Heal Your Life & Create Flow

Heal Your Life & Create Flow

Are you looking to quickly transform a life problem that is causing you constant worry?

Are you living from pay-check to pay-check and have financial struggles? Do you have health issues, family problems or lack drive and motivation?

Perhaps you want to rekindle your passions and creativity and find out how to express them in the world?

Are you yearning to create a new life for yourself but don’t know how?

On April 17 – 19, over the new moon period, School of the Modern Mystic students will create a quantum leap in their lives. Over 700 of us will undertake a Global White Light Healing retreat.

On this powerful stay-at-home retreat, each SoMM student will receive, for three days, White Light healing sessions from me.

I will cleanse and balance each one of their 12 chakras, helping them quickly and easily clear out any blockages or negative subconscious programmings that is causing them pain, frustration, worry and struggle.

I will help them create flow, abundance, joy, health, fulfilment and life-direction by giving them a big boost of White Light loving!

Again, SoMM is opening its virtual doors and inviting the public – non- SoMM students – to partake in this powerful healing event.

When many people come together to work with the White Light, and heal and transform their lives, it creates a powerful collective energy field of healing and transformation which strengthens the individual power of each person’s healing sessions, making them even more stronger!

The more people that join these stay-at-home retreats, the more powerful it becomes for each person attending them, and that is why we do these healing retreats together in a group.

We also undertake these healing retreats at new moon time because the new moon energy greatly supports ‘clearing out the old and bringing in the new’, so combined with the power of the collective energy field of many people doing them together, these retreats creates miracles.

If you’d love to benefit from this powerful event and change that area of your life that is causing you constant frustration and worry, join us on the 17 – 19 of April! Click here to read about the Global White Light Healing Retreats.

Take your life to the next level and become the person you were born to be.

in White Light + Love,



Testimonials about the White Light Retreats

“The white light healing retreat really blew me away. The first session I experienced such strong physical sensations. It was amazing. I could actually feel the white light moving through me. I could feel where it got stuck, and also where it started to expand areas. The whole 3 days, and beyond, I could intermittently feel pulsing through my body. I know that the physical sensations are not the sole purpose and experience, but it sure does help in knowing right to your core that Belinda is helping your body and soul to heal itself.

Since the healing retreat I have continued to feel white light pulsing through me. I feel so much more connected and so much more at home in my own skin. I will definitely be doing more retreats in the future. Thank you Belinda for sharing your gift!”

Jasmine Matthews – Simpson, Melbourne (Australia)


“Thank you for this amazing and wonderful White Light Intensive!  These past 3 days were truly a transformative experience, and the results were immediate throughout each day.  All the blocks in my body parts opened, and I was able to perceive the energy you sent, as it was penetrating, infusing, and unblocking them.  I have not felt this well, energized, focused, alive and well, since before I got chronic Lyme Disease in 2002.

And the White Light also unblocked some chakras which have been partially blocked almost all my life, particularly to do with sexuality and being united with myself. Such an abundance of generosity and spirit has filled me with the joy of being alive.

And my husband of 30 years has also felt the energy you sent, and is already happier and attracting good energy and possible work/money, as a result of the White Light energy infusing our home.

Both of us have previously done your White Light Intensives over the last two years, and found them helpful but not so pervasive and intensely experienced as these last 3 days. I look forward to living fully what comes next.”

Alice Frankel, Cascais (Portugal)


“I have just completed the 3 day white light healing intensive retreat and have been blown away by the experience. I could feel Belinda working on me as well as the warm tingling sensations and energy flowing through my body during the sessions. I feel renewed and joyful and thoroughly recommend doing this for anyone who wants to get their life back on track. Thank you so much Belinda, you are truly gifted and it was a life changing experience for me.”

Mary Joy Basilone, Gold Coast (Australia)


“I had such a beautiful experience with my White Light Healing Intensive. I had a different experience each session and I did fall asleep every time but it was the nicest sleep. It was a turbulent 3 days but I had prepared to let a lot of stuff go. When I woke up on the fourth day I felt refreshed and exhilarated. My entire mindset has changed. What i’m loving right now is being much less judgmental and critical. Life is more fun!

I have seemingly endless energy to make my life beautiful. I have another healing booked for a couple weeks time and since this one was so powerful i’m really excited for the next!  Thank You Belinda.”

Samantha Rogers,  Adelaide (Australia)


“I have been offered my dream job that I wished for several times through the White Light healing. I also feel so much happier, more relaxed, and with an open heart after my 3 day healing intensive with the White Light from Belinda. With this happy heart, I want to thank you so much Belinda. Many blessings to you xxx”

Rachel Hume, Auckland (New Zealand)


“The 3-day White Light Healing Retreat/Intensive was a great experience that allowed me to heal my physical body as requested. The difference in levels of pain and fatigue are significant & liberating. The healing sessions were so powerful – it was so exciting to feel the white light so intensely. What a wonderful gift to myself. Thank you White Light x Thank you Belinda x Your support is deeply appreciated.”

MW, Marcoola (Australia)

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