A Miracle Laden Weekend

A Miracle Laden Weekend


Most self-help and spiritual teachers will tell you that the key to an amazing life is love; if you give love, the Universe will reward you with everything you love.

As this is heart chakra week in School of the Modern Mystic, I decided to open my heart and give ‘loving life’ my all. I decided to ‘love the pants off’ everyone and everything.

The results were simply astounding.

10 days ago, while having a peppermint tea in Starbucks in Exeter City, Hubby passed me a magazine that he’d bought from a homeless person moments before. Flicking quickly and uninterestingly through the pages, I was about to throw it away when an advertisement caught my attention; The Hay House Writer’s Workshop in London.

It was for the coming weekend and we already had plans, but I knew I needed to go. As soon as we got home, I booked our tickets. I knew I needed to be there.

Miracle 1 – Love followed me to London

The first miracle happened in the hotel room in London when we arrived on the Friday night. Tired from the long train trip, I headed for the tub for a long soak. Slipping into the hot water, I sighed, resting my head back. In that moment I realised that someone had written “I love u” on the mirror (it wasn’t my husband), only visible when the room filled with steam. Love had followed me to London!

Miracle 2 – My dream became a reality

Miracle number two occured when I walked into the Hay House conference room. Three nights before I had had an unusual dream. I dreamt that I was talking to Gabby Bernstein, and she was giving me some important information that I absolutely could not miss hearing. This dream was unusual for two reasons: I never followed or felt connected to the teachings of Gabby, and the dream seemed to take place in a recording room while she was being filmed for TV.

When I saw her latest DVD on the stands in the conference hall, I knew it was the ‘important information’ I needed. Without hesitation I bought it, thanking the Universe for such a clear message. (She was even wearing the same clothes on the cover of the DVD as in the dream!)

Miracle 3 – Lynne McTaggart

The third miracle was the gift of listening to Lynne McTaggart speak. If I had known before meeting her that she was one of the contributors to my favourite movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know,” I would have come to the writer’s workshop just to listen to her! So you can imagine my excitement when it announced that the one of the speakers in ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ will speak next.

Lynne McTaggart is a striking woman, personality and speaker. From the instant she stepped onto the stage, her long turquoise blazer etching her lean frame audaciously, I knew I was in for a treat. She was ‘my type’ of woman: philosophical, intelligent, bold and courageous.

In her straight-talking journalistic way, she taught us how to find our story, craft it and share it with the world. Her extensive knowledge and experience on the art of writing was a blessing. Just what I needed help with.

Miracle 4 – Showing up for my soul

Miracle number four is something Robert Holden – one of the other speakers at the writer’s workshop – said. After placing our hands on our hearts and turning ‘inward’ we asked ourselves why we write. We had to finish the sentence, “I write because…..” As I asked myself this question, and what came to me was “I write because I love it, it’s fun and that is how my soul shows up in the world!”

Just before Robert asked us to read out what we had written, he said to us, “We write because, for many of us, it’s how our soul wants us to show up in the world.” Bingo! Miracle four.

Miracle 5 – “Don’t think about it. Do it”

Miracle five happened on the train back to Devon. During the weekend workshop, Lynne and Robert both spoke about how important it is to do, and stop thinking about doing it. Most of us creatives get stuck in ‘procrastination’ or ‘perfection.’ We think we need to ‘think long and hard about it before we do it’, and to make sure that it is absolutely perfect every time. Procrastination and perfectionism cripple the creative spirit.

When we boarded the train, I was still thinking about how I can, right now, stop thinking and just do. Across from us, sat an elderly gentlemen, and a couple of minutes into the journey we struck up a conversation with him. He had recently had a stroke and it was still adjusting to life without being able to read or write anymore.

He used to be a professional golfer, and I asked him if he could still play. “Yes,” he said, “but only if I don’t think about playing when I play. If I just let my body and mind play golf it works, the moment I start to analyse what I am doing it doesn’t work anymore. That is the secret to life. Do it, don’t think about it.”

I laughed out loud, thanking the Universe for yet another miracle.

What a miracle laden weekend!

In White Light + Love,


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  1.  | 

    Chills Belinda – I got chills reading this!

    Can you imagine how empowered we would all be if we simply recognized the man ways the Universe is affirming our choices? You just inspired a new challenge for me to initiate with my tribe to “See the Signs!”

    Thank you for sharing this – off to go experience my own miracles this week!

  2.  | 

    It is a true pleasure to meet you.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us, and I feel so delighted that you had the opportunity to follow your heart’s calling and be in this experience for the greater expansion of love. I have similar experiences when I follow my heart’s desire to be somewhere, and there is always a sense of joy, love and expansiveness after the experience for it brings me in closer connection with my purpose and its such a gratifying and illuminating experience.
    Thank you for affirming your path with us.
    Blessings your way x

  3. Samantha

    Thank you Belinda x x

  4.  | 

    Thanks Belinda!

    I loved this post. I’ve always seen myself as a loving person, but with a light shined on it this past week or so with SoMM it’s really challenged me, it’s inspiring to read your post.


  5. Suzi

    Awesome! How can one not love life and be filled with joy when you see the brilliance of it through a blog post like this! My eyes will be wide open this week for what my daughter calls ‘clues about life’.
    Thanks, dear Belinda!

  6.  | 

    Thanks Belinda! So happy to hear about your wonderful weekend. You always make me smile and warm my heart. Sending love back to you. xox

  7.  | 

    What a beautiful experience of miracles. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Belinda. I enjoy and look forward to everything you write and share. I can really identify with procrastination and perfectionism that cripples many creatives. It’s my struggle everyday to just do it.

  8.  | 

    Well, this needs to keep going. All week I have been getting flashes of “Don’t think about it. Do it”. I keep thinking that unless I do it allllll, the right way, at the same time, the perfect way, than don’t bother and then do it later when it is right. I have been thinking too much. Now someone else has pointed it out. Ok, on to doing and being and not thinking and delaying.

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