Big Changes to the White Light

Big Changes to the White Light

If you’ve been reading my emails and following my blog for sometime, you’ll know that there have been many, big changes for me this year. We moved from Germany back to Australia, I decided to take a year off, and I decided to—next year—close my online school, School of the Modern Mystic®.

Today’s email is about another one of these changes.

I’ve decided, after much thought and soul searching, to no longer offer the free, Monday White Light healings. This isn’t a decision I’ve come to lightly; it’s been plaguing me for many months and has caused me many fretful nights. Out of all the big decisions and changes that have happened in the last twelve months, this one—by far—has been the hardest.

You see, I’ve been sending White Light to people for ten years, and it’s something I planned on doing for the rest of my life. The free, Monday White Light healings began in 2008, when I was pregnant with my daughter, Sarah. Long before websites with freebie services or ebooks or specials as opt-ins were en vogue. Actually, I didn’t even have an opt-in back then. Or a proper website. Offering free White Light to people wasn’t part of a marketing strategy.

I did it because the White Light changed my life, entirely. And I wanted everyone, whether young or old, man or woman, overseas or next door, “into” energy and spiritual work or not, to have the opportunity for this pure ray of unconditional love enter their lives.

It was a way for me to connect and serve, and help others reach the light.

It started with me offering it to my medical intuition and coaching clients. And then, to friends and family of my clients. And then, to friends and family of my clients’ friends and family … And then, when I did create a “proper” website, it was something many, many people could partake in, because they could sign up for it. Right on my website, using a form where they gave me their details and healing wish.

From this, my free, weekly White Light healings quickly grew.

Sending White Light to people became as natural for me as breathing. Every day, I’d sit, take a few deep breaths, and begin channeling White Light. I’d then either visualise holding you up to the light (I never sent energy from my own self; I only ever acted as a “medium” between you and the White Light), or I’d visualise myself to be a large bridge, which you’d walk over towards the light.

Watching you walk over the bridge and lift off into the light was so beautiful, my eyes would often swell, and tears would fall.

Then, because so many people were joining every week, I had to process the healing wishes in batches. I needed to meditate several times a day to keep up.

All of this, I did for ten years.

I took my job seriously. Every single day—even when I had deadlines or was travelling, or dealing with family issues and sickness, or my own private stuff—I sent White Light. I never missed a session. I never missed a day. I never skimped.

Perhaps you’re unaware of my commitment to the free healings. That’s okay, and fully expected. Up until now, I’ve never really talked about the extent of my commitment. Because I loved it so much, because I loved you so much.

Yet, in the past years I’ve become … well … how can I best describe it?


Nowadays it feels more like holding a boulder up on my shoulders and staggering forwards.

Of course, this has nothing to do with you. It’s not your fault in anyway. I suspect simply that all of this work—day in day out, without a break—has taken a toll upon me. I suspect I’m finding it harder, more strenuous, to hold you up to the light because I’m simply flagged.

And now that I send thousands of people White Light every week it compounds this.

But, in all truth, I’m unsure exactly why.

Perhaps I’ve have worked too much in the past ten years? Or, perhaps I’ve done my work and my dharma is complete? Or, perhaps I’ve now served in the way I needed to serve, and I need to move on?

I’m unsure.

But these are the things I need to find out for myself, through quiet time and reflection. I need to retreat, like a tortoise into its shell, and be alone with myself.

That’s why soon I will no longer be offering free, weekly White Light healings. July 9 will be the last energy transmission.

If you love the White Light and regularly take place in the free healings, I’m deeply, deeply sorry.

Truly I am.

Never in wildest dreams did I ever think I’d stop sending White Light. I thought this was a contract for life, a marriage until the grave. A lifelong commitment that I’d do for the rest of my days on Earth.

But this just goes to show that life is utterly unpredictable.

And with your understanding and blessing it’s into this unpredictability I’d like to now retreat. Into the unknown, I plunge. Into it to surrender myself: my life, my work, the White Light, my dharma, myself—wholly and entirely. With your blessing, please.

With your blessing.

Dear friend, I thank you for partaking in my free White Light healings. I thank you for being such an important part of my life for so long. I thank you for your dedication to love and light: to yourself, to your family, your community, and Earth. (I’m crying as I type this.)

Thank you for being such a joy to me these past ten years, or however long it’s been that we’ve been together in the White Light.

I honour you. I honour you.

In White Light + Love + Eternal Gratitude,


P.S. But please know, although the White Light healings will end on July 9, I’m not disappearing. I won’t fall off the face of the Earth! I’m hard at work on my second book and new website.

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