How to stay calm and confident in a world going crazy

How to stay calm and confident in a world going crazy

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I’m an optimist by nature but I’m concerned about the state of the world. (It seems being calm and confident is becoming a thing of the past.)

Particularly that of climate change, and people’s health and well-being. Because I’m psychic and can see inside people, I’m seeing more stress, scatter, ill-health, neurological conditions, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm than I’ve ever seen in the forty years of my life on this planet.

I believe one of the major contributors is that our brains can’t keep up with the amount of data that comes at us every day.

Through the internet, broadcasting, apps, social media, iPhones etc. we’re continually inundated with information that streams into and floods our bodies, brains, and nervous systems.

Because our brains haven’t yet caught up with the speed of the digital age, they can’t handle it. They are literally unable to process and integrate the data. That’s why, when I look inside people, I see so many problems. Our brains aren’t working properly anymore.

I don’t foresee at any time soon that this will slow down, but you don’t have to wait for the world to change. Take matters into your own hands! Learn how to stay calm and confident

Here’s some ways to do that:

Listen to classical music

Listen to classical music, or music from earlier decades. They often have much more space in them.

My iTunes playlist is filled with Bach, Vivalidi, Mozart, Debussy, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Carol King.

Don’t buy into self-help

Don’t buy into the self-help sell that you always need to “work on yourself” or “reach your potential,” or “become the best version of yourself.”

Calm down. Chill out. Dial down the noise and the pressure. You’re already the best version of yourself, if you’re meditating and breathing deep and hanging out with your soul.



Work on your chakras. Work on your energy field.

Minimise social media

Stay off social media and the internet, or drastically decrease the time you spend on it.

If you use social, send out love, calm, light, uplift, beauty, peace every time you post. This counteracts all the frenetic and grabby energy; the shadow, the greed, the ego that flies around in online and social media spaces.

Don’t scan-read everything

Don’t scan-read emails. You don’t need to read every email that lands in your inbox, but if you chose to open one, take the time to read it. Take a deep breath, get a cup of herbal tea, and read each word slowly. Savour it.

If you find yourself scan-reading emails, ask yourself if you really want to be subscribed to their list? If not, unsubscribe. Keep the noise out by listening only to those you truly value.

Don’t worry about keeping up with the “Joneses”

Stop worrying that you can’t keep up with everyone and everything. You can’t. Your brain can’t. So, stop trying.

Life isn’t a competition, nor is it a race. It’s a journey of discovering your soul, beneath the noise, distractions, and chaos. Remembering this will help you stay calm and confident.

See those you love in-person

Don’t only have online relationships. See people in-person. The human energy field needs to be around and interacting with other human energy fields to be happy and calm.

The human energy field also needs touch. Hug, stroke, make love, get massaged.

Be in nature

Seek out nature. Sit on a rock. Watch butterflies dance and whirl and flirt. Gaze at the moon. Sing under the stars. Raw dance alone, naked, (like everyone’s watching). Sit in a dark room. Sit in a bright room.

Lie on the beach, or walk in the mountains, or be in your local park or gardens.

Breathe, deeply

And most importantly, breathe. Deeply. Do it every day.

There’s a free app called “Breathe+,” which allows you to set a required breathing cycle and it guides you when to inhale and exhale. I use it when I’m writing, or reading, or cleaning the house, or whenever I notice my brain isn’t relaxed.

You don’t need to do all of these things to stay calm and confident. One or two will do.

Do them, and watch how you rise above the anxiety and scatter, and soar.

In White Light + Love,

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