5 ways to stay secure and strong right now

5 ways to stay secure and strong right now

Some weeks ago, I sent out a newsletter saying that the biggest challenge facing us spiritual folk right now is learning how to stay secure and strong amidst fear and uncertainty.

I said we must learn to see darkness where it’s present and then to choose to either bring light to the darkness, or make light from the darkness.

I wrote about this before the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and the world went into mayhem.

Prophecy? Perhaps.

Either way, now is the time to practice bringing light to the darkness, or making light out of this dark time.

I’m currently working on a new meditation called Staying Steady & Strong. It’s something you’ll receive for FREE next week if you subscribe to my newsletter list.

In it, you’ll learn to powerfully activate and supercharge your solar plexus chakra, which keeps your immunity strong, your energy field protected, and you radiating health and vibrancy.

This meditation teaches you how to alchemise: how to turn darkness into light and become a bearer and bringer of the light.

This meditation is also for empaths and sensitives—us deeply feeling people. Those of us who are picking up all the angst, unsteadiness, and negativity that is flying about.

Staying Steady & Strong stops all the overwhelm and fear, brings you back to your centre, and protects you, 24/7.

Look out for my email about it next week!! (If you aren’t signed-up to my newsletter list, join by subscribing using the box below.)

In the meantime, here are 5 ways you can stay steady and strong. 5 things to do to keep your vibe high and positive and virus-repellant.

Send an audio or video message to everyone you love. Tell them why you love them and how amazing they are. (Audio and video is waaaaaay better than texting or emailing. People can feel your frequency when they see you and hear your voice.)

The simple act of sending out gratitude to the people you love lifts the vibration of the planet. You’re sending out bursts, little firecrackers of light, and world sure does need that right now.

Watch movies or series that uplift you or make you laugh. You may think that what’s happening in the world right now is no laughing matter (and it isn’t). But studies show that smiling and laughing drastically increases immunity.

My favourite laugh-till-my-ribs-hurt-my-immunity-is-so-strong-right-now movies and series are, Bridesmaids, Love Guru, Absolutely Fabulous, Mr Bean’s Holiday, Monty Python, The Catherine Tate Show, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. (Now that my daughter is home from school, we’re watching a lot of RuPaul.)

— Boost the economy by buying something, whatever budget you are on. I know many people are affected terribly right now. So make sure to keep the economy afloat by continuing to buy and sell. Keep the money and love circulating!

If you’ve had to drastically cut back, when you have to buy, make sure to do it with a loving and grateful heart. I know this is scary and super hard to it. But when you buy fearfully, or withhold, you’re signalling to the universe that there isn’t enough for you. You’re basically saying that money shouldn’t come knocking at your door. Noooo!! We don’t want that!

Be realistic. Scale back. Do what you have to. But practice gratitude. This is the quickest way to jump start the economy and get money, love, and goodness circulating again.

If you haven’t had to drastically cut back, help those out that have! This week I’ve gone out of my way to buy from or give to people who’ve had to close their businesses or radically change their business model. Let’s help each other out and stay afloat.

Visualise being in nature. If you can’t get your nature fix because you’re in isolation, visualise being in nature. Your brain doesn’t know the difference anyway!

Are you a beach kind of gal? Imagine yourself strolling along white crystal sand, gazing out over tranquil turquoise waves. More of a mountain man? See yourself climbing the Alps, or whatever mountain ranges of your choice. Imagine breathing in the fresh air, and looking out over the panorama of green, brown, black, white, blue.

If the desert makes your chakras buzz, visualise yourself lying on red-coloured sand, gazing up at the silver-flecked night sky, feeling the deep vibrations of Mother Earth come up into your body, rocking, nourishing, and soothing you.

Take this time for deep reflection, upping your spiritual practice, or deep diving into creative or personal projects. Personally, I’m using this time to deepen my practice of non-reactivity. (I wrote about it here.) I’m also using this time to knuckle down on a few future creative projects (my second book, a podcast, an audio course). As well as making a start—with the help of my doctors—on reducing some of my medications. (I have vestibular migraine, epilepsy, and binocular vision dysfunction disorder.)

Take advantage of this time of forced isolation. Practice introspection, radical change, pivoting, adaptation, embracing uncertainty, embracing life, death, rebirth … everything that is a part of this spiritual life.

And you never know? What may come from this dark time just may be what your soul needs most.

You’ve got this!

with love,

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