time for me … (And I hope they just might come at the perfect time for you, too.)

If you’re going through grief

… heartbreak, or loss, this blog piece is a must read.

(It’s beautifully written; so poignant, so moving.)

If you’re uncertain about the direction of your life

… and feel like you are floundering in anxiety and indecision and just can’t get moving, this audiobook is a must listen.

(I love her style. It’s similar to mine: straight to the point + smack you down with love.)

If you’re sick and tired of everyone telling you

… to be successful you must find your true passion and manifest your big dreams, listen to this podcast episode.

(Yawn. Sigh. I’m sooooo over the words “passion,” “big dreams,” and “manifest.”)

Or, if you’re in need of some beauty and soul

… this book, this one, and this one set my heart aflame.

(Also, I’ve written some poetry, which you can check out here.)

I love you.

Stay true and be in synchronicity.

Walk the razor’s edge of now.

with love,

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