Finding a Community Is Essential for Spiritual Life

Finding a Community Is Essential for Spiritual Life

I was always a hermit.

Although I have a social streak and love a great chat – preferably about philosophy and spirituality while drinking tea –  I’ve mostly avoided parties, clubs and events because I found them somewhat boring and superficial. Especially if people were intoxicated because it is never any fun being sober when everyone else is drunk.

My choice to be a hermit was never a conscious one; I just found myself pulling back more and more from invitations and “meeting people” type situations, and this also happened because I never felt lonely or like I needed to “connect.”

Being so intimately involved with people and their energy fields – I work as a medical intuitive and spiritual coach, and I know all about a person when I work with them – was also one of the reasons for this. When you have this deep level of connection and knowledge about a person it can be hard to see them socially, and it can make you crave alone time; time out away from being so deeply involved and connected to others’ lives.

So the time I did have for myself I didn’t want to spend at social events and parties, and I also thoroughly enjoy just being with my husband and daughter, but when I decided to work online and create an online school, I realised very quickly that you need “virtual” friends, family and community.

This was a big shift in thinking for me. Up until that point I had been somewhat of a “lone wolf.” I had developed my way of reading and diagnosing energy fields myself- with only the help of a few books and my ability to accurately perceive auras- and I had always been the youngest psychic and healer “on the block.” I started this work when I was 19, and back then I didn’t know anybody doing anything like I was that wasn’t at least 30 years older!

Also the validity and success of my White Light work could also be attributed to my hermit like nature. I worked with the White Light everyday for three years solid. I would sit and meditate in my consulting room and during this time I discovered and uncovered the powerful healing potential of this amazing energy.

Because I did it in isolation, without reading any books about the White Light or having any training. I simply sat, worked and observed it, I was unable to create a system of healing that was not only unique but extremely powerful.

Almost all of my knowledge about the chakras, energy, spirituality and healing has come from my own direct experience of it not what I’ve read, so being a “lone wolf” had always served me.

Until I decided to create a virtual space.

Very quickly it became apparent to me that “going it alone” online wasn’t going to work. Not only because you need to network, socialise and connect to other people to build a virtual community and platform for your message, but also because I didn’t know what I was doing!

I needed help. Big time. I didn’t know how to write blog posts, use WordPress, do newsletter campaigns, write great sales pages or use social media.

And even when I did learn how to do these things, more “stuff” cropped up that I needed to learn so that I could run an online business and school.

At times I felt helplessly alone with it but luckily for me I did Marie Forleo’s B-School and through this program I connected with like-minded women, who also were wanting to “broadcast” their message and run an online business.

These connections and friendships have been fundamental to the success of my online world and school because without them I would not have had the support I needed. I couldn’t “go it alone,” and together with this amazing group of women, I learned, laughed, cried, stressed, conquered and built a platform for my message and friendships for life. ( I wrote about it here).

Last week, I hit a low point. I was jet-lagged, mourning our life in Germany we had just left, and worried about something about my business. I reached out to my beautiful tribe of women, showing my vulnerability and asking for assistance, and they all wrote back to me, flooding my inbox with messages of love and support.

This type of love and support is heavenly!

Before I had an online business, I didn’t feel the need to “connect” but now that I am “connected” I realise that finding community, whether “in person” or “virtual” is essential for spiritual life. Even for people like me that feel best when we are alone.

I will always be a hermit at heart, but now that I have deep and fulfilling relationships with these women I realise that I was always missing something: the joy and fulfilment of sharing my self with others.

To those women in my life that support, accept, listen, love and hold space for me, I’m honoured and deeply grateful for you.

Thank you for allowing me to share myself with you.

in White Light + Love,


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