Is this missing from your spiritual practice?

Is this missing from your spiritual practice?

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In a world filled with darkness, we can be the bringers of the light by adding the spiritual practice of loving compassion towards others (and ourselves) to our spiritual toolkit.

Practicing loving compassion isn’t a difficult thing to do. It simply means trying to see the light in others—or the shadow: the hurt, pain, and suffering.

Oftentimes it’s hard to see light in other people. The human mind is conditioned to see first the flaws and weaknesses. It analyses, judges. Looks first for shadow.

It may be easier, then, to practice loving compassion towards other people’s suffering.

When you go about your day, try to put yourself in the shoes of others. Try to feel what they feel. Try to see life for a short time through their eyes.

Then you may find instead of passing judgement and enhancing shadow, you’re offering compassion and generating light.

This spiritual practice could go something like this:

When you pass by McDonald’s

… and see an overweight woman eating a burger, you don’t think, “Oh no. She shouldn’t be eating that.” You think nothing.

Maybe it’s the first time in 12 months she’s eaten a treat, because she’s been dieting and has lost 70 kilos.

When the bus driver is gruff

… and short with you when you pay your fare, instead of thinking, “Jerk. What’s his problem?” Think nothing. Smile if you can.

Maybe his wife died 8 months ago, or maybe it was his son, or maybe he is in financial debt, or has cancer.

When someone cuts you off in traffic

… or sits on your tail, think, “There is nowhere fast I need to get to. This pace is fine.” Accept your pace.

And if you find yourself cutting others off, or pushing them to go faster, remind yourself there is nowhere fast you need to get to. There is only the here and now, which stretches out long, beautiful, and slow in front of you.

When your partner snaps at you

… or yells, try to see them as a hurt, broken child. Let them vent and get it out. Wait. Pause. And once your ego is out of the way and you know how to respond, respond with compassion and grace.

This may or may not calm their ego; you may not “get through” to them. But at least you’re practicing loving compassion towards them, and not enhancing shadow.

When you are having a bad day

You’re in a mood, or have a migraine, or are stressed about money, your relationship, your family, or are going through a dark night of the soul and it’s such a bad and painful time that every breath you take hurts, hurts, hurts, let your suffering be there. Let your pain and suffering be

And once you’ve accepted it, wrap your pain in the loving arms of your spirit and energy field, and let it rock and soothe and love you.

If you’re able to be lean back into the loving and strong arms of your eternal spirit, your suffering lessens. You’ve become a bearer and bringer of the light.

You are practicing loving compassion towards yourself and others.

with love,

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Is this missing from your spiritual practice?

In a world filled with polarity, hatred, violence, division, and chaos, we can be the bearers and bringers of the light by practicing loving compassion towards ourselves and others. Practicing loving compassion isn’t a difficult thing to do. It simply means trying to see the light in others—or the shadow: the hurt, pain, and suffering.

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