How to Make 2014 a Year of Magic & Miracles

How to Make 2014 a Year of Magic & Miracles

What will your new year’s resolution be when the clock chimes midnight on Tuesday eve’ heralding the end of 2013 and ushering you into Wednesday of 2014?

Will you promise yourself to go to the gym regularly, quit smoking, drink less or perhaps meditate daily?

Perhaps you’ll make a promise to learn something new, like salsa, japanese, tantra yoga or interior design?

Maybe you want your business to ‘take off,’ to land your dream job or have the money to vacation more often?

Do you want to do it differently in 2014? Do you want to make 2014 a year of magic and miracles?

If so, don’t make any new year’s resolutions.

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. If you want to do it differently and make your life dreamy, abundant, connected, joyful and exciting in 2014, do not make any goals.

Do not make any new year’s resolutions.


Because you can’t always have what you want, and what you think you want, is often not the best thing for you.

“Woah! Hold up!” you might be thinking. “I thought we could have everything we wanted. Don’t manifesting teachers tell us we can have whatever we wish for?”

Yes, I know and my opinion about the matter may make me unpopular, but I don’t believe this is true.

I think this is the whole truth: You may not be able to always have the things you want, but you can always have the joy they would give you.

I believe that we can’t have everything we want because we are wired a certain way and for certain things.

In your 8th chakra is your soul blueprint, available for you to access and live. Once your chakras 1 – 7 are strong and healthy, you can move up into chakra 8 and begin to discover who you are and what you are destined to be.

Each person has 12 soul energies assigned to them, and together these soul energies make up our soul blueprint (found in chakra 8). Our greatest potential, gifts, talents and abilities are our soul blueprints, and these were assigned to us before we incarnated.

We do not choose what we are here to do, therefore we may not be able to always have the things we want.

Said another way: You can’t have everything you want because it may not be in alignment with your soul’s blueprint.

If you’re destined to be a musician – if one of your soul energies in your chakra 8 is ‘The Musician’ –  but you’ve made up your mind that want to become an architect, you’re not fulfilling your greatest potential and missing out on experiencing creative bliss and joy.

If this is the case it is probably also the case that trying to be an architect has always been a struggle. You’ve failed numerous exams, are struggling to get the funds together to afford college and have a sense of dread about not being able to find work.

But you’ve made up your mind that you want to be an architect, and after watching The Secret, you’ve started visualising yourself easily passing your exams, finding the money for school and easily finding a job.

You are doing the manifesting but it isn’t working – and your life isn’t more joyful – so what’s wrong?

You’re not destined to be an architect, and through this channel you cannot be joyful and experience flow, bliss and creative expression.

The only reason why you chose to be an architect was because it seemed to be the job that suited you best but if you’d asked your soul, you would know otherwise.

Your soul knows what you need to be blissfully happy. You don’t. You can’t. We can’t. We are limited – not eternally wise, all knowing and all seeing like our souls.

As soon as we learn to accept that we can’t know what makes us happy, we stop trying. Then, instead we focus on feeling joyful and by doing this we not only commune with our souls we also allow them to lead us to our greatest destiny.

You can’t always have what you want but you can decide how you want to feel: and those things you want, you want them because you want to feel a certain way.

You have control over the way you feel, and when you actively choose to feel good, your soul will bring you those things that give and increase your joy.

The underlying wish in every wish is the desire to feel better.

Think about it for a moment. Think about what you wish for.

Why do you want more money? To feel free, abundant, relaxed or joyful.

Why do you wish for a life-partner? To feel loved, connected, understood and to have a sense of belonging.

And what about health? Why do you want to lose weight and get fit? To feel vibrant, beautiful, joyful or accepted.

See? The core element of every single wish is the desire to improve our lives so that we can feel better.

Because our soul knows much better than we do what makes us happy, we leave the ‘doing’ to our souls and we focus on the ‘being.’ We don’t try to obtain specific goals, instead we go for the generating.

This is the sure-fire way to live a life of magic and miracles.

Through my online school ‘modern mystics’ learn how to manifest their god-given soul-ful lives. A key component to these teachings is “The 10 Manifesting Principles”; the 10 things you MUST do to commune with your soul to manifest a life of magic and miracles.

Usually these teachings are only for school participants but because I want you to start 2014 on the right vibration and live soul-fully, I’m offering it to you for free.

Module 2, Lesson 3.

Do it differently this year by letting go of mind generated goals and sinking into the stillness of soul-full joy.

Begin 2014 by expanding your heart chakra in gratitude. Think of all those precious moments in 2013 that were full of connection, beauty and wonder and, in your mind’s eye, watch them come together to create the tapestry of magic and wonder which weaves you into the dawn of 2014.

Wishing you an amazing start to 2014!

in White Light + Love,

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    I really can relate to the message you’re expressing here of not always needing to follow an exact blueprint with your life. Two years ago, I lost my job in Korea and I was back home on my parents couch celebrating Christmas and ringing in the New Year. I felt sorry for myself at the time; however a few months later a new (and much better) opportunity fell into my lap which allowed me to meet my girlfriend. Had I not lost my job I would never have met my lifelong partner Audrey.


  1. […] says Belinda Davidson in her recent post on Magic and Miracles in 2014. Get aligned, feel good now and then hand your wishes over and get on with your life.  I myself […]

  2. […] says Belinda Davidson in her recent post on Magic and Miracles in 2014. Get aligned, feel good now and then hand your wishes over and get on with your life.  I myself […]

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