My Interview with Pam Grout: Hay House & New York Times Bestselling Author of E-Squared

My Interview with Pam Grout: Hay House & New York Times Bestselling Author of E-Squared


It’s no mystery why E-Squared is a huge hit. Christiane Northrup, bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom describes the impact of this book perfectly. “ [E-Squared] is beyond spectacular. It’s funny, uplifting, delightful and profound.”

Exactly why I read it in one, big gulp. This book kept me in bed all day, pushing my already-very- overdue-writing deadlines back much further.

The impact of this book isn’t only because it’s brilliantly written and insightful, it’s because it’s ‘The Manual for Manifestation,’ giving you nine-do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality.

And these experiments work. Boy, do they work. (One of these experiments landed me this interview with Pam Grout. I set the intention, emailed her and within 20 hours it was done!).

Like most spiritual seekers, I have a cabinet full of books about manifesting. Some of them have worn, dog-eared pages from years of reading, but many of them are still crisp, barely touched and barely read. Because after a while, I grew tired of the theory of manifesting and needed a manual containing all the core principles I could easily put into practice.

I was also longing to train my manifesting prowess – or lack of – in a tangible way and develop techniques that worked every time.

This wish manifested when E-Squared entered my orbit.

I have read this book every day for weeks, and plan to keep reading it until I have mastered each exercise. Hubby is reading it too, so every day we are sneaking around and stealing it from each other when the other one isn’t looking!

Pam is witty, warm-hearted and gracious and in this delightful interview, you’ll learn:

  • the number 1 pitfall in the manifesting process
  • how to keep your vibrations raised when the going gets tough
  • what secret manifesting tools she used to make E-Squared a New York Times Bestseller + the Hay House hit.
  • how to ‘let go’ of our wishes so that they come true

My first question to Pam,

* How was E-Squared born? Where did the idea come from and what (secret, please do tell) manifestation techniques did you use to propel it out there into the Universe and get such a huge response?

E-Squared was actually born 7 years ago as a book called “God Doesn’t Have Bad Hair Days.” I loved the book, desperately wanted it to become a bestseller. It debuted about the same time as The Secret, the movie. As I’ve said before, “it proceeded to do a big belly flop into the sea of literary has-beens.” I didn’t obsess about it, simply waved the white flag and moved on. I wrote 3 books for National Geographic, I created a TV series about six characters in an ecovillage. And most importantly, and I think this answers the second part of your question, I made sure my joy channels were wide open. Once that happens, once you really begin looking ONLY for blessings and miracles, joy and success can’t help but come your way. That’s the reason I believe E-Squared has struck such a chord. I’m ready, my pipes are unclogged and the timing, at least for me, is right.

* Are the nine experiments in E-Squared your favourite nine ways to help people learn how to manifest?

The nine experiments are a simple way for readers to prove to themselves 9 spiritual principles that I believe are the bedrock of manifestation and all other good things. Once you get these 9 principles down, you can really begin to soar. Once you really “get it,” that your thoughts are powerful and that you cannot observe anything without affecting it, everything changes. Again, it’s all about being happy, believing in the largesse of the universe.

* In your experience, what’s the number 1 problem people have with manifesting?

Old-school conditioning gets in the way. People make an intention, but they have all these other energies competing for their attention. The best thing is to “set it and forget it.” Instead of focusing on what they’re intending, people focus on the lack of what they’re intending. You cannot focus on apparent lack and limitation and expect to find abundance. You have to believe even when apparent realities are screaming for your attention.

* What is your daily spiritual practice that you never miss?

I’m a fan of the Course in Miracles. I meditate every day, I write in my journal and my intention is to stay in the present moment where all the juice really is. I have four main goals: 1. Peace of mind 2. Surety of purpose 3. Clear, unmistakable guidance and 4. Unceasing joy.

* What is your favourite self-help book besides your own?

That’s actually a toughie. I like quite a few. I love Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie. I read a lot and my favorite book would probably be whatever I happen to be reading at the time.

* What do you do when life gets tough and you need to be reminded to stay present and keep your thoughts focused on what you want? (I listen to The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. When I have his CD on in loop in the car, hubby knows it’s ‘one of those days’).

I LOVE POWER of NOW. That’s a fabulous book. When life gets tough for me, I tend to do two things: 1) Ask the Holy Spirit to help me see things differently and 2) Employ the 4 questions from Byron Katie’s “The Work.” It’s a powerful process (and my friend and I get together several times a month to do “the work.”) that helps us question painful thoughts. Usually our only problems are the way we’re looking at something. Again, old school conditioning.

* In E-Squared you talk about how you improved your physical appearance by changing your thoughts. You had the experience of remembering that your father had made the comment at your birth that you were ugly, and you subconsciously perpetuated that belief in your teens, creating crooked teeth, skin problems and awkwardness. How did you heal the belief that you were ‘ugly?’

I began to recognize my inner beauty which can’t help but translate into the outer. Inner always precedes the outer.

* Many people criticise The Secret for being ‘superficial’ and focusing primarily on accumulating material wealth. However I’m grateful for the success of The Secret because it has helped so many people get out of the struggle cycle and have enough money and resources to start living their life purpose. At what point though, do we need to stop focusing on getting the best car park, manifesting X amount of dollars and being popular?

As I say in E-Squared (and talk about extensively in E-Cubed, the sequel that I’m working on now), it’s important to know that money and all those “material things” can be had at will, but they’re really rung one or two on the hierarchy of importance. Because we devote so much time to “the struggle,” as you call it, and believing that the world is finite and limited, we need to master this, but certainly not dwell on it.

* Please help us with this one! How can we truly surrender our wishes to the Universe so that they can come about? Most of us can’t let go and we keep thinking about it, sabotaging the process. What would you recommend?

Go out and do something fun, something to open the joy channels. I like dancing around the house, leaving $1 bills around for people to find and singing. Also, getting together with friends and talking about “what’s right?”

* Deadlines or no deadlines? In your book you give us deadlines to complete the exercises within. This surprised me because one of my favourite books is The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, and in it he says not to create deadlines. To let it happen when the Universe wants to bring it about.

In the past, whenever I tried to make things happen within a certain time-frame, they never did but with your book they happened every time? What’s your secret? Why did this work for me with your book? When isn’t it a good idea to make a deadline for a wish? Isn’t it often better to just let it happen when the time is ripe?

I have employed deadlines in the book as a way of jarring US, not the FP or God or whatever you want to call it, into paying attention. Life always works and the universe always has our back, but we have to begin looking for it, expecting it, believing in Truth, otherwise we stare into the veil of the disaster we have created out of fear and belief in limitations.

Wow. What poignant and profound truths! Thank you, Pam.

I love this book for its pragmatism, wisdom and humour, and from one wannabe manifesting maven to another, I say, “Get reading it!”

in White Light + Love,


Click to tweetOnce you begin looking ONLY for blessings and miracles, joy and success can’t help but come your way. @pamgrout via @belindajd.


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  1.  | 

    I am still amazed at the synchronicity that I honestly JUST started reading E-Squared and your email about this interview showed up in my inbox. I am trusting that this is a sign that Pam Grout’s wonderful book is going to lead me to the next level in my spiritual journey. Thanks!

    • Belinda Davidson

      Oh, yes. I’m sure it will.

  2.  | 

    This book sounds amazing! Thanks for this interview, Belinda, and thanks for your wisdom Pam. I’ll be buying E-squared straight away. xx

  3.  | 

    Ah…Belinda, thankyou so much for posting this today and thanks to Pam for sharing her insights. I love, love, love E-Squared. I saw this in my inbox before rushing out to an appointment, and was sneaking glances in the cab on the way there. I had only just read Pam’s first answer emphasizing the importance of the joy channels when I had to put the phone down. I looked straight up to find the car in front of us number plates were literally “JOY”. Divine synchronicity, I love it! As someone studying to be an LOA practitioner, I couldn’t agree more that this is one book on this topic that offers extremely useful, practical advice. Loved this interview. Thankyou so much for sharing it!

    • Belinda Davidson

      You’re welcome. I love that this book is so practical.

  4.  | 

    Oh my goodness, Belinda, you are always vibrating on such a level to attract great energies and wisdom like this from Pam! Getting the book and will be “playing” right along with you!

  5.  | 

    Wow this book has been popping into my space regularly… time to get a copy me thinks! Thanks for sharing.

  6.  | 

    Wow Belinda – this book sounds life-changing! Thanks to Pam for her inspiring interview. Manifesting is something I would love to have a clearer approach for – E-Squared has just gone to the top of my must-read list! Thank you x

  7.  | 

    Thank you so much for bringing this book to my attention Belinda!

    I just started reading it yesterday and I cannot put it down.
    It is a life changing book, plus it’s hilarious and so easy to read. I just think Pam is the best!
    You ladies rock! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and kindness with the world 🙂


    • Belinda Davidson

      Hi Cass,

      Isn’t she great. So glad you love the book too.

      Rock on my little modern mystic!


  8.  | 

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