Finding the Calm in the Chaos of Life

Finding the Calm in the Chaos of Life

The past couple of weeks here have been the wildest and wettest I’ve ever experienced. Last week, I watched the trees in my neighbour’s yard get bent, swayed and almost uprooted by wind gusts. For a moment, I thought the wind was too strong and that trees would lose their hold on the earth, but as quickly as the wind arrived, it stopped, leaving the trees firmly planted in the soil.

These turbulent and chaotic weather patterns reflect an inner turbulence and chaos that many of us are experiencing right now. We’re getting an energetic upgrade, and many people are finding it hard to cope because it feels messy, challenging and intense.

You can’t stop the rate and pace of change, but you can learn to work with it. You need to learn to ride the tidal wave of awakening that is sweeping the globe, and if you can do this, you will greatly benefit from where it will take you.

That is the key to life right now. If you know how to move with the energy, you will not only remain calm and grounded amongst the chaos, you’ll also take a quantum leap in your development and will very quickly start to live life at a much higher level. (That means, living a life of bliss and joy, aligned with your soul).

How to ride the tidal wave of awakening

The answer to that is simple: get present and stay in the present moment, and I know that for most of us living in this way is easier said than done.

This is probably not the first time you’ve heard about “being present”. It has become a buzz-phrase in the last couple of years, and I’m glad for it.

Thanks to Eckhart Tolle, the knowledge that being present IS the key to a fabulous life has become a globally-embraced concept. Of course, he isn’t the first to say this. All (truly) enlightened masters and teachers have given us this same message: LIFE ONLY EVER HAPPENS NOW, and if we can realise this, and live it, life becomes peaceful, vibrant and spectacular.

Not only can we create our calm amidst the chaos by being present, it also awakens us to a higher plane of existence, our soul’s plane of existence, and when this happens, we discover our soul purpose and begin to live it.

Happiness in life happens when you’re living your soul’s purpose from your soul’s plane of existence – a higher vibratory level than the one most of us are currently on. All other experiences pale in comparison.

Last year I finished up my spiritual coaching program. I had 62 clients in this program, and I coached these clients on being present, dissolving the ego, on becoming psychic, reading and diagnosing energy fields, and discovering their life purpose and living it.

When the coaching program ended, I asked them what the best part of it had been for them. I fully expected them to say: “learning how to be psychic,” because some of them went on to work as psychics professionally; I also expected them to say “discovering my soul purpose,” because many of them had complete job and life changes from connecting to their soul purpose. But no, almost EVERY person said: “learning how to be present and stay present has been the greatest gift I’ve ever received because it showed me how to be happy.”

For all of them, the key to learning ‘presence’ was consistent application of exercises and methods which brought them into, or back to the present moment. They all said that it is VITAL for them to learn practical tools for creating presence in their lives. Without their spiritual tool kit, presence remained a ‘spiritual’ idea, not a reality.

Learning how to be present will revolutionise your life but you need to chop wood and carry water to get there.

Our egos and negative beliefs are so deeply entrenched within us that we need to be dedicated to continually and consistently healing them. Merely reading The Power of Now won’t revolutionise your life. Reading it and studying it, then reading it again and practicing its teachings will.

I read The Power Of Now for 3 years continuously. I read sections of the book almost everyday, and the CD was on loop in my car. I knew that if I only read it, I wouldn’t absorb its profound teachings. I knew that if I wanted it to become a part of my psyche, for presence to become a habit, I needed to keep reading and studying it until it did.

“Chopping wood and carrying water” is the mindset you need to adapt to learn the art of presence because most of us understand presence theoretically, not yet experientially.

If you can see yourself as an apprentice monk, beginning his/her monkhood in the training of the presence and living from the soul, you’ll be able accept your beginner status and allow yourself the time to progress. You’ll progress smoothly and gracefully.

Your spiritual tool-kit for getting present

1. Read, study and practice The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle.

Absorb it until you find yourself in the habit of constantly checking if you are present or not.

2. Read, study and practice The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris.

Russ Harris offers you many powerful exercises that you can practice to get you of the mind and back to the present moment. Tip! Try out the different exercises in the book until you find one that works for you. Success in presence practicing comes about when you find the technique/s that suits you best.

3. Make it a habit to always have some of your awareness in your body.

Feel your fingers when you type, your legs when you sit, air moving in and out of your lungs. This not only grounds you in the moment, is also protects your energy field from other’s negative energy. When you’re ‘at home in your energy field,’ other people’s energy can’t invade yours.

4. Move your body and feel it whilst you’re moving it.

We can’t stop the mind by trying to shut it off, but we can calm our thoughts by giving the mind something to concentrate on. As soon as I understood this, my presence practice deepened greatly because instead of trying to switch off the chatter in my mind, I focused my mind instead, and then the chatter decreased.

5. Daily chakra cleanse + weekly White Light sessions.

Regularly working with the White Light and your chakras will keep you present. It is one of the most powerful things you can do to change your energy so that you can change your life. If you are not already signed up for the free White Light healings and chakra course, you can do so here.

Dealing with the Mental Sabotage

Once you start using the exercises and methods in your spiritual tool kit, your mind (ego) is most likely going to attempt to sabotage your presence-practicing efforts.

Here are some of negative thought patterns that the mind loves to use to stop us from getting present:

a) Overwhelm – “This is so challenging, I’m never going to make it!”

b) Ambition – “I’m not a beginner, I know this stuff so I’II skip my practices if I want!”

c) Impatience – “I’ve read all the books and done hours of meditating, why aren’t I making any progress?”

d) Competition – “I wonder how other ‘monks in presence pratice’ are going? Are they further ahead than me? Am I further ahead? Who’s progressing the fastest?”

e) Rebellion – “I’m not going to do my presence practices today. I’m sick and tired of being told what to do. Leave me alone!”

f) People Police – “Haha, look how NOT present he/she is! Isn’t anybody seeing this? He/she isn’t doing it very well!”

g) Resignation – “This isn’t working for me. I’ve been doing this for years and I’m still not happy. Will I have to chop wood and carry water for the rest of my life?”

REMEMBER: Many people start out enthusiastically but give up quickly because these resistance patterns stop them in their tracks.

However, if you know how your mind will likely undermine your efforts, you’ll be able to witness this happening and have greater control over your negative thoughts. You’ll then be able to move further along with your presence practices and go on to experience the beauty, vibrancy and splendour that awaits you in the now.

By finding the calm within the chaos, you’ll not only find it so much easier to thrive in these times, you’ll also accelerate your spiritual development. In no time at all, you’ll be living a soul-centred, vibrant and magical life.

Here’s to that!

in White Light,


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