Introducing Raw Dancing: Getting Down & Dirty & Beyond Ego

Introducing Raw Dancing: Getting Down & Dirty & Beyond Ego

Don’t you love it when you have a life-altering moment? One of those moments when everything falls into place and you experience absolute clarity and resolution?

One of these ‘moments’ happened to me some months back. I stumbled across something so profound and consciousness shifting that I knew I had reached above and beyond, and had become a new person.

It happened on the day I became a raw dancer.

The moment found me whilst in bed, curled up and feeling low. I had had a major change in the structure of my business and needed to ‘let someone go.’ That someone was not only a valued employee but a dear friend, so I was trapped in a conundrum.

My head was a vice, and my body was stagnant with stress. I couldn’t find resolution or peace.

Then came a flash of inspiration, “Move your body,” so I pressed play on the first thing I could find on my itunes, and started to dance. Within a few moments, I was feeling less heady and more grounded, and as I continued to move, I could feel the stress sliding off.

It was peeling off me and moving out into the floor beneath me. Almost trance-like, I started to jump up and down, just doing what my body wanted, and as this happened the ‘peeling’ quickened.

My movements then became ecstatic as I started to gyrate, thrash around and shake (not simultaneously!). I was getting down and dirty with it, following the flow of what my body wanted to do.

Then suddenly the ‘peeling ecstasy’ ceased, and I was engulfed in a delicious nothingness. It was as if I’d ceased to be and was consumed by emptiness. It was thrilling to be dissolved, and oh, so freeing!

It was then that my dancer was born.

Ever since that day, I’ve been dancing regularly. I’ve been jumping, thrashing, gyrating, wiggling, wobbling, swaying and succumbing to that place of ‘the empty.’ The space in which, momentarily, I can shed my human shape, return to my core and merge with unity.

It’s become a spiritual practice and when I do it, I remain vibrantly alive.

Being vibrantly alive though, is hard to do. Mostly because we are so conditioned.

We are taught to constantly monitor ourselves and ‘check up’ that we are behaving properly and looking perfect.

It’s forbidden to be too dominant, boisterous, forthright, sexy, spontaneous, affectionate, gregarious and extroverted. And it’s ‘not cool’ to be introverted, self-conscious, shy, hermit-like, and sexually uninterested.

We must always look beautiful, hot and fashionable (C’mon girls, we all do it. That ‘random post pic’ to facebook is mostly crafted and of us looking our best).

We’re all forced to walk a fine line – society’s tight-rope – of what is acceptable, and frankly I’m tired of it. Becoming a raw dancer has gifted me with a space that I, every day, can jump into and free myself from the noose of conditioning around my neck.

It allows me to return to purity and wholeness, and just be me, for a while again. It’s awesome.

Raw dancing has been a huge hit with every person I’ve shared it with. My private clients are using it to access their ‘core self’ and their life purpose blue-print. They are getting down and dirty with it to go beyond ego and ‘be.’

Liberate yourself. Get over yourself, and raw dance.

in White Light + Love,


P.S. Stay tuned! Next week I’II share with you my tips about how you can find your feet with raw dancing. Then you can use it too, to dissolve yourself and dance with divinity!

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  1.  | 

    Oh Belinda, great post. I discovered raw dancing while going through a particularly difficult transition in college. Each afternoon, I would pump “Bombs Over Baghdad” and shake, gyrate, and run around the house until I was a sweaty, happy heap. Some occasions, my roommate would dance with me and I’ll never forget all the uncontrollable giggling we did while letting go. Now I share this practice at home with my kids and hubby. We all shake it out and sing along to our favorite dance songs like goof balls.

  2. Meri

    Hi Belinda
    I remember doing this all thru my teen years and loved it!! After school i would go to my room turn the music up and just dance!! Maybe thats what got me thru those challenging times??? Thansk for sharing and reminding us to get back to our core and just let go!!!
    Love and light xx

  3.  | 

    Several months ago I went through a terrible time. I had just quit my job and told my boss (a very close friend) that I would not be able to stay on and train a replacement. She was very angry with me and said many hurtful things. It felt like a bad break up. The morning after I quit, the song by Taylor Swift ” We are never getting back together” started playing and my body told me to dance. I started dancing, and jumping, and thrashing, and singing. I felt layers peeling off and a new me appearing. I hadn’t danced like that in years. It was a magical experience.

  4.  | 

    I needed this reminder about the power of my body to move my emotions through me or even get me to the other side where other stuff is happening beside me dwelling in control or difficult stuff. Over the course of my life when I have been going through difficult times or really hyper stressed I know I am coming to the other side when I start to spontaneously dance but I never thought of doing it as a spiritual practice. Makes tons of sense and yes I am slapping my hand on my forehead, saying” Duh, that makes sense!” Thanks for sharing.


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