Do You Want an Epic Brand?

Do You Want an Epic Brand?

Kat Tepelyan brings big ideas to the world through brand design, web development and as an advisor.

She only works with those who want to make the world a better place, and those that love what they’re up to and who strive to be fully self expressed and authentic in their purpose.

Meeting her was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

She entered my orbit in 2011, a time in my life when I was frantically seeking a new direction.

We had just recently returned from a four month overseas trip, where I travelled to different countries giving lectures and workshops about the White Light.

Although I had the opportunity to spread the word about the amazing powers of the White Light and meet soul-kin, this trip was exhausting. Emotionally and financially.

Many late nights in different hotels in different beds, waiting, bleary eyed for hours at airports, and trying to remember if I’d packed everything for our two year old child, was more of a challenge than a joyous adventure.

I also quickly learnt that workshop “touring” doesn’t always pay well. After arriving back in Australia with a much depleted bank account, energy reserves and tolerance for the trials and tribulations of travelling, I was looking for a way to reach people in all of those countries I visited, without having to go there.

In saunters Kay Tepelyan….

In our first session together I told her my predicament: I had a burning desire to tell people all over the world about the White Light and its wondrous healing powers but I wanted to do it without having to take my family all over the world.

“No problem,” she said in her cool New York accent. “We just gotta get you online, build you a platform and a virtual presence and then those soul seeking, trailblazer, “down-to-earth” types that jive with your work will find you.”

Back then I had no idea what “building a platform and a virtual online presence” meant, (actually I was a total newbie to the online world and knew nothing about any it …After about three weeks I worked out what it meant when people typed “fyi” in their emails!) but that didn’t faze Kat.

She patiently explained everything to me, and diligently answered my “thousands” of questions about everything. Once I began to understand what building a platform and an online presence entailed, we then embarked upon the “Branding Intensive.”

And this process changed my life in hundreds of ways…

If you read my blogs, you’ll know I’m not one to gush. Or elaborate or fabricate.

I like to keep it earthed and honest, and I always aim to serve information and spirituality straight up, making it real and tangible for people.

So when I state that her Branding Intensive sessions were that life changing, I meant it literally.

Through these sessions, she opened up a world of virtual online possibilities for me. This lead to a gorgeously designed and heavily visited website, an influential platform and online presence and me sending thousands of people from many countries around the world White Light every week.

Through working with her, I also even founded an online school!

In our work together, she also showed me how to clearly identify and know exactly what primary energies make up my soul’s purpose, and how to transport this energy into my website, writings and offerings so that people understand “what I’m here to do.”

What was amazing about this is that she didn’t know that helping people discover their soul purpose was my field of expertise!

So when she identified what primary energies belong to me,  I knew I’d found the right branding and marketing mentor because every single one of them she gave me was correct!

I’d found a mentor that was not only highly experienced, patient and dedicated, she was also an intuitive and as we continued to work together, I came to know she was a compassionate and spiritual individual that couldn’t stand hype, hard sell and inauthenticity.

So, we fit together like two peas in a pod.

The Epic Brand – Discover Yours and Share it With The World Authentically

At the beginning of February, Kat is running a 6 week course that teaches you how to create an epic brand.

If you need help to…

  • Discover your individual and soulful brand

  • Attract the right customers to your website

  • Find your unique voice and get heard (in a saturated, noisy online world)

  • Use the “right language” to express yourself online, so that you are known as authentic and an expert

  • Learn how to use marketing tools to leverage your business

…then, I highly recommend this course to you.

I am an ambassador for her Epic Brand, and proudly stand behind every word I say about her in the testimonial below.

I know that when people work with her, they become more successful because she helps you find clarity, direction, and the courage to “show up” in your own unique and soulful way.

Kat Tepelyan is a pure shining light in a sometimes scrupulous and shady online world. Her vision, clarity and spirituality has held me afloat many times when I thought I’d sink in the confusion and pressure of having an online business.

She is my branding and marketing mentor and confidant, and I trust her implicitly.

I can’t imagine my world without her.

in White Light + Love,


My words of praise for Kat Tepelyan.

“You are a branding genius and an incredible individual. You’ve done so much for me and my business I don’t even know where to begin!

You taught me how to brand powerfully and position authentically, and with your support, I created in a very short space of time, a large online community and school. I went from being completely un-knowledgeable and un-tech savvy to a marketing maven.   

If you – reader – have the opportunity to work with this talented individual, do it! She will better your life and business in thousands of ways.”


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