How To Create an Original Brand & Have a Unique Message

How To Create an Original Brand & Have a Unique Message

Creating an original brand and a unique message is easy if you’re coming from the vibration of soul; if your frequency is alignment, and your brand and message are a true expression of your soul essence.

But, although many people know this, and these terms alignment, right vibe, high vibe and authenticity are used – almost excessively – in the online world, few people know how to actually create an original and authentic brand.

To know how to come from soul, you need to know when you’re operating from ego. The shadow of originality and uniqueness – plagiarism and ordinariness – are, unfortunately, more commonplace in the online world than the soul-level stuff.

Plagiarism is an issue that frequently arises for many of us online peeps that have established businesses and brands. People are inspired by what we do, and instead of honouring their own soul and finding out how to create their own original brands and unique messages, they ‘lift’ or closely mimic ours.

When I first entered the online space, I was shocked by how many people plagiarised my work and copied my terms and phrases. Nowadays though, I’m much more relaxed about it. I rarely react or care. But recently, I’ve been asked by many people about how to create an original brand and unique message, so today I’m sharing with you what you need to not do in order to get it right.

How To Be Original – How To Be Unique

I think we all understand and are empathic to why plagiarism happens.

Us, human beings, are easily subconsciously influenced by those who inspire and guide us. They move us. They spark our spirituality and creative genius, and we’re then on fire, wanting to boldly and brazenly show up for our soul’s purpose just like our mentors or idols.

We get inspired and deeply motivated, and we want to make a difference too. Pronto. In a powerhouse way. But we don’t notice that we are stealing a bit of their fire; or creative genius or personality. So wrapped up are we in their original brand and unique message that we forget about our own.

This is the thing though – the online world favours out-of-the-box thinkers and unique self-expression. It supports pioneers, innovators, visionaries, artists; those that create a unique brand through the blend of their own unique soul-pallette. If you want to have a larger outreach and a long-standing career in the online world, you need to find your own way. Otherwise, you will be passed up, and passed by…

To me, for some reason, this was always obvious. I knew I just needed to align with my soul and follow what ‘felt right,’ but when people began to ask me how I managed to create my unique stamp on the online sphere, I genuinely didn’t know how to answer the question. I had to think about it; reflect on the choices I’d made, and why I roll the way I do.

And through doing this I realised that there were unspoken ‘codes of conduct’ or subtle ‘codes of ethics’ I just naturally favoured and followed. I was mindful and respectful of other people and their creations. And I was aligned with my own self and knew my message. This enabled me to easily navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of the online world and create a strong and unique brand.

In sum, I just followed this principle – if you respect others and respect yourself, you can’t go wrong.

But if this is too vague for you, and you want some clear pointers, here is my list of what-not-to-do’s if you want to create a unique brand and enjoy awesome relationships with other creative and soulful entrepreneurs.

  • Only produce something, whether it be a meditation, e-book, podcast series or online course if you definitely know this is your purpose and you’ve sat with the idea for some time:: Most people fall foul to plagiarism because they get inspired by such-and-such, and quickly throw together something that is a (big or subtle) lift of such-and-such’s work. If you sit with your ideas and marinate in them, they then become infused with your soul essence. Then, if they are truly a part of your purpose, you will know what to do and how to do it. And what you produce will be original and authentic.
  • Be mindful of what is already on the market:: When I went through the process of my website redesign earlier this year, I said to my designer – this is the vibe I’m going for, but these are the people in my industry that I love and respect, so make my website very different to theirs. And this is exactly what she did. I want to respect the creative ideas and visions my colleagues have, and I want them to respect mine. Easy really. Respect others, and they’ll respect you.
  • Don’t get caught up in what is fashionable or trending – aim for the long-term:: Try to see through, try to see past fashion and trends… Of course, we all get caught up in it, but think of your website or e-book or online course as a collector’s piece. As that beautiful coat or scarf or hat that you will probably be able to wear for at least the next 10 years. This not only stops you needing to update your website every year – what a waste of precious time and money! – but it helps you clearly see the essence of your brand and message.
  • If you are inspired or influenced by other people’s work, reference them: I’m deeply inspired by the work of Eckhart Tolle. Almost every time I give an interview or a lecture, I mention him. That’s because his book The Power of Now changed my entire life. So much so that almost every time I talk about mindfulness or presence I reference him. Why? Because I see him as my teacher and I respect his teachings, and, I know so much of what I share and teach about mindfulness comes from him. There is nothing wrong with talking about those whom you have learned from, those who have inspired you and are still inspiring you. This is what professional people do – they give credit where credit it due.
  • Try to create your own own way of saying things:: Yes, I know, the english language is limited and it can be hard to find different words to express something similar. But if you want a unique brand and an original message, and, if you want to be respected by your fellow entrepreneurs, you’ve gotta try. The biggest acts of plagiarism are written ones: the ones where people lift entire chunks of your work or terms and phrases you’ve created. Not only is this just simply disrespectful, but the law comes down hard on this. Do yourself a favour – find your own way of expressing what you mean, and as my dear friend, Rebecca Campbell says, watch the Universe lean towards you and help you express your own soul purpose in your own unique way.
  • And of course, this is the final and most important tip of all, BE ALIGNED. This means – be dedicated to your spiritual practices. Meditate, work on your chakras, do yoga etc. For if you aren’t securely connected to your own centre, how can you know yourself? How can you know your message, or envision your brand? How can you know if you are respecting yourself, and others?

with love,

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