How about guilt-free instead of gluten-free?

How about guilt-free instead of gluten-free?

It makes my head spin watching all the different food fads people go through.

Particularly this time of year, with the holiday season approaching and everyone secretly stuffing themselves with chocolate and turkey. Instead posting their green smoothies, raw food bowls, or 12-pack abs (totally photo-shopped) on Instagram.

But it doesn’t help that the information out there about food and health is confusing.

One health expert tells us pineapples are the best thing since sliced bread. (Bread probably not the best analogy here. Hardly anyone these days says bread is good.)

The next expert saying pineapples are so high in sugar they cause insulin resistance.

Wait! What? Are pineapples the good guys, or the bad guys?

Add to this a health condition. Things like IBS, migraines, autoimmune disease, hyperthyroidism, endometriosis etc., and you’re really up shit creek (for non-Australians, translation: to be in a bad situation which is either slowly or rapidly getting worse with no evident way out).

I’m not advocating not being conscious of what you put into your body.

I have vestibular migraine and epilepsy. I also have coeliac’s. So, give me a coffee (migraine trigger), a candy bar (epilepsy trigger), and a croissant (gluten), and I’m a spinning-barfing-ticking mess.

But, when it comes to food, most people change their diets like women change their minds. (“Purrrrr … darling, I want red wine. Hand me a glass, will you?” Confused husband, “I thought you didn’t drink red wine anymore?” “Darling, I’m a woman. I can change my mind.”)

And what does this lead to: a lot of new rules.

And what does this lead to: breaking a lot of new rules.

And this leads to: getting the guilts, big time. Feeling bad every time you eat something that is now a “bad” food on your new fad diet.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve watched a woman eat cake, or whatever-was-on-her-bad-food list and swallow a pound of guilt right along with it. (I’m psychic; I can see these things.)

The least harmful thing was the calories.

Do you know how toxic guilt is to the body and brain?

Very, very toxic.

And I don’t just mean in an energetic, woo-woo way.

I mean in a real, scientific way. Like bad chemicals pumping through your body and causing bad things to happen to your organs and brain, causing bad emotions to circulate through your body, causing bad health and also making your feel even more shitty and guilty.

You are what you eat is certainly true. But it’s only one part of the equation:

HOW you eat what you eat is the other side of it.

Honey, if you want to hunk into that turkey leg this holiday season, devour a box of pralines, or feast on whatever is on your bad-food list, go ahead and do it. (Just as long as you don’t have allergies, or make it a habit of binge-eating junk food.)

Do it with fervor and lust and a bestial savageness. Get naked with it if you like (if that’s your type of thing; wink, wink). Making sure to not let guilt get anywhere near your divine self.

Instead of being gluten-free this holiday season, try out guilt-free.

It will be a hell of a lot more fun!

(And think about all those pounds of guilt you’re sparing yourself.)

with love,

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